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  1. Got my package today but I was missing the lanyards they say they will get them out to me next week
  2. Live in Albany Ga haven't got mine yet
  3. im hoping we can keep Clabo next step Dahl as long as we can protect Ryan
  4. Seems like its not the owners its the players holding the deal up
  5. When I hear that from John Clayton, Mort, or Schefter then its believable
  6. The Dome from where I sit is pretty loud as far as Sunday when we went down 14-0 it did take the air out we didnt lead till the end and with the dome almost half empty it got loud
  7. I give it around a 12 on early starts but 4 o'clock, Sunday nights, and MNF its much louder and fans are in the seats at kickoff IMO 18-20
  8. A win is a win last time i checked no matter how you do it lets keep flying under the radar
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