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  1. I never understood how people have time to devote more than one account’s time to this board. I don’t get it. #oldguy
  2. Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Totally.. just added that as an edit to my post.
  4. I still laugh SO HARD at this. Every. Single. Time. Thanks for posting that. EDIT to add I wish someone would work in a Super Mario Bros. block with coin blip sound effect for when he punches the air and kicks his leg out. I hear it in my head when I see that gif.
  5. Came in looking for the gif of Hall jumping over a long dead pile and getting obliterated by an opposing lineman. Disappointed.
  6. He absolutely lit them up in Denver. Not sure that medical risk is that much of a concern. Maybe it is though who knows.
  7. Denver just might.
  8. It’s only been explained about eight times in this thread so far.
  9. TheDirtyWordII definitely had a thread about it.. broke it down very nicely and made a (to me at least) VERY convincing argument for it. EDIT:
  10. Nervous about this one. Still gonna see it.
  11. Yes. Free agency is not over, there will be further cuts from other teams, we could possibly make a trade though doubtful, and there is still the draft. We go through this pretty much every single year. Chicken Littles want to Chicken Little.
  12. That doesn’t translate to no players at most position groups. That translates to thin at two position groups.