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  1. Maybe Tavecchio can play in Nickel packages and actually catch the ball
  2. Any possibility he is ready to go and they give him a limited number of snaps to work him back in to "football shape"? Would that be better than him getting his PT against the Saints?
  3. Only Retired NFL Players where Depends
  4. That really sucks for the guy. I wish Dez a speedy recovery. For the Saints, your Cap-Space mumbo-jumbo luck ran out
  5. So with all the hype over Dez Bryant signing and the relative whispers over the Bruce Irvin signing, my guess is that Irvin ends up having a much bigger impact the Dez does. Irvin has been playing all year; Bryant has not Unless his attitude has changed he will cause waves at some point
  6. This is after very little playing time. I wouldn't rush Alford back this week and let him get a whole lot more time.
  7. Either Beasley or Irvin can spy Mayfield in different situations. But the multitude of combinations will be fun to watch. Tak, Grady, Beasley, Irvin, or Crawford, Takk, Grady, Irvin/Beasley with one of the latter 2 playing second LB or 5 rushing I can't wait to see how Marquand and DQ use them all
  8. And this is *******!!!!!!!!! Awesome
  9. I know we hear alot of coach speak all the time and this has been a hard year for the Falcons. But our Head Coach has raised the bar for our expectations significantly. I have been a fan since the mid 70's and I have never had more seasons in a row where I have been optimistic about this team. If you haven't already listen from start to finish. I came away even more impressed with DQ's ability to handle this team
  10. This is my feeling as well.
  11. Listen to this if you didn't see it yesterday. It sounds better from DQ than from Schultz
  12. Exactly! None of the guys who are on this type of information have reported it. I won't hold my breath.
  13. If you saw DQ's Presser you should have seen his **** eating grin when D-Led asked him about it. He said he can't say anything yet because there was one more day left according to league rules. I would not put it past them to at least bring him in
  14. DId the shoulder injury totally screw him up? He was playing pretty **** well before that. Now he just seems like a mediocre CB that doesn't want to tackle
  15. No this is the FlapJacks Offense