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  1. My thought on this is to jack up the price for the teams that want to move up and NEED a QB this year. This is the NFL BS season. You have to take everything with a grain of salt.
  2. Get himself healthy, learn Smith's offense and then do the offseason QB training he does with Tom House(I think that's who it is). He is a professional and I fully expect him to work his *** off to get back to what he expects of himself
  3. So does this mean with the 2 guys at the top of the Front office our O-line and d-lines are going start more attention? Let me rephrase....better players?
  4. I said that the team needs to start looking for a replacement in my original response. Taking one at 4 this year to me, in my opinion, makes no sense. This whole thread was started the premise that Ryan is washed up. Basically he is all the problems of the Falcons. Also, in my opinion, furthest thing from the truth. Smith turned Tanehill in to a really good QB. Think what he can do for a QB that is far more talented than that
  5. So you draft a top 5 QB and sit him 2 years while Matt Ryan continues to suck and not get us to the Superbowl
  6. So when we just dump Ryan who is the savior of the franchise? What is your plan to get rid of him? Since the past is over and the next Mahomes is right there waiting at #4 What is the grand plan?
  7. I don't think picking a QB at 4 does anything for this team over the next couple of years. There are way too many pressing issues that need to be addressed. I would love to trade back and get extra picks but thats you need a partner. A corner, edge rusher, running back, safety and guard. I think Matt has another couple of good years left and with a competent defense and run game I have complete faith in his ability to get the Falcons to the Superbowl. The franchise does need to consider someone to take over at QB soon but to say let's just move on because he's 36 is crazy
  8. I think the question is how much of a risk is it to pass on a QB this year? What are the next 2 QB classes looking like? Are any of the QB's outside the top 4 worth picking up later? I would rather see more of the holes on the team filled this year but I don't know how the next 2 years worth of QB's promises
  9. Do you think Pees grooms a successor for a year or 2 and then goes? Like Gannon maybe?
  10. I want to say Buffalo Bills but I think they are a year away. I just don't see anyone beating Green Bay. A-A-Ron gets number 2 and the MVP
  11. I am hoping that McKay is way more hands off unless it needs a Blank approval. PLEASE! Let Smith and Fontenot run the team
  12. When was the last time a Falcons Wide receiver was that open?
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