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  1. Seriously, ***** is filtered? It's a feminine hygiene product spelled out in every pharmacy. It's not a bad word.
  2. Ah, another internet tough guy acting a ***** to someone he doesn't know. Long live the anonymity of the interwebz.
  3. Echo echo echo...
  4. I'll take "Swords" for five hundred, Alex.
  5. This is pretty close to my ranking as well. Nostalgia and it being the first obligates ANH a third place ranking above Solo for me.
  6. Good start. She probably needs to be ousted altogether but this helps. As far as the feminist robot, I interpreted that role as complete parody. It was so over the top it was easy for me to laugh at. Not to mention the humans near her always rolled their eyes and/or ignored her rantings. Oh, and she died.
  7. At first glance I thought that was a fabulous beard.
  8. Yeah I don’t really know either with regards to a lasting political price. I know some people I work with that live in Cobb were pissed and definitely later voted against anyone that had anything to do with that deal but that’s admittedly a very small sample size. One would hope there were repercussions but I’m jaded enough with politics to, by default, think nothing ultimately came of it.
  9. Yup on all accounts.
  10. I'm not sure, but I don't think the taxpayers of Cobb County were ever convinced or even told of this until after the fact.
  11. LOL sorry guys. Morning eyeballs on my phone.. my only excuse. Totatally wasn't seeing an 11 on the back of that jersey. Whoops.
  12. That was Sanu and Gabriel.
  13. Saw Solo this evening. Went in with a great deal of skepticism and trepidation. Came out feeling it was actually a solid movie. Easy 7/10. Maybe an 8/10. It had its “problems” but fewer than any prequel and fewer in my opinion than TLJ.
  14. I never understood how people have time to devote more than one account’s time to this board. I don’t get it. #oldguy
  15. Multiple Sclerosis