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  1. I most remember him from the Christopher Reeves Superman movie.
  2. What? No Sega Master System? No Atari? No Coleco Vision, Tandy or Commodore? Bullocks!
  3. Opening sequence to Idiocracy comes to mind for all of these uploads of yours. ******* got what he deserved with swatting any dog like that much less a frickin' Doberman.
  4. Lazy argument then I'm afraid. You may very well be right about the "garbage yards" but I'd like to see proof of the assertion. Otherwise you opinion doesn't carry much weight.
  5. I would suggest you don't watch it then. To each their own. I personally found it more creative and interesting than Falcon/Winter Soldier, but as someone here or there once wisely said "Opinions are like buttholes.. everyone has one and mine itches."
  6. I always thought the definition of Emo was this...
  7. Only complaint I saw was a YouTube comment on the official mls highlight reel of the game. Was saying the referee was cooking it for the home team because he allowed stoppage to go eight minutes!?!
  8. Moreno scored at 93:56 (or very close to that) out of the referee’s indicated 94’.
  9. tel·e·no·vel·a /ˌtelənōˈvelə/ noun: telenovela; plural noun: telenovelas; noun: tele-novela; plural noun: tele-novelas (in Latin America) a television soap opera. Telenovela, Latin American serial drama similar to a soap opera in plot development but having a broader audience and airing during prime time rather than daytime. ... Telenovelas are characterized by a continuing me
  10. Just finished TF&TWS last night with my son. It had some really good moments, but ultimately I was disappointed. I probably have an unpopular opinion on this and I'm ok with that.. to each their own, but I think the show tried unsuccessfully to paint the Flag Smashers as freedom fighters vs terrorists, Sam's character didn't really develop or grow much, Sam's new suit was tacky, and John Walker had a really weird character arc. Flag Smashers - I get they wanted the world to go back to working together to solve the problems of the "blip" but they had absolutely zero ideas other than s
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