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  1. To me this is the biggest part of the while trade. We get a couple picks but now Fontenot has money to play with
  2. "NOT TRYING TO BE A PESSIMIST" I believe if we ask Webster this is his definition It's a preseason article about a guy who a ton of bad luck last year. I don't think it mentions fitting him for a gold jacket just yet
  3. They would give the 49ers the ball plus 15 yards, kick Johnson out of the game and then suspend him in today's football. I think Nehemiah went to running track after that
  4. I am just giving the Thumbs up for Turtle Records....if that don't bring back some memories
  5. I would really hate to see him go because he has been the consummate professional on top of being freakishly talented. @JDaveG said it, if the price is right you have to send him on his way because it is about the making this team good for a long time not just the next year or two
  6. We moved up for Jamal Anderson(DE), Trufant, Jenkins, McGary, Takk, Julio in recent history 🤷‍♂️
  7. None of these QB's have played 5 seasons yet. I do think that the rules for QB's these benefit the newer QB's and will allow for more longevity but 1 of these guys has actually done something in the NFL. To me the other 4 are wait and see.
  8. That last sentence! Identity! The last 4 or so years it seems that we had an organization that had no clue who it was. Love that both these guys are young and hopefully we see a really good team shaping up as early as the end of next weekend
  9. Off topic but how much tread does JJ have on his tires? Maybe this staff can keep him healthier 🤔
  10. Both AS and TF are first time as BMOC. There is no telling the direction that wants to take the team or what type of GM Fotentot is going to be. His guess is as good as anyone else's on this message borad
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