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  1. Robert James the one player I know nothing about...
  2. Well I've heard many experts and people who actually PLAYED IN THE NFL...disagree with you about the Ryan vs. Leinart debate what credibility do you have?....oh none?
  3. It makes me a troll because I have a difference of opinion? Isn't this comparable to...well you use your imagination and figure that one out. No, if you could reasonably present your "difference of opinion", that would make you a legit and effective poster on these boards that people would enjoy debating with. But you are a troll madame, because you come here not with a difference of opinion, but with the intent to start flame wars. How can calling a guy a bust before he even attends his first training camp make you look like a person wanting a reasonable debate? Therefore, you are a troll.Per
  4. Stupid Poster...Stupid thread....Please go away....TROLL
  5. Vilma well makes-up for his loss, and is a lock at their MLB spot. a lock?...I could have read the same thing about Vilma and not have been surprised...don't be confused by the fact that Vilma is still facing some serious health issues as well
  6. I hear your point...but things working in Grady's favor...new coach Mike Smith...and location location location...he lives really close to flowery branch I'm not sure I really even want him...but I'm just saying it wouldn't be craaaazy if we resigned him
  7. question...so does Morgan get any money from the deal he signed with the Saints...or no?
  8. that post was a waste of my life...I regret reading it poster hasn't even come back into his own thread either... a sad individual for sure
  9. Great post...great story...thanks for that I'm excited about the Falcons running game...two fun players to watch...and OVIE cracking heads and leading the way
  10. agree...I actually went with Green Bay...but SD will be tough as well
  11. **** we got Bob Christian in the 12th I loved that guy
  12. BUMP LAWS all the way honorable mention: lofton, tyrelle,
  13. Phillips off the board now...kind of happy I wasn't sure about him LAWS is my first choice
  14. LAWS!!!!!! Love this kid if he is gone...Tyrell Johnson would be nice...maaaaaybe Kenny Phillips not sold on him though
  15. He has looked really good...I'd be happy if the Falcons drated him on Sunday
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