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  1. I would suggest that financials would have become an issue with the accumulation of all of those names. To be sure we'd have some really awesome windows of opportunity, but odds are they all wouldn't be on the team at the same time. Contracts run out and people want raises. Can't give it to all of them.
  2. You must really love your wife. She’s no Wedge; she’s like the opposite of Wedge, a bad wingman. I count no fewer than six **** blocks in your attempts to see the movie.
  3. Put a star on it and it looks better. Put two on it and it looks awesome.
  4. It's not a bad idea especially considering the questionable return of the masses to movie theaters any time soon. I like the pivot. I know I'm more likely to now subscribe to Disney+ if they're going to be heavily investing in this.
  5. Is this what a "Jabroni" looks like? Because that is what I think of when I hear the word.
  6. Appreciate the response. I find your comments have some merit and I admit to falling for Falcons "recency bias:" 2015-2020: DQ (defense) - finished with top 10 defense (points per game) ONE time; finished bottom 10 THREE times; meanwhile the offense vastly outperformed the other side of the ball every year except one (ironically, the first year DQ was here suggesting DQ's defensive mindset was a hindrance to defensive performance) 2008-2014: MS (defense) - finished with top 10 defense (points per game) THREE times; finished bottom 10 TWO times (both the final two seasons with the
  7. Is there any historical evidence that an offensive-minded HC new hire actually brings high-octane offense to his new team? Likewise, is there any historical evidence that a defensive-minded HC brings in a tough, hard nosed mindset and defensive improvements? I'm not seeing it with our Falcons, at least since Dan Reeves. I don't think an offensive or defensive guru necessarily makes for a great HC.. sure they make for great coordinators, but the HC (unless they are running the offense/defense.. at which point what is the coordinator doing?) needs to have ALL aspects of the team under control. H
  8. If you thought 2020 was bad wait until it turns 21 and can legally start drinking. **** now that 2020 is seriously dating Satan there’s a strong possibility of an unholy union resulting in demonspawn. We’re totally screwed.
  9. Antenna in the attic helps some, but I'm otherwise in the same boat.. have to listen to the radio broadcast if the game isn't on ABC/CBS/NBC. I generally get every Falcons game, some MLB, and a whole lot less NBA and MLS.
  10. I can vouch for the Sneetches. Great read.
  11. Well, are you interested in fiction or non-fiction? sci-fan, fantasy, noire, suspense, mystery, etc.? Do you enjoy higher reading levels or do you enjoy the ease of YA literature? A little clarity might get you something you'd be more inclined to start and finish.
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