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  1. Given his work on both sides of the ball since joining the Falcons, I'm convinced Morris is the best coach on the entire staff. Wouldn't at all be opposed to him as HC if the Falcons get off to a rough start in '20.
  2. His change of direction is rediculous.
  3. Widen the field. Athletes are too big and fast for its current configuration. Only allow tackling below the waist. Shorten the game/reduce the number of games.
  4. This is a bit harsh, but I agree with the general sentiment. The guy isn't physical enough to be what we want. Speed is great, you can teach coverage and tackling ability, but if a guy shies away from contact, there's no coaching that up.
  5. I'd like Floyd as well, but I'm petrified that TD will trade up for him...
  6. This is what I'm afraid of. TD lhas never been shy about trading up for his guy. Already down 2 picks, I'm hopeful he won't do it. That said, Floyd is still my guy, but I'd be okay with Lawson (who I think is the best option), trading back for Ogbah; Dodd has been growing on me lately.
  7. Actually, it stopped working for him last year. Both the Vikings and Panthers attacked him with the TE and had great success.
  8. Without Justin Simmons in the top 5, this list is incomplete. Measurables, instincts and production are there. He's one of the surest tacklers with upside due to his size.
  9. If power/strength are what the Falcons need to help develop Floyd's game, what exactly is the issue? You would much rather help a player with this than technique or attitude problems. As an aside, how many rookies don't need to hit the weight room? I still think Shaq is the best pick, Ogbah would be a suitable pick but Floyd would be my favorite pick.
  10. Those saying Floyd is too tall to maintain any leverage have never really watched the guy play. He very often plays with excellent leverage and uses his length as an advantage to keep blockers off of his body. He tends to lose in the run game, not because of height, or fear or contact, simply because he lacks the strength. The Falcons will fix that.
  11. Carolina, which really has no corners to speak of, didn't think he was worth keeping, why do the Falcons need him?
  12. Lol... Definetly not good, but I'm willing to overlook it. Still think Lawson has the highest upside, I just don't think he'll be around at 17.
  13. There was a reason Lofton didn't see a second contract here. You can't spend a mid-1st rounder on that sort of guy. I'll give Ragland credit, he didn't seem unathletic vs. Tennessee who has speed for days on offense, but there's a reason he wasn't a 3 down player at Bama. I'd much rather draft Floyd or Lawson at 17, trade back for Ogbah, or gamble on Lee.
  14. A nice haul here. Not sure we can get the second 2nd rounder and I'd prefer a LB instead of a DT in the 3rd
  15. Inconsistent = I'm only player on Defense worth a dime, so I'm gonna chill for a play here and there.
  16. Ogbah is an excellent choice if trading back. Ogbah >>> Dodd
  17. I still think Lawson is the best fit (LEO), Ogbah (LEO) would be a great trade down option, but Floyd (everywhere?) will ultimately be the pick.
  18. The Jones/Floyd comparison is ridiculous. Jones was a smaller, limited athlete (with really short arms) who played solely on the edge. Floyd is as long and as impressive an athlete you'll see and played all over the field.
  19. When you play a 15-1 team twice it's gonna bump your strength of schedule towards the top; notice how the Saints & Bucs are right there in the top 5 as well.
  20. Not sure the Falcons can move up this high without giving up a future 1st.
  21. Mayock does color commentary for ND on NBC, so he's pretty clued into the program. Much more than perhaps any other school, save for BC, he's an alum. I'd buy what he's selling here on this guy.
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