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  1. His highlights are not bad. I don't remember him not making the edge too often and he is shifty. Hopefully he doesn't run all over us in the future. Avg a tad higher yards than Swift.
  2. He did have a higher avg than Swift. We'll see how he does.
  3. Most coaches are just not that smart. This stuff is not complicated.
  4. What a joke. How did we not run it on 1st down. So unbelievably ....
  5. refs are a joke. becoming unwatchable. I can't take something like this seriously.
  6. IF you can stand to watch the game a day or so later, you can get NFL rewind for ~40 bucks.
  7. Agreed. Also before each video is an ad. That is insane. I basically never watch the vids anymore b/c of it.
  8. He may have out done everyone for taking credit for doing nothing. He's a joke. I could see if he was actually doing something, but that was ridiculous. He looked like a clown. How can he blame anyone for being released? He still sucks IMO.
  9. I think DJ is a great person, but he should be better by now. Throwing so hard when a player is close makes no sense. Use the cannon when you have to. He has potential, but he's declined. Tough as a DJ fan to say but, JPW should be given a chance.
  10. What is there to take apart. Where was he drafted. What do you expect? How much football has he played in the last 3 years? I never said Shockley was doing great. I'm just saying JPW is not the savior. IMO DJ should look better. He seems to jittery and looked like Sanchez at the beginning of the game last night. He needs to slow things down, calm down, and set his feet. His footwork is awful at times.
  11. OK. So never in history has that happened to another QB, let alone one with much more experience? LOL. Yea, he should have seen it, that is obvious, but you guys at like its the first time it's ever happened and he should be shot b/c of that one play. That is BULL****. Neither QB is doing good and we are in trouble IMO if anything happens to Ryan. If he always played that horrible, he would be off the team already.
  12. You guys are killing me. Neither has done enough to be judged this year. Both players are in tough positions. Don't expect QBs that have hardly played to be looking like experts. Ripping Shockley over missing a blitz on one play is dumb. Yea, it's easy for you to see it b/c you are not out there.
  13. I've heard Caleb is working hard, so I expect him to look better. He just still looks undersized to me.
  14. Southerland was great until he got injured. He tore up the combine. We don't really need him though unless we want to lose Ovie. Asher is good and can lay the wood. I wouldn't mind using a 3rd on him. He can play. His stock went up after having a great pro day. The TE Chandler, forget it. Not clutch at all. PASS! Stafford, I would understand if he fell b/c of lack of consistency as I've said. He needed another year to get better, but being a top 10 is great if that is acceptable to him.
  15. Miller is physically gifted but has problems executing. He was moved all over at UGA for a reason. If he wasn't a solid starter at a single position at UGA, then it should not be a surprise.
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