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  1. Given his work on both sides of the ball since joining the Falcons, I'm convinced Morris is the best coach on the entire staff. Wouldn't at all be opposed to him as HC if the Falcons get off to a rough start in '20.
  2. Falcons neeed to find a way to sign one of Poe, Wilkerson or Bennett, if all 3 become available.
  3. Amendola is no better than a 3rd/4th receiver on the Falcons and likely the 6th option at best. Not your red zone fix.
  4. Brate barely had more yards than Hopper, why pay for essentially the same player.
  5. I didn't save the tweet but falcfans posted the run stops within these last couple weeks and Duke was 2nd on the team if I recall. Total those with the missed tackles in his limited time given his knee injury, the numbers and tape say Duke knew What he was doing. I dont recall Many moments where He seemed totally confused.
  6. Payne all day. A better play with more positional versatility. Not sure you can ever go wrong with a DT from Bama. Vea's arms also look a little short...
  7. This should improve the pass rush and run defence with Duke Riley back in at WILL. Yes, he physically missed a good number of tackles, but instinctually was ahead of DEBO as a rookie and may still be ahead of Campbell in that regard. I liked him and was seriously frustrated with him, but expect big things from Duke and the entire defense next year. Especially if they find a CB3 with size to allow Tru or Rocky to play inside.
  8. Awfully noble of him to call out and plays after the fact. He's the head coach, he heard the calls and can't veto them if he chooses. Says a lot about him to do nothing in the moment, but call it out after the fact.
  9. Since we're taking Ledbetter 's word as the gospel here, on 92.9 last week he said that under Shanahan, they practiced the deep ball as much as anything, but that isnt the case nowadays. I also don't recall Ledbetter having anything about McDaniel or Lafleur not being considered for OC during the offseason.
  10. What's so interesting here how the writer notes how much window dressing Kyle would offer up on these fairly standard concepts to create advantages for the Falcons (mismatches, easy reads and open receivers). Haven't seen the TE throwback, RPO slant or 3TE's in FOR-EVER and they were all staples of the offense last year.
  11. Back when Shanahan left, I said the best option was Mike McCoy after he got fired from San Diego. He ran outside zone/WCO in Denver. Had Kyle Orton looking like an All-Pro, only to tailor the offense to fit Tebow en route to the playoffs. I think Sean McVay is calling the plays for the Rams, but the Falcons had every chance to keep Matt LaFleur around as OC. Chip Kelly won't happen unless Arthur Blank makes it happen. Back when Shanahan left, I said the best option was Mike McCoy after he got fired from San Diego. He ran outside zone/WCO in Denver. Had Kyle Orton looking lik
  12. My only issue with the article is labeling the Bears, Dolphins and Bills as middling competition when their defenses (which are all good) had something to do with the Falcons not operating at their best. The Falcons should be able to do better, but I think they'll be fine in the end. There's too much talent to not be. Getting the pass rush back and eliminating the missed tackles are a far greater issue.
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