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  1. Saints fans were blowing whistles all through the first half when the Rams has the ball. Karma. Refs missed 2 face masks on Saints as well. F em!!
  2. Defensive play is just awful. Weak zones. Wtf?
  3. This is basically the same team as last year; but one of the worst Falcon teams ever.
  4. 4&12 staring us in the face.
  5. They’ve been roughing Ryan all day.
  6. No one on this D line would start for another team.
  7. I never thought Quinn should be replaced; but changing my mind today. This team is just plain pathetic. It’s on him.
  8. We made some great adjustments at half time. <ugh>
  9. The Akron Zips could play better D than this clown show.
  10. I hate this team. They’re quitting.
  11. I don’t think winning means anything to these guys. Front ofc/Coaches on down. Pride either.
  12. No we play soft zones and let them walk down the field.
  13. Our D line gets pushed 4-5 yards off the ball on every run play.
  14. Falcon for Life!!