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  1. Hopefully the bye week brings some changes..

  2. Elam is old, we need fresh talent. Turner better do better next week. He just look horrible. I'm not saying I demand perfection, but Adrian Peterson rushed for more yard than him. Brees and Romo also passed for more yard and touchdowns than "Matty Ice". If Ryan wants to win anything, he's got to do better
  3. Be mad at me all you want, it's old. Why didn't Matt Ryan pass for at least 300 yards in this last game? He had plenty of chances. It's almost like he gave up a few times. He had plenty of time to shake the rust off in the preseason. There is no excuse now. He over threw people all day long and kept the defense on the field longer then they needed to be. They should have shut the Dolphins out in my opinion, and would have if Ryan made better decisions. This game should have ended at least 35-0, but no, we've got sophomore slump out on field. Elam needs to get out of here, and Turner loo
  4. How many spots down are you going to move Florida if they win against Tennessee?
  5. Shouldn't you be blaming C0cks and not the bullpen?? Soriano has been struggling and it's very well known. He never gets ahead of hitters anymore, he never has 1-2-3 innings anymore, yet that tub of lard pulls a red hot Hanson out in favor of a slumping guy. Makes sense.
  6. Hey ******* **** at the Braves getting swept by the Reds... hahahahaha This team will finish below .500 and lose the series or get swept against the Astros
  7. They've been taking notes from the Braves on blowing opportunities.
  8. Francoeur: .267 BA C Jones: 275 BA Just sayin' Have a bad feeling about a sweep....
  9. No trolling and I'm not going to argue back with you so don't waste your energy, but many are afraid to say anything towards the current President in fear of being called racist. When a president is promoted like a Hollywood celebrity, you're going to have issues.
  10. What do you drive and what county are you in?
  11. Adding to Co'cks statement about Norton being productive: Norton has scored 3 runs this year total. I guess that's production to the senile manager
  12. http://www.ajc.com/sports/atlanta-braves/c...ing-130778.html Greg Norton has had a miserable season as the Braves’ primary pinch hitter, but Wednesday night’s fruitless at-bat against the Marlins might have been a new low. Norton, who is hitting only .147 (10-for-68) on the season, had a chance to tie the game in the seventh inning with a runner at third and only one out. Instead of finding a way to get the run in, he struck out against rookie reliever Tim Wood. The Braves lost 8-7. Norton took an awkward swing at a 2-1 change-up, getting fooled on what he said looked like a sinker rotation o
  13. Greg Norton pinch hit tonight and was Mr. C0cks first choice off the bench. He flied out and he is now batting .145 Why is Conrad not getting a chance? Any takes that Norton will be back next year?
  14. This thing turned into a f**king laugh fest in no time. Braves had the chance last night to take the series, and didn't... same with tonight and having the bases loaded. Bunch of jackasses Medlen has been way overused, and putting Buddy in there was the icing on the cake The Red will take 2 of 3 at this rate.
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