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  1. Im on 28 boards in the NFL and this is the most cut throat, insane, and racist message board by far. Its so entertaining how you guys act like having a crisp image is more important than winning. Every team has players that run in with the law..... but the wins clean their image. Some of you guys are probualy saying winning is not everything...... lol
  2. The atmosphere around this team bothers me. The Vick era was in this stadium and I think Matt Ryan should be able to build a legacy in HIS own place. If its another dome I will be pissed! Do any of you guys agree?
  3. I think we need a few more shyt talkers on our team we are too boring and he will take the pressure off of our running game just with his name alone.
  4. you guys are more worried about who people are cheering for than how to improve our football team that is struggling man give me a break
  5. we are not going to the playoffs 1st of all 2nd we need an impact player with our 1st pick 3rd we need new coordinators if we lose out there is no way they stay I hate to think like this but guys I want a Superbowl Screw the back to back crap we need a top 10 pick
  6. ding ding ding!! thats the answer I wanted!! That sounds like an good Idea to me
  7. The reason our defens sucks is because peria jerry is on the sidelines. When he was in the game our DEs were getting pressure and getting in the back field. I recorded every game this year and it is so clear as day. They dont double anyone on our line now but abe. When jerry was in he got the double teams. Babs doesnt even get as much attention as we think. Its funny how sometimes they role the protection to abe even when he drops back in coverage and there are free blockers just looking around lol. But it comes down to not getting a PUSH in the middle(jerry) not just penetration (babs) w
  8. QB controversy!!!!!! jk but it could turn into a problem.....
  9. You guys keep saying you want corner help but what corner will be when we pick that's worth a number 1? And also our safteys can't tackle or make big plays so why is everyone so sold on our safteys they are just ok. I'm just saying this because teams do slant routes on us all day they get to the 2nd level of the defense all day and we either wiff or make weak tackles we need some thumpers!!!!
  10. He will because berry will go first and there is too many good qbs coming out this year I think we will have a very good shot at him.
  11. I say yes because it will stop teams from going across the middle on us. Teams with hard hitting safetys scare wideouts from going over the middle. Even if we draft a cb in the first he will still be a ROOKIE so I think we should draft the biggest impact player that's available.
  12. Anyone elese getting this bull instead of the atl game?
  13. I live in macon GA!!!!! WTF is up with that???????? anyone else have this problem?
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