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  1. Saints fans were blowing whistles all through the first half when the Rams has the ball. Karma. Refs missed 2 face masks on Saints as well. F em!!
  2. This is one sorry *** football team. Fkkn SORRY!
  3. Defensive play is just awful. Weak zones. Wtf?
  4. Playing deep zones on the 17. SMH. At least we had the back of the end zone covered. Just awful.
  5. This is basically the same team as last year; but one of the worst Falcon teams ever.
  6. 4&12 staring us in the face.
  7. They’ve been roughing Ryan all day.
  8. No one on this D line would start for another team.
  9. I never thought Quinn should be replaced; but changing my mind today. This team is just plain pathetic. It’s on him.
  10. We made some great adjustments at half time. <ugh>
  11. The Akron Zips could play better D than this clown show.
  12. I hate this team. They’re quitting.
  13. I don’t think winning means anything to these guys. Front ofc/Coaches on down. Pride either.
  14. No we play soft zones and let them walk down the field.
  15. Our D line gets pushed 4-5 yards off the ball on every run play.
  16. If a team is struggling; they just play us and everything gets better.
  17. We’re getting our *** kicked.
  18. NFL wants the Steelers relevant.
  19. Officials start making these calls; we’re Fd.
  20. Falcon for Life!!

  21. where are you in PA? I was born in Lebanon--lived in Levittown for a year or so. Nice to have you.