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  1. Intense. I thought that ankle strike Spidey took was sure to be his doom! Music was epic and timeless. Or very much of the time. Whatever. Amaze-balls.
  2. Highway robbery. Get it done, TD.
  3. Can’t believe I forgot about Colonel Deering! She was a BABE.
  4. Nobody would buy.
  5. I think you're old and your eyes are going. I didn't edit my post. Unless a mod came in behind and cleaned up an obvious error or something.
  6. I too am bad at interneting so no pic. Barbara Eden from I Dream of Genie.
  7. I think he's coming out Cis. Editing because I really didn't know the definition.. turns out Cis Gender just means the person self-identifies as the gender they were born with and has nothing to do with sexual identity as I'd thought. Learned me something.
  8. As a conservative myself I can agree with this. Keep the writing top notch content and all will be well. I had no problem with Endgame (didn't notice a toxic masculinity/female empowerment sledgehammers) or any of the other Marvel movies to date though admittedly I haven't seen Captain Marvel yet which apparently some people have a problem with. If it's got things blowing up and the coherence of a plot I'm good with it.. I'm a simple man. Representation doesn't bother me so long as it's not the main focal point of the entire movie. Take Deadpool 2's NTW and Yukio's relationship for example. This was a lesbian couple made obvious, but the movie didn't make a point of screaming to the audience "HEY, HERE'S A LESBIAN COUPLE!" It was there, no big to-do was made over it, because it's really not a big deal. Show it, don't make a big deal of it, and move on. Get back to the story. I want to be entertained not lectured to. If the movie is going to veer into lecture I'm not going to bother and will spend my money elsewhere.
  9. Saw Brit Floyd at the Fox Wednesday with the Mrs as an early Fathers Day gift. The show was awesome. I have a great wife.
  10. Ugly game all around. Passes are not being completed, touches are horrible, no inspiration from ATL tonight.
  11. Saw Endgame for the first time yesterday. Never even noticed the All Girl scene(s). Don’t know what the fuss is about as it wasn’t something that even registered on my radar with all of the other badassness taking place on screen.
  12. LOL the DB had already left his feet in a last ditch attempt not to get burned. The DB didn't "run" into him.. he was full on tackling him. You're reaching here man.
  13. Thanks, didn’t know that.
  14. Didn't we exercise our Post-June 1 cut on Schraeder? We're only allowed one, right?