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  1. You should have heard the discussion on the same station where Cam is really better than Aaron Rodgers. Carologic.
  2. oh I will! I bet they'll be talking basketball. Lol I will be calling them and I will report!
  3. I live near Charlotte. If you listen to the local sports radio; it was some of the greatest QB work ever.
  4. Quote from Frank Garcia Charlotte 610am today at 1:20PM. "We a;ready have this division. I'm not worried about Atlanta...we'll go down there and wear them out. There is no question. Julio Jones....big deal! They got nothing".
  5. They've already won according to several announcers on 610 am. Here in Charlotte listening to sports radio here; they are already celebrating their back to back championship. Rarely are the Falcons even mentioned. It is more how great Cam is and how they can beat Seattle or Arizona. The announcers have been egging fans to go online and buy tickets and go because you know...Atlanta fans don't show up. Plus...they wont be able to get the home playoff tickets so easily. When we are mentioned; there's nothing but laughs. They did say our win at NO was garbage and we do not stand a chance against them. I get were not great; but what the he!! are they? Well...they have Cam. Dang I thought I hated New Orleans' but I have to live here. GO FALCONS!
  6. I like the part where he admitted he didn't really work hard in Atlanta. Awesome.
  7. If...if....we had any kind if defense.... We shouldn't have to score TDs every time. Ridiculous.
  8. So what? he's making the best of the situation. I am too. So are others on this site. Can't believe this has to be spelled out for anyone. Go join the saints board and come back when we fire everyone.
  9. We should be ashamed to be third with these sad sacks. The Panties and that sore armed QB are in...first...gasp...and now the entitled Saints. The media darlings.
  10. Helluva job keeping this team fighting after 31-7.
  11. Jam the receivers at the line. Screw up their timing. Then Rodgers has to react. He'll look average if we do it right. If...
  12. where does this scared stuff come from? He might be hurried or rushed...or react to having his head slammed to the turf; but he keeps coming back. That's not 'scared' man! Total BS
  13. If they would have connected on that pass...the world would think Smitty and DK were geniuses. It was s stupid call...but Im more upset at the lack of adjustments at the half and sh#tty defense. We never, ever should give up that yardage with 32 seconds left.
  14. Woah! The guy didn't mean it like that doesn't deserve that. Some of you need some Frickin Midol.
  15. Vick showed nothing but an 'I don't give a shyt attitude' the last two years and admitted as much. The Vick huggers have his start with the Jets this week and you'll see some of that 'fire'. Enjoy.
  16. so those 5 guys up front aren't really necessary? A QB can make plays anyway? I thought blocking people had some importance. We can just get anybody there then. AB can save some money then.
  17. excellent post! I believe we run the same routes a And teams know them as well as we do. This proves it. No indecision on DBS. Line is jammed because no risk playong one on one man coverage. Doomed!!!
  18. Stupid post. The DL is getting back to the pocket before he is. It's a joke! He's getting blasted constantly and stupid fans blame the QB. Why are there 5 linemen on a team? To block! Ours cannot and you're thinking MR2 is the 'problem'. Ok. It's America you have a right to be wrong.
  19. Saw much of the same in Baltimore. Same game plan. Same pass routes. Same run plays. Same pressure on our QB. Same result. LOSE!
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