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  1. Maybe the teabaggers in those states will follow one of their many wonderful leaders advice (Bachmann) and not fill out the census to keep from being re-educated.
  2. Snake: Letterman never claimed to be "The Moral Majority" (Newt Gingrich) and he never said that, faith guided his politics (Sanford). There more uproar when a --> Married Christian Republican Political Leader is screwing women/men-in-airport bathrooms/and little boys than there is when some UNMARRIED celebrity, who never claimed to have a Moral Superiority over OTHER PEOPLE, or to be led by Christ himself, or any other crap that you are sucking from Fox's/Gingrich's teat, has consensual sex with a woman. If you cannot understand the difference then you have the IQ of a 3yr old, or you ar
  3. Pretty much the same here, except I never hated him, just thought he never stood a chance. The conservatives with their outrage over anything/everything Obama made me really like him.
  4. No kidding I wouldn't want my wife to suddenly take the kids out of school and home/school/church them. Forced indoctrination?
  5. That would be freakin SICK! Think Grady in the middle of those two (along with a really good rookie DT), add a ball hawking safety, and a bone crushing LB (to replace Brooking) and our defense would be near perfect. That front 4 pressure would take all the pressure off our CB, man it is a dream that probably won't come true.
  6. Good job, cause according to the Baptist Press threads, your woman will have now have tons of multiple O's and your kids will behave!
  7. I shall, right after you prove (using scientific method) that God exists
  8. Agreed, sounds like the research may have been slanted.
  9. At funerals, I guess the ones in the wooden boxes can't fight back huh?
  10. The attacks took place in Subways and hotels. I don't know about you, but I have never been armed in the subway, and I am rarely armed when staying at a nice hotel. And even if a few people had been armed they wouldn't have had the firepower to stop those guys. It would be a different matter if they were trying to take over a neighborhood.
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