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  1. This appears to be Quinn’s last game. Not much to get out of this one and we’re getting worse every game.
  2. The culture of losing continues.
  3. Pathetic. Trade Ryan to an organization serious about winning. We will be rebuilding and get that rookie everyone wants.
  4. All things as they are and most of the people in here thinking Ryan sucks; he should be traded. He’ll be back in the Super Bowl in an average team. The only well he’ll get that success is out of here. We can enjoy the new rookie who will probably be perfect. Right.
  5. This team is so bad I have to flip over to news shows yo get my mind off of how bad we are.
  6. Mid October. Season is already over. Now we have games with this poor team to watch and then next year we will have the new coach excuse. How far have we fallen?
  7. Listless, terrible, weak, soft, incompetent, feckless, sad, embarrassing, incapable, outmatched, under prepared, poorly coached, beaten, defeated, awful, poor, underachieving, bad, overpaid, disappointing.
  8. The new normal; be thankful to be down by only 7.
  9. Game day for the Falcons. Weak pass rush. Listless play. Poor officiating. correction- no pass rush.
  10. It’s time. Time for DQ to call his realtor.
  11. Punter! Punter! I want to see AZs punter!