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  1. One sack last night on a delayed safety blitz. Playcalling and oline keep Matt upright and should only get better
  2. The whole defense was hitting last night. I haven't seen our D-Line hit a QB that much and that hard in a really long time. Against a really good Oline
  3. I don't know the extent of the tear but six weeks for a QB seems short. That is $20 million dollar thumb
  4. You know what is the richest part of this whole? All of the pundits mourning for the poor Saints and "all of the bad calls" they have gotten. GIVE ME A ******* BREAK WITH THAT ****!
  5. I loved Al Michael's response. Is that McGary?!?! I thought his season was over. Hopefully he's alright going forward
  6. Team plays 100 times better than last week and people still complain
  7. Theu had a timeout plus clock was stopped on incomplete pass
  8. That was a really good half of football.
  9. Yall back on the bandwagon yet? This has a whole lot of fight in it
  10. I wish they stop suckinf the Eagles johnsons
  11. Yep NFL app and I think twitter might have it too
  12. He came out of the locker room with it untaped and helmet on. Next they had it wrapped again and took his helmet away. I think this is one where you have to tell him he's done for today
  13. Brees looks really pissed off. I would not say I know what the injury but the look on Brees face says alot