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  1. That is correct and if you want to relocate, you have to sell your PSL first then purchase the one you want with the Falcons getting 15% on top of the sale. Tell me how that is fair?
  2. I remember earlier this year that Watson and Mariota and a couple others were saying we were simple. If they keep DQ, they need to keep the D staff as it is and continue this. Do not make Morris the DC or Ulbrich...keep it the way it is cause it is working!! Otherwise - 1970 can drive them all to the state line...
  3. he might have been letting the refs know to put it on the 2 instead of the 25
  4. usually a sign on the field as to what blocking scheme they are using. With the exotic formations they run, he may not get the signal until the ball is kicked and up back might yell it to him...been in the league so long, he knows
  5. Debo, Mack and free have all been disappointing to me...
  6. If Dan Quinn ends up being a successful coach, people are going to point to how he had great player development in the preseason and how he changed the way coaches look at preseason games. He doesn't follow the NFL mode of game planning the third game. He doesn't play the "starters" as much as other teams, yet, we come out the gate pretty good each year (when we don't get the injury bug!). Dan just does it different. Don't even look at it as our 1's vs their 1's cause like last night, he had some bubble players in with the people who are 1's for us. It is 4 (5) scrimmages for us. Less controlled than a normal opposing team scrimmage, but a scrimmage. Nothing more.
  7. And that is the difference for me between Hill and Ollison. Ollison has shown better vision. I am looking for a big back that when the hole is blocked for 3 yards, he can get 5-7 with vision and push when the hole is not where the play is designed to go.
  8. "If you think this has a happy ending, then you haven't been paying attention." not the best choice of words
  9. Knew we lost that game when we went for it on 4th down at the 50 on the first drive and didn't get it. Quinn was trying to generate some juice that was not there.
  10. Uhhhhh - dude is wearing a Charlotte Hornets hat....New Orleans is the Pelicans
  11. The world was a better place when LSUfreek was making these...
  12. We just drafted two guys who could end up being this message boards former OL saviors, but both are way more talented than those two. How many times have i ready, "we need Dahl and Clabo again to fix our OL." Well, we just signed upgraded versions of them and I hope that both pan out and are both day 1 starters. From what little I've seen of their tape, both are maulers and already have better feet and hand placement than D&C and we could possibly lock up three positions on the OL with three quality starters for a very extended period of time. I don't get why fixing our biggest glaring weakness we've had since Ryan was our QB (minus 2016) is such a bad thing. Has everyone forgotten about Tandy's 'time to throw for Ryan' threads? Let the plan play out and let's see what happens.
  13. Edge and RB depending on how this year pans out...
  14. eh, take your victory lap!!! I know what the falcons are picking next year....the one area no one has them linked to!!
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