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  1. I really doubt that Redman is considered by our FO as our franchise qb.
  2. Hutchins is young, and he had 94 tackles last year I think. If he is a CB, then tackles don't mean #####. It's INT's and passes broken up. Tackles equal getting burned, just ask Brooking. I think that he played safety and special teams. Not sure though, I don't follow the Texans.
  3. not sure. belichick makes weird moves like this but they usually seem to workout. i dont think welker will have the success he did w/o moss though. They always seem to work out because he is a dirty cheater. I hope they don't think that Welker is a number one...or even two...reciever.
  4. Excellent point! p.s. Too bad we couldnt get Josh Brown. Yeah I guess I gotta change my sig! :P
  5. Hutchins is young, and he had 94 tackles last year I think.
  6. Williams should be moving back to cornerback...he would be a great Cover Two corner...big and physical as he is.
  7. Lol @ us going for a TE. You guys are funny... TD and Mularkey already said that we will focus on blocking TE's, and it is well known that Mularkey's offense does not really feature TE's a recievers. Shockey sucks.
  8. Good Job Falcons! Next step...Maurice Williams and Michael Turner. If we do get all four, then we will have started out just fine.
  9. I don't think that there has been any news of him coming here, and I don't think there will be. Someone mentioned yesterday though, that Coach Smith knows him best so if we do go after him then it is because Coach Smith knows that his injury will not linger, and that he can come here and make an impact. If we don't, then Coach Smith doesn't think that that is the case.
  10. He is washed up and overweight. We need to draft Dorsey.
  11. Yeah we would, and I don't like the idea of spending a draft pick on a guy who has never started a game. Besides....we could probably find someone comperable to Blackstock in UFA. Or the draft.
  12. Surrounding yourself with intelligent people, including yourself, is a good thing. Then again, we still do have Vick on the roster, so our collective team score is still somewhere in the negatives...:P
  13. They are all supposed to stay the whole weekend. Even Turner.
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