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  1. This has got to be some of the best news I've heard all day! Now watch them screw it up by resigning him, and those 8 yard bombs on 3rd and 12.
  2. If the Falcons are stupid enough to keep him around. Then Brooking's smart enough to milk 'em for all 7.7 million. :P Why should Brooking restructure when he know's this year will be his last in the league?
  3. And..... Reeves left Donald Driver standing at the alter to get him.
  4. I'll give you two reasons! Hillary Clinton and John McCain.
  5. Makes about as much sense as humping a football before buying it dinner :blink: :Whistling: Haven't we had to suffer through enough "Joey Scarerington" without adding insult to injury with "JP Loserman" for a lifetime? :pinch:
  6. This smell's even reeks of Peerless Price, Ed Hartwell and Ovie Mughalli (sp?) - ism :P
  7. After hearing how Pigtrino treated the players in such a cowardly fashion, who could blame D-Hall for blowing up how he did. I'm not on board with when he blew up, but I can't blame him for doing so all things considered. I hope this team doesn't shoot itself in the foot by letting him get away.
  8. He isn't worth the roster spot either but he's still here, sucking the cap and team dry...
  9. Boy oh boy did you nail this one good! It smells like more of the same, from the people that brought you high paid mediocrity of the past. Keep the blind loyalists in they're place and they'll manage. Mendenhall would be my first choice for the RB spot, but that's just me using logic.
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