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  1. This sure helps take the Burden off our shoulders.
  2. These recruiting threads used to be jumping. I guess Covid has taken its toll online as well.
  3. Yeah... go start a recruiting thread for Bama or Clemson.
  4. What's with all of these 3 stars? 😐
  5. You weren't supposed to start another thread.
  6. Gilbert going to FU. Didn't think he was coming anyway.
  7. Unconfirmed, but it was reported that Justin tried to enter the transfer portal halfway into the 2nd quarter.
  8. JT and Cook coming back. Landers leaving. Leggo!
  9. Good hire for Texas. Good luck to Sark.
  10. Lost to NW. #40something recruiting class. It's going to a while before AU competes again in the SECw.
  11. Herman out at Texas. That vote of confidence didn't last long.
  12. Dabo's been acting like a little b/tch lately so I'll take that as a sign that he got bad news from Nyland. 😉
  13. Auburn got lucky. Pitboss a better HC than I thought. He's made Arkansas competitive with inferior talent.
  14. Now I just need Miami to upset Dabo and my night is complete.
  15. I bet Stetson is tired of the rags to riches commentary.
  16. Should be 41-14 Georgia, but I'm not complaining. 😏
  17. It's clear Zeus won't be getting yards today. So give it to McIntosh and Milton! For goodness sake.
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