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  1. CB for ITS to Bama. At this point, I think we finish with Campbell, Reese, Bush, Davis, and Walthour.
  2. Very nice.
  3. Director of Player Entertainment and Payments.
  4. As long as he keeps dialing up those prostitutes in Tuscaloosa, I'm fine with it.
  5. Waiting for Feb 7th.
  6. Coming back was a no-brainer. It would've been an ill-advised jump to the NFL. Mid round pick at best. He's yet to live up to his 5 star hype. Hopefully his senior year will be a breakout season.
  7. Baker coming back for his senior year.
  8. Freeze at Bama would be scary.
  9. Yup. Still a DGD though.
  10. ...or recruit a QB, I suppose. Still thought that places like Oregon State, ASU, Arizona, etc. would've been all over Les.
  11. The right choice for him. The thought of him coming back got me all excited for a second. Best of luck to him.
  12. Arizona outdid themselves with Sumlin. I'm kind of surprised Les Miles isn't coaching anywhere.
  13. If he does return for his senior season because he wants to earn his degree and help the Dawgs vie for another shot at the national championship, he'll be the 2nd greatest DGD in my book.
  14. I wouldn't bet on Natrez lasting the whole season. Kid appears to love the bud too much. Hope I'm wrong.