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  1. I don't know because I honestly haven't watched a lot of Falcons football this year.. the first time in two decades really. I really couldn't stand to be bothered with more of the same crap from our franchise with no apparent attempt at change. Are the high scores you cite with a lack of accompanying yardage indicate our defense getting turnovers or something? We had short fields to work with or something?
  2. Rumor mill is starting to churn in Argentina regarding Gabriel Heinze signing on as Atlanta United's next head coach: https://us.marca.com/claro/futbol/mls/2020/11/23/5fbbfe18268e3e2a0f8b45b2.html Google Translated for our non-Spanish reading folk: It seems that the search for a new Atlanta United manager has come to an end. According to the Argentine media, 'Doble Amarilla', Gabriel 'El gringo' Heinze would be the new coach of the MLS team. Heinze would become the third coach in the history of Atlanta United, following in the footsteps of his countryman Gerardo 'Tata' Martino a
  3. Not sure the sample size of successful NFL coaches that left for college and then came back is going to give any kind of meaningful result.
  4. The argument is college performance bears little correlation with professional experience. And vice versa.
  5. If Kip stops being useless then it might indeed be worth picking back up again. I like Weeks and think he’s created an interesting world with an interesting and unique ‘magic’ system.
  6. I guess I should try that series again for the third time. First time I stopped halfway through the first book. Second time I finished the first and got maybe a fifth through the second.
  7. Ah the culture of social media status. I swear. Why does anyone care about that crap? Validation that people care what you say or think through the veil of internet anonymity?
  8. I don’t know why I read that story. I don’t know what DM means, I have no idea what the fuss with her replying Aww is, and I don’t even see what “Jets” said to illicit said reply. Furthermore, I don’t know why the article then followed up with a bunch of selfies of the article subject with pseudo intellectual words of wisdom and/or support, I don’t think she’s a 10, and I really don’t understand why someone would name their kid after a color and grossly misspell it just to do so. Am I old?
  9. Awesome, didn’t realize the next one was coming out!
  10. Wasn't exactly what I was asking confirmation on, but I'll take it!
  11. Just to be clear, opinions that are not your own are NOT 100% attributed to dishonesty, gullibility, and hypocrisy, right?
  12. Yes, thank you both for explaining the patently obvious. 😄
  13. I agree with this, but at the same time have to laugh because fully 2/3s of this thread are Twitter quotes.
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