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  1. So you might be a white supremecist if you oppose the war? I knew it all along. All those anti-war types hiding in the Democratic party have been outed for what they are.
  2. Right now GB owns his playing rights. I think GB can really muddy the waters with the commisoner. Favre said he retired. GB made plans (including ones that affect their cap) based on Favre's statements. They can appeal to the commisioner saying Favre is trying to work the system. Saying he is retiring, but not signing the paperwork. I expect this will end up being like the Terrell Owens deal with SF, when he forgot to sign the paperwork voiding the last year of his contract. SF traded him to Baltimore, TO refused to play there, and the commisoner had to step in and make an "outside the rules"
  3. No I didn't. Not a word about the Falcons or Atlanta. He did say he wanted to play professional football. Given our last couple of years, I think that counts out the Falcons. IMHO, the most likely place for Favre to end up in the NFC is Carolina (ouch!). GB won't under any circumstances allow him to go to a NFC North team (so Chicago, Minny, & Detroit are off the list.) Carolina has a decent o-line, they are going to have a solid running game this year, and they have a good set of receivers. They only thing holding back their offense is the QB. You've got a coach and GM on the hot seat, s
  4. Are conservatives rationalizing or realistic. The world will never be perfect. Life will never be perfectly fair, and it is beyond our ability to make it so. All the attempts in the past to make it so (communism, socialism) have been failures that often made life worse instead of better. You only get so many years on this earth. If you spend that time worring, complaining, or just plain feeling sorry for yourself because life isn't fair you'll end up wasting your life. Live your life. Enjoy it and do what you can with the cards you've been dealt. I don't see that as rationlizing. I see it as b
  5. Was someone sitting in the car when he punched through the windshield? It sure looks that way from the article. It that's the case, then we're talking about an assault charge which carries heavier penalties.
  6. Does patriotism matter? The Fourth of July is a patriotic holiday but patriotism has long been viewed with suspicion or disdain by many of the intelligentsia. As far back as 1793, prominent British writer William Godwin called patriotism "high-sounding nonsense." Internationalism has long been a competitor with patriotism, especially among the intelligentsia. H.G. Wells advocated replacing the idea of duty to one's country with "the idea of cosmopolitan duty." Perhaps nowhere was patriotism so downplayed or deplored than among intellectuals in the Western democracies in the two decades afte
  7. "It's been described as the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression. And it brings with it grave dangers for all American families ... ," said Martin Bashir on "Nightline." "Recession looms .... " On the "Today" show June 20, David Faber referred to "the recession ... these tough economic times." Yet that very day first-quarter GDP was revised upward again to 1 percent. America is not in recession, and who knows maybe we'll be less likely to have one if my compatriots would just chill. A recession is defined as two quarters of negative economic growth. We haven't even had
  8. Why we remain safe Liberal pundit Michael Kinsley once defined a "gaffe" as a politician inadvertently blurting out the truth. By that standard, Charlie Black, a senior adviser to Sen. John McCain, committed a gaffe in an interview June 23 with Fortune magazine. Mr. Black was asked by Fortune editor David Whitford what the impact on the presidential election campaign would be if there were another terrorist attack on U.S. soil. "Certainly it would be a big advantage to (McCain)," Mr. Black responded. There followed a hypocritical minuet with which we've become too familiar. First, the faux
  9. Appeasers Make Poor Patriots - Rethinking America's 'good war' is a not so subtle attack on our current struggles The lyric from the old pop song that proclaimed "Don't Know Much About History," is a label that could well be applied to many Americans. But despite the fact that surveys occasionally tell us that many college seniors place the Battle of Gettysburg as happening sometime in the middle of World War II, the study of history isn't merely for those hobbyists who like to pose as Civil War or Revolutionary era soldiers. Even as we debate the largely unpopular wars being fought with Is
  10. I'm still not sold on the fact that the batteries are ready for prime time. Consumer Reports did a study a while back and found that even with the higher gas mileage you get with a hybrid, the hybrid cost more per mile to run due to the higher initial cost and cost of replacing the batteries (at least $3,000). That report was done prior to the spike in gas prices, but you still have to figure it in when comparing the cost of a hybrid vs a high-mileage conventional vehicle.
  11. That would be great! It would give us something else to BMC (#####, moan, & complain) about. That's the true value of being a Falcons fan, getting to BMC about everything. And the fans that BMC the loudest and longest are the best fans.
  12. Then what? what are we going to do. we'll be stuck with Ryan, a guy that can actually play, for at least 5 more years as our starter. i would feel sorry for blank having spent all the money on him, and then try to go after another QB in the draft, because the fans are mad becuase they don't have a QB they can dump on.
