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  1. We better grow a sack to beat these guys.
  2. I'll have to sell My house and move if Carolina goes to the SB.
  3. Packers pick today to fall apart and fight with each other while we are coming Off 13 turnovers in 3 games. Priceless.
  4. I have to agree. i can only hope they're peaking too early and get over confident.
  5. I live in Charlotte so my football life is ****. Okay...H E double hockey sticks.
  6. We can't get a break with Carolina. They came so close to losing against bad teams and catch GB in a funk. They're really good but no key mistakes. They just seem mentally above anything that happens.
  7. I can't get past the turnovers to predict anything. We did this against NO and I thought that would wake them up. Losing to TB in the same fashion and the consistency of mistakes is mind numbing. Love the team Always but I'm lost on what is going on.
  8. I wonder if we do start Gradkowski at center If it is because of who were playing.ahhh j/k
  9. Why don't we have teams turn the ball over twice in 5 plays? Crap!
  10. The colts have been watching us. 2 TOs and we need them to win! Panthers need to go down!
  11. The key is can we NoT turn the ball over. I can't remember a team having so many. 13 in 4 games? We could list to Temple doing that. Just hold on to the ball! Then I'll worry about the score.
  12. These announcers are ready to put Jamis in the hall of fame.
  13. Ryan is as bad as ever but this is a team suck job.
  14. James Stone..here comes turnover #5. James Stone..here comes turnover #5.
  15. Love this thread!! Kroy haters are out of their mind right now. Lmao
  16. Lets dont throw dirt on the guy just yet. Hes an Owner not a RB. He could be around for 20 more years. Especially with a little hot chic wife. Of course she could kill him too! LOL
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