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  1. She's not smart enough for elected office. She missed the fact there's already a V revealed. EDIT: I'm not smart enough for elected office.
  2. I disagree if we're going by Pharmaceutical policies on prescription drug costs. The US population pays a lot more for its prescriptions than do foreign nationals. Kind of Apples to Oranges I know, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if we don't wind up footing the "R&D" bill for a worldwide distribution. The "fairness" of that possibility is another argument entirely.
  3. EDIT: have to throw this in there because **** if this actor doesn't show commitment... "David (Ayer, director) told us right from the gate: ‘I need you to give me everything.’ So the day after I got the job, I joined the US National Guard. I was baptised – accepted Christ in my heart – tattooed my surrender and became ?a chaplain’s assistant to Captain Yates for the 41st Infantry. I spent a month living on a forward operating base. Then I linked up with my cast and went to Fort Irwin. I pulled my tooth out, knifed my face up and spent days watching horses die. ?I didn’t bathe for four months." -Shia LeBeouf (link to article)
  4. I thought Shia LeBeouf was fantastic in Fury.
  5. Centrally located in the house or simply near where your wireless devices will most often be used. If you have a 1500 sq/ft house it won't really matter where you put it unless you have a ton of internal insulation, brick or other hard to penetrate material (there's a joke in there somewhere I think).
  6. Weren’t both created out of the extended universe which was thrown out the window when Disney took over?
  7. I still use the original desktop version of YNAB (with mobile app called YNAB Classic). It’s 100% free and I love it. Been using it since 2015 and it was a true game changer for our family budget. I never migrated to the new pay platform.
  8. I read it as Corona the beer not Coronavirus. Either way I found it funny. Sorry you didn't. If you're looking to avoid any and all mention of it I suggest disengaging from the internet, radio, TV, and any streaming service for the next three months minimum.
  9. This is said about prior year contracts every new FA period. Player costs only ever go up making prior year signings look like relative bargains. Every. Year.
  10. I found a finger or two with a single large cube of ice while watching old reruns of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge to be an easy sipping experience. I really enjoyed Woodford that way. Mostly, I've always liked my bourbon in an Old Fashioned, but I've been doing the same as you working on the transition to straight.
  11. You can't come at the greatest Y-Wing pilot the Rebellion ever had and not expect a correction. It's not Jek's fault the stupid Rebellion leadership shoehorned (and I mean that both figuratively and very likely literally) this staunch pilot into the wrong class of star fighter where his misaligned talents ultimately led to his premature (but memorable) departure from the Saga.
  12. "Saints going home" They were already home. They managed to lose IN THEIR OWN HOUSE! Bahahahahahahahaha!
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