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  1. happy birthday jedi.

  2. Yeah I don't really like this matchup for the Falcons either. I don't know that I think they will lose, but I think it will be a very tough game.

  3. ha ha still can't post, the board has been much better without your psycho crap

  4. you needed a timeout from the forum, you are a freaking nutcase

  5. G-nite all. Thanks for the funny replies. We won today. That's all I care about. We're on the same team.
  6. And tell you to stop responding to those "attention seeking threads".... Let it go.
  7. This article didnt copy & paste well, sorry for the CRAP that this crap online newspaper posted. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atlanta Falcons' veterans shine in performance for the ages Older and better: John Abraham, 31, Mike Peterson, 33, and Tony Gonzalez, 33, made key contributions in the Falcons' season opener. For one week at least, the Falcons answered all those questions about their defense. There were never any doubts about Tony Gonzalez. Atlanta's new tight end hauled in a touchdown pass and
  8. You new-comers - Quit taking me so seriously. The Falcons Won today. It was a great day. That's all that matters.
  9. You little kids crack me up. Ive been on this board since 2001, right around the time you were born. This thread is dedicated to you. Have at it.
  10. It would probably piss you off to know that I am laughing at you right now. So I wont say that.
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