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  1. Still a touchdown..?
  2. Blasphemy.
  3. That kid is back on the **** escalator again!
  4. Yeah, first time I saw that I was like "Holy Crap!" I didn't believe my eyes!
  5. Wondering.. does this hold true for you with Muslims as well?
  6. Missed opportunity for "Phrasing!"
  7. And now a MARTA train fire shutting rail service down between North Ave and Lindbergh. Fantastic stuff Atlanta.
  8. I don't know. I'm still paranoid about shoulders after Will Overstreet. Ridiculous, I know.
  9. Sounds a lot like Bear McCreary's work from BSG. Particularly his scores from Razor and Blood & Chrome. I like it.
  10. Thanks. I've only watched DD and JJ; still haven't managed to get to Luke Cage or Iron Fist.
  11. I'm blanking here.. what is "PM?" I know there's also Luke Cage (not listed)...
  12. You say that, but in the event of Divorce all of that **** is going to her. Bank it.
  13. Sure thing, Sally. J/k, it's all good. If you like the taste you like the taste. For me it's not so much the fruit flavor per se (I love a good Saison) as much as it the need to actually add the fruit to the beer after it's already been brewed to make it palatable. It's the same idea with steak. If you have a good one you shouldn't need to add A1 or Heinz 57.. you should be able to enjoy and appreciate it sans condiment. To each their own however. I really don't look down on people that throw a line in their Corona or like a Bud Light (ok maybe just a little on that one). Cheers my fellow Falcons fans. This is our weekend. Enjoy what you will and revel in the tears of Patriots fans everywhere come Sunday.