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  1. NCAA (not surprisingly) f'ed up on this one. Should've made that boy sit. Legitimate reasons for a waiver are now a joke and the floodgates are open. Complete BS.
  2. His folks didn't seem overly excited.
  3. I wouldn't come to Georgia if I were JRP either. Got passed over by Mathis though he'd been committed for months. I think JRP is a special talent and it's too bad Georgia basically let him walk.
  4. Great great nephew of Colonel Angus.
  5. For whatever reason, it really irks me when a someone says "respect my decision." Also when people say "I'm taking my talents to..." LOL. Get over yourselves.
  6. This kid milking it like he has 5 stars.
  7. PWOs are doing these announcements now?
  8. Too bad it's still Liberty.
  9. Charlton Warren is our new DB coach.
  10. I say we promote from within. Lanning and/or Schumann. They already know Kirby's defense and the players.
  11. Hate it that Lawrence is on that team.