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  1. He hasn't contacted me yet. 🤦‍♂️ Oh wait...you mean...
  2. Didn't they make it to the AFC chanpionship game last year? Lost 35-24 115 rushing yards 295 passing yards That was not too bad in my opinion
  3. Exactly! To me strength of the Saints is their defense right now. If the Falcons had any kind of defense they'd be playoff contenders every year. No need to pick a QB this in answer to OP but it doesn't mean you don't plan for it in the near future
  4. I guess we will find out pretty quickly if this is just a re-tooling or a rebuild. I don't think this is team is too far away from being pretty good. I think leadership has mismanaged the talent that is here
  5. I would like Neal to stay. I agree that he does not deserve a monster contract but his play the last half of the season deserves another chance.
  6. Isn't his contract up? His status as a Falcon is up in the air. Can they let him know if the new GM has plans to keep him yet?
  7. That would be a pretty strong coaching staff that I could get on board with
  8. With how he has played this year realistically how far down could you go to get him? With the way Henry, Cook, Chubb have emerged the last 2 years
  9. I would be concerned with how little experience Brady has at a very high level and Head coach experience he has.
  10. Smith is my favorite this year. I think he has gotten more out of his talent than the other candidates have
  11. So does either one of them have a better knack for fitting what they want to do around the players that are here? Does it mean they need to completely rebuild the team to look like KC or Tenn? In my opinion Smith has made more with less talent. I tend to like more old school football. Running the ball, short passing game, and a really good defense. But that doesn't mean EB wouldn't try to run something like that with the Falcons. I would be fine with either if they have a clear cut plan and stick to it in all phases. I don't want 2 people calling offense and 3 calling defense anymore.
  12. If all those things happen I think they definitely make the playoffs. SB Contenders probably not. If we can improve or running game, including shoring up OL, fill a few holes of defense I think this team is vastly improved. We have not been able to run the ball to take the pressure off the passing game or kill the clock in years.
  13. When was this posted. One of his quotes was "before the Panthers game Thursday, which was October 29th. Is this whole thing several months old or just that one quote and the rest of the article fresh. Either way its a cold harsh reality. Ryan has carried this team for many years but I don't know how much he has left in the tank. IMHO he is far from the biggest problem on the team. Defensive help should be number one priorty
  14. We can all speculate what happens in the offseason and wish upon a star to say "See I was right, they X, Y or Z". Personally I think Ryan has a few good more years to go. I would love to see us have a running game for once. I would like to see less than 45 passes every game. It all just depends on who the HC is to where we go. I am far from a draft or personnel junkie so I will leave that to a bunch of people on here that like doing that but my uninformed opinion leans to DL and RB as highest priorities.
  15. This is a huge negative on Raheem. This offense is horrible most of the time. He should have gotten rid of Dirk and given someone else a shot at running the offense.
  16. Yes 100% I was thinking about this as I was watching the game last night and drooling over how Stefanski (who i was hoping would be hired after last season when DQ was fired) has changed the Browns. I think the whole offense does not believe in the scheme at all. This is on Dk not Matt
  17. To me this says it all. I don't remember Julio not squarely putting it on the players.
  18. If you lived through the Smith years this would not even be a question.
  19. Knapp would be my interim choice
  20. I hope that Ulrich calls the Defense by himself not by some hybrid every other down nonsense. I wonder if Kotter makes it through the season if offense doesn't improve?
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