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  1. You think his articles are bad? Have you ever heard him at a press conference? You'd think "Of Mice and Men" was written about him.
  2. Also, in case you didn't know, he is fired up about it.
  3. Better than the Jacksonville 2.0 that had been created.
  4. Only if it represents Ironhead Heyward.
  5. Apparently, He did a lot of passing before the combine. After a couple of puffs, that is.
  6. I actually changed to a Lingerie Football league game. Way more entertaining. Those chicks were hitting hard.
  7. Since we have both, this is a stupid question. Rather have a SB win than either.
  8. Now, If we could just get Spoon to stop celebrating after every tackle.
  9. Are you willing to give Smith the same amount of time that it took Cowher to win a Super Bowl?
  10. Are you referring to,"Show some class man and instead of running your mouth, BALL OUT ON THE GRIDIRON."? If so, it is spelled properly here. "You're wrong."" Your mouth"(see how that works?)
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