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  1. Hopefully the bye week brings some changes..

  2. I think there was a lot of hype about Superbad, but it's still got the immature humor I love. No Country for Old men is another story. The guy in the movie looking for his money should have his picture under the word "ruthless". Best movie I have seen since Man on Fire with Denzel.
  3. Oh happy day! The board God dropped in to tell us how we have unacceptable morales and we're going to ****. You want to talk about guys being bad about objectifying women, when I see women my age (I'm 23) doing the same thing. Unless you're a professional athlete, body builder or just a health nut, there's usually one reason people go to the gym: So they will get attention (why would they want that???) and they'll look good naked. It's human nature to want to attract a mate, and the gym is an easy way. Sorry for the hijack Headshot, continue on with the show.
  4. WOW. I actually felt the chill off her last line. Some of them are just too smart :cool:
  5. I actually laughed out loud reading this. I think everyone has accidentally sent a text message, but that takes the bank. If this is screaming HOF, I don't know what is.. Keep us updated Headshot, if there's any
  6. I've been going to the gym with guys from work, and all the really brag about is bench press. It's not a good measure. 135 on the bar, and told them to do it as many times as they could. One guy did it 40 and the other only 28, yet they both max more than me. I did it 50 with energy to go, but I stopped. I'm way ahead of them in curls, squats, deadlifts, powercleans, and legs presses though:)
  7. Thanks, and congrats on your loss too. I didn't really like the NitroTech and CellTech mass stuff. I didn't notice much result/performance wise, and I was loaded with water weight on my stomach. What sucked is I had to go to the beach in 3 weeks, so I quit with it. I felt sluggish and could feel the weight moving around. I've seen a difference since I started taking the nitric stuff. I've been on it for about a month after being skeptical, but my pumps are bigger and I see a little spike in energy toward the end of the work out.
  8. I've been staying away from ABF because of the non stop politics, but I just saw this thread. First, I used to work out on a regular basis back in high school and playing football. At 18 I maxed my bench at 325. I bought a nice bench and weight set about a year ago, but hurt my shoulder, so didn't really get back into it. After this New Years, the drinking and the hot wings finally caught up with me and I hit 225, my highest weight ever. I hated it, and immediately changed my diet. I ran 2 miles that day, and lifted for 30 minutes. I was sore for the next 5 days:hehe: That was the end of January, and now the beginning of April I'm down to 195 with a routine of lifting every other day for an hour to an hour 30, running and swiss ball exercises. I eat healthy all during the week (tuna, turkey, grilled chicken, eggs, low fat cheese, turkey burgers, lots of fruits and vegetables, low fat yogurt) and load my diet up with protein, and during the weekend I might splurge but nothing crazy. I enjoy the luxury of not being a fan of sweets, but I'm a sucker for starches and carbs. I still drink beer/liquor, but only weekends and not binge like before. As for supplements, I always do the protein shakes after working out, take fish oil, Nano9 (nitric), and L-arginine. What kind of supplements is everyone else taking?