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  1. I wonder what I did with mt bags of rocks? Quinn looks and acts just like Earnest T Bass from the Andy Griffith Show
  2. Quinn talks tough but has no action. Reminds me of JIm Mora
  3. Call this idiot and voice your opinion Roger Goodell 212 450 2000
  4. This is a game and should be enjoyable to watch, so I think all the political arguments should stop on NFL broadcast. I personally think who stood and did not should not be news and the President has numerous other issues to be concerned with. As i was told one time, you are responsible for your actions and let your conscience be the guide. With that said, if a player takes a knee or stands alone that their choice. I just want to watch football without any BS.
  5. That will be all they will offer, he not a 3 down Back
  6. 3 year deal at base of 4 mil plus bonuses and option for 4th.
  7. Clemson had a great defense and he was calling his first game after watching all year. He will be fine and maybe add a power back for the 3rd and shorts.
  8. If so let him play for his agent next year, IMO he is a good running back but not top 5.
  9. I bet he still cannot believed they won. My only hope is Quinn learned from the collapse and will add a bigger back to run up the middle,
  10. Rumor has it that Ryan cannot audible but in this case I do not understand why he did not check to running plays. The worst that could have happen was a fumble or small loss of yardage. Ryan attitude could have been, We are the ones on the field and this was the best play. Quinn needs to write a book on How to lose the Superbowl with a 25 point lead.
  11. IMO his ego took over and cost us the Superbowl. 2 more running plays and a 41 yard FG was the last gift we needed from Him,
  12. This attitude cost the Falcons the Superbowl. 23 yard line is a 41 yard field goal so run the ball up the middle on 2nd and 3rd downs, use clock and attempt the FG.
  13. If you want to be paid like the best, then you better play like the best. He is a good back but his size, lack of inside running and pass blocking skills will never allow him to be an every down back. IMO airing your wants during Superbowl week was an injustice to his teammates and fans. As much as losing this game hurts it still a game and these guys still make good money doing it. Maybe KS will give us a couple of picks for Freeman and we can draft a back who can get 2 yards running up the middle.
  14. That the one big issue with this offence, No big back on the 2 yard or less plays. You cannot always run the ball to the outside or throw, This Superbowl was lost on not running the ball on 2 third down plays.
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