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  1. I disagree. No one phase of the game operates completely independent of the other phases. A great defense will wear down if the offense can't maintain any kind of TOP. An offense constantly playing catch-up due to a sieve of a defense is going to eventually get shutdown as they become one dimensional with passing. I think if we had a stout defense our O-Line would be looking a lot better. The biggest shortcoming we've got on offense is the short yardage run game. I think the problem there is a combination of OL physicality/capability, RB physicality/capability, and play calling, but I wouldn't say that would make the OL not Super Bowl caliber.
  2. Sentence 1: totally on board with you there. Sentence 2: has nothing to do with Dimitroff’s “scheme” and everything to do with A) our head coach’s and his OC’s personnel needs/requests and B ) with Dimitroff’s (and Pioli and whomever else is helping TD with the draft these days) perceived draft position valuation for any given player. Finding the Dez Southwards of the world has about as much to do with not drafting your personally coveted lineman as whether I opted to wear my red Falcons shirt or my white one has to do with our team winning Sunday.
  3. So Dimitroff now is responsible for coming up with schemes. He’s part coordinator now. Gotcha.
  4. Wonder why they marked Georgia like that. The state extends south and east to the coast...
  5. "Who thought he landed in Indian and gave the Indians their name?" Yikes.
  6. Cats and dogs living together. Mass hysteria!
  7. And technically Barry's running performance WAS tied to OL play.. crappy OL play allowed him to showcase some tremendous ability. If he had good OL play he wouldn't have had a chance to do some of the crazy *** **** he did! Loved me some Barry Sanders.
  8. And so dies one of the few threads in ABF worth reading.
  9. If not a career ending injury it's almost certainly a Falcons roster spot ending injury. He already was set for free agency next year I believe. We probably just saw the last game Levitre will play for us.
  10. You could just use the included adapter and plug it into a lighting cable and run it to either a USB port on your computer or to the wall outlet. Doesn’t have to be sticking out of your iPad.
  11. Sorry, not gonna Like this. Watched the video (for obvious reasons) and promptly felt my testicles crawl right back up the inguinal canal from which they descended 30 years ago.
  12. Broadcast crew are talking more about the Falcons than the home town defending Super Bowl champion Eagles.