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  1. I thought distance from home was a major, if not the most important, factor for Foreman. Georgia isn't really closer than Clemson. He'll stay on the west coast IMO.
  2. ESPN reports that Zach Evans has enrolled at TCU. Something tells me he doesn't end his collegiate career there.
  3. What's the story on Barrett Carter? How did he go from 100% Georgia to 100% Clemson during COVID-19?
  4. I just realized we have a May thread now.
  5. I think UF negative recruits itself.
  6. Looks like Pruitt is. 5 of his top 6 recruits (including two 5 stars) have all committed within the last 2 weeks. Major shift in recruiting for them.
  7. Not s single player from UGA picked up by the Falcons. Smh.
  8. Any word on Brian Herrien? I really think he's a diamond in the rough.
  9. Tae Crowder becomes Mr. Irrelevant. Really surprised Rodrigo wasn't picked up.
  10. I don't think Jake was running. He knew he'd have to learn another offense if he stayed (3rd in 4 yrs), probably thought he hit his ceiling at Georgia, and probably thought his chances were better this year than next year when both Trevor and Justin come out. It's just too bad that he didn't show at the combine. Probably the main reason he went a couple of rounds lower than he should have. Good luck to him, but I see his future in coaching.
  11. So instead of JR Reed in the 7th, Dimitroff plays I'll close my eyes and see where my finger lands.
  12. As a homer, would love for us to pick up JR Reed in the 7th and bring in Herrien as a UFA to compete with Ito and Ollison.
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