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  1. Credit to Matt Ryan for cleverly routing Lattimore back into Julio’s path. JK. MR got juked hard!
  2. I’ve noticed nothing wrong/different when watching games on TV this year vs last.
  3. Citizen ROH: “KitKat..”
  4. Still a touchdown..?
  5. Blasphemy.
  6. That kid is back on the **** escalator again!
  7. Yeah, first time I saw that I was like "Holy Crap!" I didn't believe my eyes!
  8. Wondering.. does this hold true for you with Muslims as well?
  9. Missed opportunity for "Phrasing!"
  10. And now a MARTA train fire shutting rail service down between North Ave and Lindbergh. Fantastic stuff Atlanta.
  11. I don't know. I'm still paranoid about shoulders after Will Overstreet. Ridiculous, I know.
  12. Sounds a lot like Bear McCreary's work from BSG. Particularly his scores from Razor and Blood & Chrome. I like it.
  13. Thanks. I've only watched DD and JJ; still haven't managed to get to Luke Cage or Iron Fist.
  14. I'm blanking here.. what is "PM?" I know there's also Luke Cage (not listed)...