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  1. Hey mods, when are you guys going to release the new player wallpapers? The Turner wallpaper was great..but I wanna see norwood and harry douglas! Any info would be great, thanks
  2. Well then... all that resizing and hosting it seems like a waste now, lol. Sorry ACE..didnt see your edit...
  3. Yeah..I couldnt find sam bakers scream...can someone find it and post it please?
  4. Have you guys seen the players scream at the beginning of every vid?? Awesome!! Here are some screenshots of the ones I have seen.... HARRY DOUGLAS KROY BEIRMANN ERIK COLEMAN MATT RYAN
  5. I did...It was great to see all the people there. There were more people this year than last year..Matt ryan was great and Harry douglas is a really funny dude
  6. thats what i told my boy...once turner came up in the interview..roddy's eyes lit up..lol
  7. you guys should read jmikes latest entry in his blog..it shows a video from today where some players were swingin the ball around...most of the vid shows laurent, but its good to see all the players and coach smith laughing and enjoying their time together..I never saw this kind of stuff happen last year with quitrino! hey jmike, I look forward to the interviews and that highlight vid for tomorrow... thanks
  8. MODS, do you know anything about this? do you have to be a season ticket holder or can anyonee just go?
  9. Aight ill be home around 4 as well..thanks norwood32
  10. hey norwood32...yeah it would be great if I could download it.. thanks bro
  11. Hey guys, whoever put up that chris houston video got deleted...If you created that video and run across this message can you please repost it? Or if you guys want to make a new chris houston highlight vid that would be awesome! I would appreciate it Thanks
  12. Great news..thanks for the quick news jmike!
  13. jamie dukes was an offensive lineman..he doesnt know #####!!! he just sweats all the time
  14. if you go to the yahoo sports atlanta falcons page..u will see them at the bottom.... thanks for the comments guys
  15. This sounds like a cool event...but could someone explain what we do when we get together and how much does this usually cost? thanks
  16. im in....he is a really cool dude and has a strong ##### leg!
  17. Wow...those wallpapers are off the chain!...please post some more as soon as you can! Thanks
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