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  1. You miscomprehended... I asked how far the roster gutting was going to go. As in being still in progress. It was a question not a statement or an argument supporting their retainment. Then I stated that the only people who know what they they'll be doing next year are Moore and Trufant... I said nothing about Mass, Spoon, or anyone else, but if you are keeping up with the team then you'd know that there are a host of other names linked to other locations or assignments different then where they were playing last year, Umenyiora, Lowery, Alford, Peters, etc...
  2. Where did I say that? Where did I say anything about Mass at all?
  3. that's what I was thinking. I just wonder how far gutting the roster is going to go. The only people who know what they are doing next season are Trufant and Moore.
  4. has not set their status