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  1. Like others, I will be awaiting reports from camp. Can you let us know what kind of practices are going to be held? I know there are restrictions of how much hitting is done, and that a lot of practices will not even be in pads. I'm not sure how you can assess rookies without some full pad hitting sessions. I would replace your #4 question with one about Holmes. How does he look, and is he getting any special attention. I would hope that he would be fast tracked with more coaching than he ever thought possible. A third round pick is not usually wasted on a project, and I would think that TD/MS see him as a possible player late this year if not next year.
  2. I think there is a possibility that we will trade down, but I have a different scenerio. First of all, this draft is very deep in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. I think that third round picks are the equivalent of mid second round picks in previous years. If we traded our 2nd for a 3rd round pick we may be able to get a 2nd or 3rd round pick NEXT year. I think this could result in no loss of a good pick and a bonus for 2013.
  3. Wasn't his 40 clocked with a calandar? Like over 5.0?
  4. There is also a minumum increase over the individual's last year salary--I forget exactly 20-44%. It wouldn't apply to Grimes.
  5. Sidbury had a high Scouts grade and was a 2/3 round prospect. I remember calling my son before our 3rd round pick because Sid was available and was the player left on the board with the best grade. The reason he dropped was because he was raw and most likely couldn't contribute immediately. I do remember that TD when asked last year about Sid said that they were high on him [but he says that about everyone], but it was simply that he lost out because of the numbers. Who would you sit to let him dress/play? I would hope that we would see a lot more out of him this year. If not, that would be a sign to me that he probably won't make it. But a 4.53 40 for a 266 pound DE is better than most linebackers.
  6. DeCoud hardly saw the field in 2009, and then started in 2010. Sidbury was raw when he was drafted. He actually graded at two rounds earlier. I was texting my son for two rounds saying we should take him, but he fell because he was no where close to being ready. The guy has a 40 time of a good linebacker, and is very quick, but a one trick pony. I have no idea how much the coaches like him though. If we don't think a DE in the first is better than the combination of Sid, Beirman, Anderson, I would rather go OT, WR or ?
  7. Here are a couple of solutions: Watch the 1:00 game with your son and keep yelling "Go Falcons," and every once in a while curse. At 9 months, he won't know the difference. Or, get him an ID and bring him to Sidebar. One Bloody Mary and he will think everyone is great and smells nice too. Besides, he will be a chick magnet and the single guys will appreciate it.
  8. That is a funny story, and shows the sorts of things that can go on. Falcon fans need to show up in force so they can be the ones who are obnoxious--er, well maybe not too much.
  9. For all Falcon fans in and around New York City, plan to raise the roof at Sidebar. Its location is 15th and Irving. Its a blast! The more people the better. The owner will make sure that Falcon fans are able to rock the place. It will be easy to find other crazy Falcon fans there, so just show up.
  10. No shame for the Birds. Try to make a later game!
  11. My son, Greg, asked me to post and invitation for all New York City area Falcon Fans. He will be at the Sidebar at 15th and Irving with other Falcon Fans. This was also a popular viewing place last year for some of the board members. He said for everyone to dress appropriately in Falcons gear, and to get ready to go crazy for the Birds. Trust me, you will have no problem finding him/them.
  12. The Falcons have one of the worst stadium deals in the NFL. They get some of the lowest revenues from the stadium in terms of box sales and sharing of all event revenues. If that deal is not redone when the current lease expires, Blank will build his own stadium. There has been talk about the Doraville GM assembly plant property. It a large property, on I-285, very close to I-85, and a short walk from the Doraville Marta station.
  13. Lets sure [shore] up our defense. "Bring him home TD," for every free agent who becomes available.
  14. I emailed my son [also a draft crazy] before our 3rd round pick and said, "Sidbury is still available!" I was blown away that we got him in the 4th. Adkins has all of the numbers, no doubt. With such physical skills, TD probably thought that as a worst case he has great special team potential, and a very high upside. 6th round was definitely a surprise for a guy who wasn't even a starter. Has J Mike lost some weight?
  15. I think the coaches really want aggressive hard hitting corners. Besides turning his head, they would like Houston to be more physical. If anyone reviews tape or rewatches games, there were two games [back to back I think] where I saw a real improvement in his physicality. I was like the coaches had been working on him and he got the message. But, I did not see this continue for the whole season. My poor memory says somewhere around games 4-10.
  16. http://myespn.go.com/blogs/nfcsouth/0-12-3...inebackers.html
  17. When you consider the total disarray of our team two years ago, I am pleasantly stunned by the improvements we have made. Offense speaks for itself in basically one year. I would love to see the same improvement on the defense, but at best I have cautious optimism. We were 24th in ypg, but 11 in scoring defense. There are a lot of reasons for this but normally a team at 24 would be 24th in both. We can't count on the things that made this happen. With a vastly improved defense maybe we could get to the 15-18 range, but scoring would be around the same place. Our offense and our punting game allowed us to give opponents consistent poor field position. Teams would drive down the field and stall. Not many teams have consistent 80-90 yard drives. So, it wasn't all luck on our part, but you have to have so big slab of luck to have 24/11 ratios. We can't count on that this year. There are going to be a bunch of young guys out there. Good on paper, but in truth we really don;t know what we have on defense.
  18. Houston also does not play as physically as the Falcons want. There were two back to back games where he was much more physical than the others. I am sure that he got an earful and tried to change. I would guess that you will see a little more meanness out of him this year. If not, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the others pan out, Houston may turn into a future draft pick from a trade. Boley was also not very strong against the run by shedding blocks and moving in traffic. That is why he was bumped for wire on running plays. Remember he usually lined up on John Abrahams side giving us, were we were already a little weaker against the run. Letting Davis and wire play running downs gave us more size and strength.
  19. Will player weights be updated, and if so, when?
  20. By the way, Jamaal Anderson and Sidbury are the same age and have the same birthday. Also the same birthday as Babe Ruth and Ronald Reagan.
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