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  1. As a Notre Dame fan I agree that the guy in this picture should be a future falcon, but you need to tell Zibby to get out of in front of him. Trevor Laws is the guy we need. If you get Long in round one instead of Dorsey, then he would be a good send for us. As far as Zibby, I like him, but he really played bad at times last year. he seemed happy being close to the play instead of laying the big knockout on the guy like he did his previous 2 years. He got a lot of flack from some ND fans cause it seemed like he quit at times this past year. I dont think that is really the case, but he didnt d
  2. I agree totally. It's time for the true Falcons fans to stand up. This is the darkest time in the history of a franchise that has had its fair share of dark times, but there is only one way to go from here. Go Falcons!!!
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