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  1. Man - I would've bet you a lot of money that Crumpler would've had a 50 yard play in there as I remember a few. I went back and looked and Crumps only 50+ yard plays came from Chandler and Redman
  2. AP's nickname is 'All Day'...
  3. SEA was -3 in the copy I saw
  4. if he would've told us that, we would've still bought the PSL. I don't like being told one thing and then another thing happen. Be freakin HONEST!!! my buddy was pissed and emailed the ticket office but a different group of people
  5. or heart (or as I call it 'wantto')
  6. Let he lying begin!!! Was just told by me season ticket buddy that we will not get a shot at FSU-Bama tickets like we were told in out sales meeting (we are 300 level). We specifically asked what tickets will we not get when the sales person started telling us what we could get. He stated that we wouldn't get Super Bowl, SECC, and peach bowl when it was national championship game and final four. My buddy is an FSU fan and specifically asked if we would get a chance at the kickoff classic college games since FSU was playing Bama. He was told, "Sure, I do not see why not." While this didn't keep us from buying the tickets cause we are there for the Falcons, it frustrated him and now he is going to have to buy secondary market tickets at an inflated price. We went along with their PSL BS and were good season ticket holders and now the story changes...bunch of crap. P.S. You are welcomed to publish this anywhere.,
  7. That would be awkward...after firing his 'diddy'
  8. Happy birthday KoG!
  9. And Peter Konz was a second!!! You don't really know if it is going to work or not
  10. UDFA only - not a good decision maker on returns and is too small to help us on ST in any other way. Puts the ball on the ground too when hit.
  11. Chester and Babs haven't signed with anybody. Both could be brought back if we cannot fill the holes. The holes are not that big and we have the draft and free agency is not over. DiMarco is replaceable, just like Ovie and Christian and Griffin and every other fullback...
  12. let Garland and Schweitzer battle it out in OTA's and if one of them doesn't step up, sign Chester before camp
  13. Was about to post the same thing. IF he gets 4 guaranteed and is $1.75 this year and $2.25 next year and doesn't get the bonus, then it is pretty smart. I will wait to see what the numbers are cause Dimitroff does pretty good on contracts to screw up an easy one with a backup QB..,.
  14. Ben Garland