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  1. Not going to belabor the point and not trying to be jerkish but I hope you realize people will take risks to obtain large amounts of cash. Whether the risk is COVID or head trauma (even with helmets).
  2. Multiple high speed collisions can cause very long-term damage to your brain and other parts of your body. What professional athlete wants to risk their career (let alone their health) like that? The answer is patently obvious. [Edit]Those interested in making a crap-ton of Money.
  3. Weren’t both created out of the extended universe which was thrown out the window when Disney took over?
  4. I still use the original desktop version of YNAB (with mobile app called YNAB Classic). It’s 100% free and I love it. Been using it since 2015 and it was a true game changer for our family budget. I never migrated to the new pay platform.
  5. “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” George Carlin
  6. I read it as Corona the beer not Coronavirus. Either way I found it funny. Sorry you didn't. If you're looking to avoid any and all mention of it I suggest disengaging from the internet, radio, TV, and any streaming service for the next three months minimum.
  7. This is said about prior year contracts every new FA period. Player costs only ever go up making prior year signings look like relative bargains. Every. Year.
  8. I found a finger or two with a single large cube of ice while watching old reruns of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge to be an easy sipping experience. I really enjoyed Woodford that way. Mostly, I've always liked my bourbon in an Old Fashioned, but I've been doing the same as you working on the transition to straight.
  9. You can't come at the greatest Y-Wing pilot the Rebellion ever had and not expect a correction. It's not Jek's fault the stupid Rebellion leadership shoehorned (and I mean that both figuratively and very likely literally) this staunch pilot into the wrong class of star fighter where his misaligned talents ultimately led to his premature (but memorable) departure from the Saga.
  10. "Saints going home" They were already home. They managed to lose IN THEIR OWN HOUSE! Bahahahahahahahaha!
  11. “Two chicks at the same time..” A jest for any snowflakes out there that find that misogynistic. Look up the movie and enjoy life for a couple of hours while trying not to be offended.
  12. It was probably the best of the latest Trilogy. Mind you that’s a pretty low bar to hurdle. It was a B for me. The Kiss made me roll my eyes and groan. There was literally zero romantic tension or hint at a growing romantic relationship between the two up until that exact moment. Where the **** did THAT come from? Oh, and was anyone really surprised that the old chick that was with Holdo in TLJ was gay? She laid a nice one on some other random chick in the background during the Yavin, Er I mean Endor or whatever celebration at the end. Rian was all over the place with SW lore and subversions and JJ couldn’t come up with anything that wasn’t a callback in some way to the original trilogy. Overall, lackluster trilogy and I haven’t watched any of these three more than once. And look at my screen name. That should be telling.
  13. No joke, she was impressive! Edit to add, the men in that clip were next to worthless.
  14. The door is open to Home Field for the conference championship game. Just got to handle our business with Philly tonight. Depleted back line though.. going to be interesting.
  15. Intense. I thought that ankle strike Spidey took was sure to be his doom! Music was epic and timeless. Or very much of the time. Whatever. Amaze-balls.
  16. Highway robbery. Get it done, TD.
  17. Can’t believe I forgot about Colonel Deering! She was a BABE.
  18. I think you're old and your eyes are going. I didn't edit my post. Unless a mod came in behind and cleaned up an obvious error or something.
  19. I too am bad at interneting so no pic. Barbara Eden from I Dream of Genie.
  20. I think he's coming out Cis. Editing because I really didn't know the definition.. turns out Cis Gender just means the person self-identifies as the gender they were born with and has nothing to do with sexual identity as I'd thought. Learned me something.
  21. As a conservative myself I can agree with this. Keep the writing top notch content and all will be well. I had no problem with Endgame (didn't notice a toxic masculinity/female empowerment sledgehammers) or any of the other Marvel movies to date though admittedly I haven't seen Captain Marvel yet which apparently some people have a problem with. If it's got things blowing up and the coherence of a plot I'm good with it.. I'm a simple man. Representation doesn't bother me so long as it's not the main focal point of the entire movie. Take Deadpool 2's NTW and Yukio's relationship for example. This was a lesbian couple made obvious, but the movie didn't make a point of screaming to the audience "HEY, HERE'S A LESBIAN COUPLE!" It was there, no big to-do was made over it, because it's really not a big deal. Show it, don't make a big deal of it, and move on. Get back to the story. I want to be entertained not lectured to. If the movie is going to veer into lecture I'm not going to bother and will spend my money elsewhere.
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