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  1. I could see the Saints signing Freeney since they just lost Okafor. But it also depends on what their money situation is.(I am sure there is some creative way to do it Raiders and Seahawks need DB help.
  2. I think the D-Line is the main piece of DQ's defense. I think he wants the fastest, meanest D-Line in football and then the rest of the Defensive scheme falls in line after that. He wants the best players he can find at every position but it seems for him the D-Line is all where its at
  3. LOoks like Hooper was trying to get through the line. I am sure they didn't want to keep it going too long. Play clock starts running and Ref's can still throw the flag if it goes on too long
  4. I thought one thing was curious and a tough decision was whether to accept the Holding Penalty on 3rd and 2(3rd quarter) and pass was incomplete. So it was either 4th and 2 or 3rd and 12. Penalty was accepted and I thought was a big mistake. I thought accepting the penalty would force them to kick the FG being down by 11. Tough call and if it was not Russell Wilson they don't convert that and have to try a really long FG
  5. I had to believe Bosher didn't have much strength in his leg(s). Usually his kicks are high and deep. He was not getting much depth but the big thing was lack of height on his kicks. There was one endzone shot where the cover guys had no shot of getting down the field before Lockett caught the ball.
  6. If he commits a third violation of the PED policy, Collins would be suspended for at least two years according to the league's policy. He would then be permitted to apply for reinstatement to the commissioner after 24 months. I don't think they want to take the chance of him doing it again and then he is suspended for 2 years. Quinn and/or TD must have not been very happy with where Collins is physically you would think
  7. Just reported that we waived Collins
  8. Neasman or Blidi Wray-Wilson have to be on the chopping block. If he can get back to playing like he did last year this defense could really be dangerous
  9. Yeah that is a bad angle on that picture. I thought he was falling and his leg naturally just went that way. It was "technically" a tripping but a weak one for sure
  10. They lost by 3 POINTS! You take away 3 sure points in a fairly close game. This is the definition of Stupid.
  11. I was thinking that there was no pressure whatsoever so Intentional Grounding was not in play
  12. This is a rhetorical question. right?
  13. Last week I saw our DB's knock the **** out of WR's once Dak got out of the pocket and was scrambling. Which I think by definition is legal. I love seeing that and I hope that continues
  14. Thanks @PeytonMannings Forehead Another great breakdown and shows just how close this offense is to clicking again I like that combo of Hall and Gabriel on the field at the same time and if Coleman is in the backfield. Talk about afterburners.
  15. I think over the last 3-4 off seasons he has done a lot of work on his foot speed and overall footwork. I think that has helped more than anything else. He has worked with that QB trainer in California. I think that is the guy has all these QB's doing all the funky arm/shoulder/elbow warm-ups you see before games