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  1. We have a young stud FS in Thomas DeCoud, a solid and versitile veteran in Erik Coleman, and a young highly talented SS player in Moore that should push the SS spot. Why in the world would we need to go out and get another FA?
  2. Don't doubt Sportsfreak. She's a little fiery, but she's close with one of the DBs(relatively sure it's Grimes).
  3. The real debate ender? When was the last time we grabbed a player in FA, especially early on, that didn't work out for us? Micheal Turner? Michael Peterson? Brian Williams(was solid before unfortunate and uncharacteristic ACL tear)?
  4. Last you said those soccer players like the girls with bulges in their shorts, and I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case with the girl in your sig.
  5. Sean Weatherspoon - Fills a perfect position of need for us, he is great in coverage, can effectively cover TEs/RBs, is a play maker, is a strong leader, and has EVERY trait of a Mike Smith/TD type of player. We have no depth at LB, and Mike Peterson was not all that great last year, and is going to be gone after this year. I'd rather get Weatherspoon in now and make the instant impact over a DE, though I don't mind taking Gramham at all.
  6. *Click on Talk About the Falcons* *See thread titled, "Tebow not a QB"* *Click thread, read first post* *Smack myself really hard* Nope, this thread is still stupid, and has absolutely nothing to do with the Falcons.
  7. Compared to who? Our starting 3 LBs rushed more than the Giants, a known blitzing team. I think you are too focused in on what we did in 2008 than last year, because we got pretty aggressive rushing the QB as the year went on.
  8. I'm almost convinced he's a white guy who's just trolling, he's so ridiculously predictable and stereotypical it's laughable.
  9. ^^^ Implying you can't call a black man lazy without it having racial undertones.
  10. It's expensive, but it's pretty good stuff with soy sauce and wasabi. Protip: Don't put the entire ball on a small peice of sushi and down the whole thing at once, that's a one way ticket to a near death experience.
  11. You better have a good lawyer, because you just beat me with a stupid stick, and I'm never going to get my IQ points back.
  12. Never was any hope for this guy. He hates America, thinks everyone should love soccer, idolizes floppers, worships Ookie, blames society because he wasn't put in a "white" school, and despises Jews.
  13. A person raised in a poor environment without money his whole life getting a s*** load of money and then spending his time more concerned with having fun and hanging with old friends than working his a** of hone his craft? No, that never happens, no way.
  14. Less than 4 million a season guaranteed? That's a great deal.
  15. Grimes I could see making that play, his interception return against the Cheifs last year was awesome.
  16. Based on what? Some people are still certain that the Earth is flat, but whatever floats your boat.
  17. He said multiple times he didn't care, numerous reports from inside and outside the organization saying he didn't put forth effort, always left early and came late, didn't study film, admitted he didn't really care/try in the 2nd Carolina game in 2005, says himself he didnt' really care. You would honestly have to be plain ignorant or ******** to think he put forth full effort to be the best quarterback he could be on that field. But I disgress, EVERYONE here what kind of BS you're really about.
  18. 6 years, 27 million guaranteed. That's only 4.5 million a year, not bad for an above average 27 year old CB with extensive starting experience.
  19. Unless it's someone like Nick Mangold or Alex Mack, I agree.
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