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  1. Move this to the "If Vick was playing, dogfighting is ok, leonard little kills people, social relevance, fantasy football thread" please!
  2. I like fried chicken. Does that make me African American? Just curious?
  3. Kornhole does most of the talking. Jaws has more to say about the game, but Kornhole doesnt shut up. "Theyre going baaackwaards". How many times did he say that? what a tool!
  4. I LOVE fried chicken. Should I be 'offended"?? what a joke!
  5. is our defense ever going to stop these mother ####rs???? jeezus H Kriste. A 99 yard driive?? An 80 yd drive?? etc etc What a frickin joke!!
  6. Vick75 is Ovie34 is Crump-83 is ATL75 Did I miss any?
  7. I tried logging on with my old address. I typed in my old 'email' address and password-- denied. I asked for a new password...got it...and still denied. I set up a new account...same thing. This one works though and I did the same things. Very wierd. I want my old screen name and account back. 10 years and still rolling! anyone know what can be done? dzor
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