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  1. Its 30 degree's this morning and I have to build a fence in abt an hour. where are you starting? brownsville!? where should we meet!
  2. ATLANTA--In his fourth annual mock draft, Falcons quarterback Joey Harrington opted to give his team a defensive lineman, Glenn Dorsey, over one of several quarterbacks available. Harrington believes that Dorsey brings the attitude and intangibles that the team needs to change the culture in the locker room. I love Glenn Dorsey. He s got everything we need in a player, said Harrington, who draws up a mock draft each year and posts it on his website. He has tenacity, he has athleticism, he s a leader, and he s a great role model to boot. Plus, he gives us a little swagger. He'll make ever
  3. tried to recuit him for scientology!!!!!!!! ?????? :crazy:
  4. I herd John Clayton this am (Radio) and I believe he said that he would ba a good fit because he was a 4-3 guy.
  5. 99 bottles of beer on the wall
  6. People are hitting and kicking each other, and stuff :cool:
  7. Are you sure? I don't remember? Could be all the pills....
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