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  1. Auburn got lucky. Pitboss a better HC than I thought. He's made Arkansas competitive with inferior talent.
  2. Now I just need Miami to upset Dabo and my night is complete.
  3. I bet Stetson is tired of the rags to riches commentary.
  4. Thank you Louisiana for Monty Rice. DGD!
  5. Should be 41-14 Georgia, but I'm not complaining. 😏
  6. It's clear Zeus won't be getting yards today. So give it to McIntosh and Milton! For goodness sake.
  7. Wow. Trey Hill. He just made up for that game-opening fumble.
  8. Tennessee is just gifting us the ball. Daring us to score.
  9. Wow! Tyson actually made a good play!
  10. We won't move the ball against Bama. Sheesh.
  11. Missed opportunities... that opening fumble set the tone for this game.
  12. Looks like last week might've been a fluke. Back to reality. LOL. Btw, McIntosh should get the ball more. I think he's better than Zeus.
  13. He's been exceptional up to this point and has the scrambling ability that Fromm could only dream about. If Stetson were 5 inches taller, he'd be taken more seriously.
  14. Tulsa upset UCF. No self-proclaimed mythical national championship this year. ☹️
  15. If our defense keeps playing like this, we'll likely need another DC at the end of the season.
  16. I wonder if Hazelwood expected OU to be 1-2 right now.
  17. Game over. ISU just intercepted. LOL @ both OK and TX.
  18. Good job, Stetson. I'm sorry I spoke ill of you. Much respect.
  19. Looks like Dwan has now taken over Justin's old role. Mr. Handoff.
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