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  1. "You sound like my republican family members." Care to elaborate?
  2. I had 11,000 before the boards changed over!
  3. How come all these freaks are born over in India?
  4. "AND U CHILDISH TOO"Says the person who OMGTYPESINCAPS, calls names and cant spell? Why dont you go ahead and log back onto your real screen name, you arnt funny kid.
  5. "He's about a month ahead of schedule."Last I heard he still isnt expected back until July and that's if all his rehab assignments go well. Hope it works out for him, he was one of my favorite players even before becomming a Brave.
  6. "You don't want less pollution?"Pollution is overblown, get some stronger lungs Nancy.
  7. "CONSIDERING HEALING FROM A TORN ACL UHHH.. YEAH IT IS"So you and the rest of those idiots want us to draft a QB who performed bad because he isnt healing well? PS: You're an idiot.....again.
  8. "Congrats! You just created the last 'M. Vick post' until his trail "Shhhhhh!! dayellowsnowman doesnt realize it is a Vick post.
  9. "Yeah aight FIGHT ME"I'm not sure how to respond to this, congrats. That's a first for me.
  10. They want him gone because they see him as the pale face devil who is stealing money from the Falcons.
  11. "just shut up...u need to get the person who wrote they are here to partake in mature conversations and have them conversate on your behalf.. "Really man? You make no sense and cannot take ANY criticism. I mearly point out that you did the same thing you asked others not to do. Then you have to ask your 12 year old son for a putdown remark? Sad my friend, just sad.
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