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  1. Texans offense has been struggling. Bring the Falcons to town and suddenly; they are a juggernaut.
  2. Saints fans were blowing whistles all through the first half when the Rams has the ball. Karma. Refs missed 2 face masks on Saints as well. F em!!
  3. This is basically the same team as last year; but one of the worst Falcon teams ever.
  4. I never thought Quinn should be replaced; but changing my mind today. This team is just plain pathetic. It’s on him.
  5. I don’t think winning means anything to these guys. Front ofc/Coaches on down. Pride either.
  6. Our D line gets pushed 4-5 yards off the ball on every run play.
  7. You can hang up any thouhht of MR2 as MVP. Media loves Rogers and that hail Mary alone will have them spooging themselves. It will be All Rogers All week.
  8. We definitely have talent. That being said; theyll go 4-12. Attitude is very important and there is just a nice mens club going on at Flowery Branch. That mess last week was P A T H E T I C!!!
  9. HA! Playoffs! Mr Positive here; but I have to call a tird a tird...or is turd? We will be very fortunate to go 4-12. No pass rush for how long now? Really? Youre talking playoffs? Success? No; we are 0-3 against Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay man! The same coaches beat us that we ran off and were tipping hats again.. Coach is happy about speed when we cant tackle and make stupid penalties. I believe this can change; but I believed that 3 years ago. Watching abd football is not good and seeing TB beat our azz last week; its just to hard to watch. Then we get to rebuild?? FreaK this! Why go through it after being a fan for 45 fricking years? My fence needs painting. There are girls that want to play hide the sausage. Lets get real. Playoffs. Fricking high!
  10. I was with you since 1970 up until last season's slide. Thats 45 years man. Congratulations are due if you make it past me. You have my utmost respect.
  11. Im not melting down; I did that during the Carolina game in Charlotte last year while being taunted by a whole section and a dude (panthers fan) was trying to pick up my girlfriend. I took care of that business; but the Falcons are not taking care of theirs. We havent had a defense since I can remember. Blank, Dimitroff, Quinn and team seem very comfortable with this; now for a very long long time. Its not just not interesting to go through this as a devoted fan. Fans are at each others throats. Im posting less. Expecting less. I havent bought any Falcons stuff in while. I am slowing reading about them. Thats not a meltdown; thats apathy. Im finding other things to do and accepting this is the way this team will be. You and I cant change it.
  12. Sack!? Whats that? You meant the thing they need to grow? Maybe when they grow a sack theyll get one.
  13. This post proves how stupid some are when it comes to football. Go pull for the panthers. Great bandwagon right now.
  14. Charlotte radio color guy on 92.9 saying he wasn't aware of a bat. What a lie! One of the Panthers players came out on the field during his intro waving a bat at the Carolina game last week against us. The fans remarked they have been doing that all season and they thinks it's cute. Then Mixon comes on and acts like he doesn't know about. Smug sob. Let's somehow...beat these obnoxious d bags!
  15. And the party will continue in 2 weeks. The dome full of Panty fans having a big ole time in our house!
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