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  1. - phantom pass interference on Tru - fake roughing the passer on Jarrett - incomplete pass called on Julio completion - missed holding on Beasley up the middle Just what I remember
  2. The suggestion that Philly must run the ball as much as they can to win this game reminds me of a regular season game the Falcons played against the Panthers many seasons ago when Weinke was their starter so they had no passing offense and they won that game in the same fashion... That memory still chaps my hide when I think about it... Sorry to be the bearer of bad memories...
  3. Brees threw a crap INT that gave the Panthers a chance... Even after an intention grounding call the Panthers had a chance to not only pick up the first down but take the lead, but the WR made the laziest attempt at a catch I can ever remember... The question I had about the intentional grounding is how was that a valid call when the Panthers had an eligible receiver in the area?
  4. Panthers had a chance and crapped the bed...
  5. Did he even try to catch the ball?
  6. I still can't believe Brees threw that ball...
  7. They are making it interesting...
  8. Well they got that yardage back...
  9. I can't believe he threw that ball... That was crazy...
  10. Panthers applying the pressure...
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