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  1. When they actually put pads on and start hitting people I will make a judgement. I have a feeling this will be one of the weirdest NFL seasons we have ever seen
  2. I guess they will do it again this week when they play the 49'ers
  3. Say Eagles go to NFCCG and lose. Worse record than Pat's do they still pick ahead of them? Or even if they win it all
  4. I am confused as to how Saints game affects the pick. if they lose they would pick after the Pats anyways because of better, record yes? And if they win Saints drop in to the low 20's, yes?
  5. And as a bonus it gives us a higher 2nd 2nd round draft pick
  6. That's why I said NOT those offenses. The offense has looked stale quite a bit this year. Was it just rotating oline? Koetter just getting used to this scheme or square peg/round hole as @JDaveG has pointed out I said in another post McKay said there will be some changes hopefully to make the most of the offensive talent
  7. McKay said in his interview there will be some changes. So there is that
  8. Do you think Koetter can "modernize" his offense? Not cardinals or Ravens to me right now the offense concerns me more going in to next year
  9. Why dont y'all put some positive vibes out in the world. It is what is and instead of being miserable you can look at what Morris did with this defense and feel good. I think the offense will need work next year, hopefully a more modern look
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