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  1. *sigh* that was an image post fail. Picture a side-by-side of the state of Louisiana and the profile of a commode. The shapes are coincidentally (?) very similar.
  2. He won’t have that many pass attempts. 3 for 46 4 ints 2 fumbles 6 sacks 1 safety
  3. Oh, it’ll be disappointing. Almost all novels turned movie are. I just hope it isn’t the total re-imagining that the trailers suggest it’s going to be.
  4. They might have been better off using (relatively) unattractive actors for the real-world scenes and using more attractive ones for the Oasis counterparts rather than CGI’ing the whole thing.
  5. Loved the book. Waiting to be greatly disappointed with the movie.
  6. Credit to Matt Ryan for cleverly routing Lattimore back into Julio’s path. JK. MR got juked hard!
  7. I’ve noticed nothing wrong/different when watching games on TV this year vs last.
  8. Citizen ROH: “KitKat..”
  9. Still a touchdown..?
  10. Blasphemy.
  11. That kid is back on the **** escalator again!
  12. Yeah, first time I saw that I was like "Holy Crap!" I didn't believe my eyes!