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  1. This announcement comes at the heels of the recent CBs for Edwards to UMich. Maybe that has something to do with it.
  2. I get it and I'm all for that. But why publish an official commitment announcement when you're not fully committed? Attention whoring perhaps? Just saying.
  3. "I still will be taking all 5 official visits for a final decision but as of right now I know where I want to continue my football career." Sounds like he only committed to not being entirely committed. These kids. LoL.
  4. Noice indeed! Thanks bud!
  5. Kirby locking down the state. Love it. So far, Hancock's the only one in the GA Top 10 that's going elsewhere according to 247 (and Colzie just decommitted and may be staying home). Do do do do do... I'm love'n it.
  6. LoL. Somebody posted a noice meme here once. Wish I could find it.
  7. That's what happens when you start trending to Carolina.
  8. How about waiting to drop your schools when you've whittled it down to about 3 or 4? 8 does nothing for me.
  9. Mack Brown quietly putting together perhaps the best class in UNC history. He just flipped Maye, already has a bunch of 4 stars, and is trending for Pryor.
  10. I guess the hazing allegations haven't deterred PSU.
  11. Perhaps Kirby can find a position for George on the staff.
  12. I personally like Caleb. Reminds me of Baker Mayfield. But Brock is pretty good, too. My only concern with Brock is that he's from a small school in the smallest classification in GA. Perhaps his perception as a 5* QB is a reflection of the level of competition he's faced. In any event, I don't think you pass on either with hopes of grabbing Stockton. You sign one and go full throttle on Stockton.
  13. UF missed out on alot of targets. Doesn't surprise me that Mullen wants him.
  14. So... In other news, a CB in for Grimes to Georgia. Very early, but good news.
  15. We had a 6'4" safety once. Without him, the Prayer at Jordan-Hare wouldn't have been possible. Then he took his talents to Louisville.