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  1. Any chance Julio ends up at #2?
  2. If there ever was a perfect game played, that was it in my eyes
  3. Very good read and the thing that stood out to me the most was this quote from DQ: "When you have a rough experience, I think it always lives inside of you," Quinn said. "But I've come to grips with it. As a competitor, that's the world we've chosen. I'm past it." This is the new Atlanta Falcons. This is the attitude that you see in the players
  4. I know our #1's are all top notch and I have no doubt about their ability to produce. I guess my only concern is within the next year or two we have to start getting new skill positions to groom. Hooper and Coleman are the only 2 we have drafted under Quinn. I guess the need has not been there so I guess not knowing how that side of the ball is scouted/drafted is my only "concern". Do we have an offensive minded coach that will help find the kind of quality guys that DQ wants that match his ability on the defensive side of the ball? OK done playing Devil's Advocate
  5. The FO and Coaching staff are in complete unison now. One won't work without the other. I think TD and staff know now exactly what kind of player DQ wants and then they evaluate as a whole. Here is my wet blanket. How well can we now draft and evaluate offense? The defense is flying high but the offense is kind of left over. Will it slowly suffer due to attrition and/or lack of experience in evaluating Offensive talent?
  6. Is he reporting from his mom's basement now that ESPN fired him
  7. Get Garrett at one and then then move up from 12 if need be to get Trubisky. Dude seems to be a great athlete as well as intelligent and grounded guy off the field as well.
  8. **** look at those feet. That is crazy
  9. I think for the first time in the 40 some odd years I have been a Falcons fan I am not sweating what we do in the draft. I know its not an exact science but I am not sweating the fact that if we don't get exactly the perfect pick this season is sunk. I have complete faith in DQ and his plan that than feeds TD's plan for players and how to scout and what to scout for. A coherent strategy has finally taken root in the organization
  10. It seemed like, to me, Peppers is way up their draft board. I am definitely not a personnel/draft guru but is that the right pick for us at 31 or if available top of the 2nd round? Ish is moving to LB and I am not sure how sold they are on the other safeties on the roster. From the presser it seems Lamp or Peppers will be our first pick
  11. It sucks. But I blow it off. Its only words and we are NFC Champs. I take solace in the fact that this team is heading for very good things. Look how good the defense was starting to perform at the end of the year with all the young core players who will be together for the next couple of years. EFF 'EM
  12. The way Freeman said it inferred that the only reason Coleman was on the team was to give him rest. Again maybe just the way I heard it.
  13. Watching Freeman this year was a joy. Some of his moves this year reminded me of a guy who used to play in Detroit(I know he is not but watch some of his jukes). I saw an interview during SB week where he said he appreciates when Coleman comes in to give him so rest. He sounded real selfish. Maybe it was just me. But he is a special player and I hope we can keep him. I can't wait to see this defense next year teamed with our offense. This offense wont have to be near as good as it was in 2016.
  14. This loss is not on the Defense or DQ's playcalling. For the first time the offense this year the OFFENSE didn't get it done.
  15. Boy it was a big let down. I am upset we didn't take home the Lombardi. But I will always be a Falcons Fan 100%. Yes, they have broken my heart more than I count. The last 2 years for me have been the most exciting to football seasons I have spent with this team. The season is over and its time to wait for the combine, the draft and the real possibility of taking it home next year. Can you imagine what our defense will look like next year. They held Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers to 3 points in the first halfs of the last 2 games. Now I don't post a lot but love the Boards(at least most of the time). To each his own in their mourning, grief, anger. Anyway, I love this team but Perspective tells me that it is a small part of my life and I can't base my whole life's joy on things that are out of my control. In just a couple months we will hear the words: With the 31st Pick in the 2017 NFL Draft the Atlanta Falcons pick.........