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  1. Given his work on both sides of the ball since joining the Falcons, I'm convinced Morris is the best coach on the entire staff. Wouldn't at all be opposed to him as HC if the Falcons get off to a rough start in '20.
  2. Not at all, Beasley put up 23 tfl and 13 sacks as a junior. He's been the best edge rusher for a couple years now. The combine simply served to show he wasn't as small as some suggested.
  3. This...When Gregory is able to simply rush from a two point stance, you can see he's as quick off the ball as anyone. The things that Gregory has better than any other edge rusher in this draft are a super powerful punch and he absolutely eats up ground, with those long strides, in pursuit. I'm still sold as Beasley being #1, but Gregory is a close #2, and the rest of the edge guys aren't event close.
  4. This guy makes 'Spoon look like Cal Ripken Jr. Just say no...