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  1. If I were a keeper and 5 of my professional defenders were absolutely abused like that I'd be pissed as well. I don't think Brad reacted that way to their two goals.. just gotta Smitty those.
  2. These people are unreal. I hold onto hope that this was just an on-air personality rather than a true human perspective, but I'm jaded. People suck.
  3. Don't we just LOOOOVE IT support? 😆
  4. Fewer and fewer if all of these Reddit posts are any indication.
  5. Routers fail over time. Often faster than you think they should. Doesn't seem to matter the brand either. I've had 3COM, Zyxel, Cisco and Asus Nighthawks all do something similar over the years. Pulling the power and plugging it back in generally worked for a time, but it eventually gets to a point where you're just constantly rebooting the thing and it's not worth your time over simply buying another router. One thing you could try (if you haven't already) is to update the firmware on the device. Someone up above also recommended resetting the device to factory which is definitely something worth trying especially if you don't have a ton of customized routing setup. Just make note of whatever your current router password is as well as the factory default router password before you get started.
  6. Sounds like a Coach Killer to me.
  7. Sort of disagree here. Moreno has some of that in him as well. I think we’re better off with Moreno shuttling from a deeper center and letting Barco be that explosive dribbler in the final third.
  8. I’m not going to regret it. Valentino deserves a ton of credit for the turnaround but his in-game management and tactics are severely lacking. He’s just a young, limited coach at this point in his career. I’m hopeful Pineda can bring something to the table.
  9. Seriously, not serious buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut...
  10. Yeah a lot of uncanny valley going on with her.
  11. Her: "I don't like it." Me: "Good to know. Bye." Man, bless her heart.
  12. Unsure how I feel about this. Valentino has been doing a good job I feel. Perhaps Valentino really just does not want a head coaching gig at this point. Will welcome Pineda and, hopefully, some stability if he winds up being the hire. Also, there's a slight chance new winger Luiz Araujo will be available for Sunday's game against LAFC. Some interesting line-up possibilities ahead once he's available to play. Someone is going to be losing out on playing time.
  13. Skateboarding was a major disappointment for me and the Mrs. The one event we caught was the one where everyone tried to ride a handrail down. That was it. Granted we're not boarders or anything, but it looked pretty much like everyone was doing the same dang thing down the same dang rail. A free skate around the park would have been more interesting; maybe they did it, but that's not what we got to watch on NBC. Wall climbing is crazy, but after watching a few times the fastest up the wall in a straight, vertical line gets repetitive too. Ninja warrior wall climbs are more interesting. Whoever said Parkour should be thing is spot on, especially over things like breakdancing (ayfkm?). Don't get me started on adding E-Sports to the Olympics.
  14. he deserves it. transfermarket valuation is a paltry 3.5MM I believe at the moment; will be some interesting negotiations for MR.
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