  13. This sounds crazy, I'm sorry.:hehe: Aren't you a Christian? Christian's don't believe in ghosts, or that you can communicate with dead people. In fact, the Bible bluntly teaches exactly the opposite, that when you die, your soul goes directly to either heaven or hades (not **** btw, that comes later) and that communication between the living on Earth and any HUMAN spirit in heaven or hades is impossible (angels are also spirits, and the Bible does say there is communication between angels, both fallen and unfallen, and humans.)
  14. Bounce back the charge on your credit card.
  15. We need a short term and long term strategy. For the short term (10-20 years) fossil fuels will still be our main energy source. We have such a huge investment in machinery that runs on fossil fuels, that it will take at least that long to move to machines that run on other power sources. We need to take steps to mitigate the damage oil shortages will do to our economy during the short term. For the long term (20+ years) alternative energy can be our future if we work on it. That means not only perfecting other energy sources, but replacing the current fossil fuel machinery with machines that
  16. I do not support profanity, crude language on the other hand is a powerful tool in your verbal toolbox. Used sparingly (and at the appropriate time) it can have an impact. What the kid wrote on his paper was not profanity. It was crude language, which is no worse (or better) than other words.
  17. Raising taxes on the rich, corporations, and the big oil companies should fix things. Higher taxes will insure: the rich invenst their money in the stock market to create jobs instead of tax free governmentl bonds, businesses have the extra money to expand and hire more people, big oil companies will spend more to find new oil so they can retain an even smaller share of the money they earn.
  18. Yes I have seen pictures, just FYI that is a picture of the southern tip of the ANWAR. The part that is home to moose, caribou and other animals. I'm speaking of the acreage thats to be drilled on. The shot you posted looks like the Brooks Range, which is not where the oils to be extracted. I posted a good article above which describes the barren and featureless acreage thats to be impacted. Also of note: The animal populations have done very well up near Prudhoe Bay.First the W in ANWAR stands for wildlife. There is wildlife in the whole range. Second you cannot limit this to just that one ar
  19. The last report I heard on the news was that if they WAITED TEN YEARS then started drilling it would still take SEVENTEEN to EIGHTEEN years before it would affect prices at the pump. The last report I heard on the news was that if they HAD STARTED DRILLING SEVEN YEARS AGO it would affect prices at the pump TODAY. The fact that we made a huge mistake not drilling years ago does not mean we should repeat that mistake by not starting to drill today.
  20. Good analogy, too bad it doesn't fit in unsilentbob's world view. Facts are unimportant, I mean China is drilling off the florida coast and all... WRONG! Sure there is a difference, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. The technology to extract oil from shale (and gasify coal) are current technologies here now. The last number I heard was we could produce a barrel of oil from shale for about $60 per barrel. Pretty costly and not economicly possible when oil was cheaper, but with the price of oil on the world market in the $140+ range, oil from shale becomes economicly viable. China is not d
  21. Huh? It sounds like you don't really understand the basics of what an oil lease is. It is a single purpose lease, for the right to drill for oil. The owner of the land retains the rights to use the land for anything else (such as farming, ranching, etc...) They oil companies aren't paying for the land. Again, it sounds like you are confused about what an oil lease is. The oil companies are not leasing the land for any and all purposes. Just for the purpose of drilling for oil. That's why the INITIAL COST OF AN OIL LEASE IS LOW. The landowner and oil companies are more like partners. If th
  22. You mean the dry hole leases? Do you know what an oil lease is? It is NOT a statement that there is DEFINITLY oil under an area. It is THE FIRST STEP in determining if there is any oil under an area. If you are curious if there is any oil under a piece of land, the first thing you do is take out an oil lease. Then you do PRELIMINARY investigation to determine if there is the POSSIBLITLY that oil lies under the land. If the preliminary investigation show THE PROBABLITITY OF OIL IS LOW, the lease is not developed further. That's why there are MILLIONS of oil leases, because the PRELIMINARY INV
  23. That's just not true. Actually, that is true. After he lost to John Linder a Republican congressional primary race a few years ago, he has pretty much been persona-non-grata in the Republican party, because of the way he handled himself during that campaign.
  24. I thought the reason was to cut off my own nose to spite my face. When Barr ran against Linder in my district, I voted for Linder. What I learned from that race is that Barr is an opportunist (jumped into another Republican's district because he thought it would be an easier district to win the primary election election than his own) and that Barr will say just about anything to win (started the primary nice enough, but by the end of the primary was flat out lying about Linder in a desperate attempt not to lose the primary.) Based on what I saw of Barr in that congressional race (and I watched
  25. Variations in your power level are normal, but they play havoc with electrical devices. If something causes you power levels to go up and down all kinds of things can go out (and if you suddenly see a number of light bulbs go out, that is probably what is happening.) This is why a surge protector is not enough protection for your electrical devices (computers in particular.) They only protect you from spikes over a certain level, but don't protect you from yo-yo power levels that go up & down & up & down and damage your equipment. You need a battery backup with built in surge prote
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