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  1. With those hands maybe at Tight End
  2. Didn't he also have a pretty bad injury?
  3. This is a HUGE issue. I have to hold my breath every time he punts. I am sure we could find a punter that can do better than he has done recently and cheaper too
  4. I have heard very little about Allen's recovery. I hope it is going well. Does Kazee start at FS and Poole at NB? We do have a lot of options if Rico comes back 100%
  5. You have won the week for me. THis is exactly the first thing I thought of. MAWWAGE!
  6. Yep I really like watching this guy. He was all sports and knew the SEC
  7. If they cut Bryant or he retires Tavecchio(already on Practice Squad, I believe) will be the First Choice. They will bring a Undrafted guy or 2 to compete but they will not be drafting a kicker
  8. Does Fusco lining up right next to Schraeder feed in to his bad numbers? Does having a really good RT next to him make him any better?
  9. Highest of Priorities has to be the O-Line and D-Line. A good pass rush will make our Corners look that much better. A good O-Line will make our offense darn near unstoppable
  10. The Recorder put it over the TOP! This made my my Freaking week. I am crying
  11. Need to come out and core another 7 after half. Saints better stop blitzing too or they are going to get torched
  12. Refs didnt throw facemask penalties on the punt or the Cooks Reception. Its been a clean game but to me those were obvious penalties
  13. As well as he always schemed/used Mike Evans you have to think Julio should thrive
  14. What kind of rule is that ?