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  1. I agree with Duke assessment. He looked lost in coverage out there and has no "feel" for the game. The Kazee ejection will get hammered into his brain this week. DQ said a couple times in his PC they will teach him. Beasley near the end of the game looked either hurt or completely exhausted. He will need to have a huge game next Sunday. Offense is going to have to play at the level for the foreseeable future and hopefully Debo can get back week 8
  2. They played one **** of a game today
  3. This offense top to bottom
  4. Did you see all the drops Green had in week 1? 2 or 3 drops in one week.
  5. Will Rico also wear the Green Dot? Would that make more sense? Or does Duke have to prove he can call the defense?
  6. And you have examined his knee and know this for sure. None of us know if he is just real sore or injured. Maybe he took a helmet to the knee and they didn't want to risk hurting him.
  7. Dallas does not have a better defense then the Falcons. I also think our Offense right now is much better than Dallas. The Panthers did not look like an offensive juggernaut against Dallas by any means. I think it is very possible to beat the Panthers this week and win a shoot out with the Saints as well
  8. They did sign Brian Hill???????
  9. The offense needs to start outscoring people this week
  10. Website said they expect him back this year some time
  11. See all Y'all doubters later.
  12. I think they are.going to own a lot of people
  13. We need to get Ridley the ball and Coleman the ball
  14. It's a new year and new way of thinking. Like how Julio is gonna be be stealing lunch money and making defense cry this year. Mean MF's this year
  15. Who are the Chefs?