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  1. Difference between Pitino and Freeze is that Pitino wasn't dumb enough to use his work phone.
  2. CBs for Corral to UF. Perhaps he sees the writing on the wall for Fields to UGA?
  3. Any morsels so far regarding Justin's visit?
  4. So take Corral should he decide to commit before the season, or tell him no because you think you have a good shot with Fields. I hope the coaches know what they're doing. I'd hate to turn away Corral and then miss out on Fields. Then we'd be right back to where we were 3 months ago with QBs in this class. And that would be complete BS.
  5. Zeus committed to Kirby in May = Dell McGee raise in June Well deserved, too.
  6. Love that scar on Zeus. It means "get the F&%# out of my way or I'm runnin over you."
  7. The tradition of UGA running backs from North Carolina continues.
  8. After he put the G hat on, he hesitated for a sec, thought he might bait and switch. LOL.
  10. Will Zeus's commitment be broadcast? If so, could someone kindly provide the link? Thanks.
  11. Today's the day.
  12. Agreed. Black helmets looking like Grambling. No thanks.