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  1. Chan Gailey? Freddie Kitchens? Dear God. Have we sunk that low?
  2. Chan Gailey? Is his a joke? WTF...that is horrible. Bowles + Gailey = 2-14. No thank you.
  3. I like people criticizing people for having thoughts and opinions. It is called a MESSAGE BOARD. Although those that complain about those that complain are welcome too.
  4. Im up for anyone not on the interview list. We have a mess. We need more than a 'good coach'.
  5. Get used to it! We are going to hire a coordinator with zero HC experience. This in the face of what Blank even described as a team thats 'not that far away...'. I still believe that...with some expertise that can happen. These clowns cant handle this. Rex was the best chance to 'fix' this Defensive and attitude mess. First of all; this list of candidates is poor at best. You want a tougher team Blank? McDaniels...really? Bowles? Did you see the what TEs ran on that AZ team? Austin? How long was he a D coordinator? How is he at personnel? He has Suh for god sakes and 10 years of first round and high second round picks. Quinn? Same story as Austin. How is Jax doing with their hot coordinator? Marrone? Really? We are the new Jaguars. We will be thrilled to be 4-12 next year. Get ready for a dome full of other team' fans, Cam dances, Saints pizzing on our logo...TB rookie QBs becoming superstars. Yep...buy those PSLs! Thank you Blank. Ive been in your corner; but I can see now you have no clue. None. Prepare to SUCK! Total JOKE!
  6. The right move for 4-12 next year at best. Maybe 6-10 in 2016. Nice! loving it. Yeah. Not.
  7. I appreciate your thought....but no no no. There is no one on this list that can fix this mess we are in without a lot of losing, Built in excuses. Be prepared for 2-3 more years of 6-10 at best and we better like it.
  8. For coach...NO ONE on this list. Get someone with HC experience. I dont care if we have to cruise the retirement homes or dig people out of the f-g grave.
  9. I cant remember being this pizzed off at AB. I was going to but PSLs; but who in their right mind will endorse any of these guys with that kind of money? Ill always pull for this team; but Im not always cutting checks. Blank is simply a dumbazz. You are going to trust this team, this situation to any of these guys? JOKE!
  10. HOPE is all we can can do. Rex was an obvious fix yet we turned our back to the obvious. This team now has training wheels for whatever coordnatr comes in to learn the position. Im pizzed!
  11. Rex is a man. Josh is a poo-boy. Nuff said.
  12. Go back to our loss in the playoffs to Green Bay. Changes for the worse started after. We committed to a high power offense and abandoned our running game and any attention to the D. I believe Blank told TD and MS to put a high offensive/ flashy team together to run with GB and NO at that time. Now that this has backfired...Smith is the goat, now gone and TD looks like a kid in detention. The 'feet' (pun intended) dragging by Blank, (and HE is making these decisions) on a defensive mind and attitude like Ryan's, is proof this has been Blank's plan. Offense Offense! He wants the defense better for sure; but not committed to a defense that will keep Brees, that clown Newton and whatever project comes out of TB; on their back. Just wanting defense is getting us what this team is screaming for. We are all sick of shiddy defenses...but Blank wants the flash and is obviously leaning to an O coordinator. Austin and Bowles show nothing that they can come in here and change this culture. They ahve zero experience at HC and we need serious work! This is unacceptable but something as fans we have to learn to deal with and simply HOPE that it works out. Otherwise...we'll be watching a genius like McDaniels get his 'second chance'; or another offensive guru re invent the game. We cannot afford a rookie in here. Worse yet; an Offensive minded rookie. What will they bring to be a D coordinator? Worse yet...keep Nolan? Quit blaming Smith or TD. It's Blank. Period!
  13. Second worst called game ever! NFL has some explaining to do. WWF crap!
  14. My second favorite team is whoever is playing Carolina. Beating them with Lindsey would be priceless. Would live to see Scam pull a Jameis Winston.
  15. being a female toe sucker myself; I would say he has unique perspective and he would fly in the ATL.
  16. Insult to injury....Eugene Robinson is the voice of the Panthers. Listening to him go on about how great this Panther team is. He didnt kill us enough at the 98 season Super Bowl.
  17. What IF the female Swedish bikini team gang rides me when I wake up?
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