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  1. They said you'd be like who? Yeah right, not our Matty Ice!
  2. The thing that worries me is that they were so hyped up to blow us out last year and we completely dominated them. I just dont want the same to happen to us this year,
  3. Loved to see that hit from Moore on Anderson again! And the b*tchslap by Finneran is a perfect ending.
  4. I agree that's one that i would love to see again! Talk about a hit stick highlight lol!
  5. How does ward get wide open on 2 passes back to back!
  6. Why does he force it to gonzo....white was wide open!
  7. We need 6...please get us a touchdown!
  8. Ok Ryan lets move the ball and get a touchdown!
  9. The Steelers would crap there selves if we came out like this!
  10. Start it at 1:55 to skip the other mess! LOL! forgot link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOUgGA0lsog
  11. Very nice guys! Keep up the good work! And lets go Falcons!
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