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  1. Won't we be changing our blocking concepts with Koetter now? More man on man and less zone blocking? We need to get some road graders.
  2. If you are a Falcons fan and this bothers you so much that you would change your lifestyle, you don't have the calluses of the past 50+ years. Does it suck? Yes. But this will in no way be as bad as 28-3, 1998, 2007, 2012 NFCC game (when we were going to play in their dome and led at halftime) or even this year when we were talking about playing it in our house only to be devastated with injuries. Just another realm of **** in being a fan of the most unlucky, snake bit, ill-fated, and cursed franchise in major sports history. But I'll be in my seat when they run out for the start of 2019 cause I am a glutton for punishment and "I DON'T CARE IF THEY'RE 0-80, I LOVE THE FALCONS!!!"
  3. That is when I think Quinn took the D back over from Manuel. Either the Ravens game of the next one, Beas played a **** of a lot better than the guy we saw in the first half of the season. Was more engaged and not 'catching' Olinmens blocks anymore in the run game.
  4. This is me in a nutshell...I really lost my spirit for all sports after this...didn't even get mad when 2 and 26 happened - just turned off the TV and went to bed cause for some odd reason, it is not for my teams to be at the top in the football world. To this day, I don't get excited about my teams. To see both of them fail in 2012 season in the same endzone (I had already made plans and had a ticket to New Orleans) was bad but I still was excited about the super bowl. It just ripped the life out of me and I actually enjoy football more now that I don't have so much emotion and expectations invested in it. Don't care, just see how they play each week. Still have my season tickets and go every week that I can, but it is not a priority like it used to be. And if for some reason, they do finally win a super bowl, I won't enjoy it as much as I would have after 51. Worse thing I have said? I have yelled at the top of my lungs in the dome, "<insert players/coaches name here>, YOU SUCK!!!". from Joey Harrington, to D Hall to Greg Knapp (first time) to Bobby Patrino, to Jim Mora. Don't have that level of passion now. Am I still a fan? I don't know....
  5. You mean there is something where Matt can chose who he throws to on each play with each a, a PROGRESSION?
  6. If he throws that pass to the middle of the E, Sanu has the DB on his hip and it is a TD. Are we not throwing to spots anymore? Ryan last night seemed to be throwing to targets instead of spaces.
  7. I don't get why PI wasn't called.
  8. Rico to the box and Kazee at free...we OK
  9. @Jedi-Falcon
  10. It's the NFL...there will be half a dozen plays to decide the game. First real look at the 2018 Falcons and I hope that the talent we have also executes at a high level. I think we can be good, but I like to wait and is the first week of a long season and being 0-1 isn't something I'm worried about. When we raped the Pack in week two, I thought we were there, but we were a little shy in the end. I'm just going to pop me an Oktoberfest, sit back and relish in the fact that MY BIRDS are at it again and buckle up for another ride!!! I DON'T CARE IF WE'RE 0-80...I LOVE THE FALCONS!!!!
  11. Anyone have a screen grab of the first defensive play of the game? I was at the game and thought they had Rico in the box and 22 over the top and I was like WTF?
  12. When I logged on today, I was wondering if I had seen a different game than everyone else...he did fine against they starters...
  13. YEah - I'm afraid that is true, but maybe other teams wont watch our films
  14. No worries, fella - I was stating what I saw out of Schaub and agree with you. he had zip on his passes but I was frustrated he didn't go downfield.