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  1. Monday, 9:40 PM RA Dickey, RHP, 6-6, 4.14 Zack Greinke, RHP, 11-4, 2.97 Tuesday, 9:40 PM Mike Foltynewicz, RHP, 8-5, 3.87 Taijuan Walker, RHP, 6-4, 3.61 Wednesday, 3:40 PM Aaron Blair, RHP Patrick Corbin, LHP, 7-9, 4.43
  2. It's about that time of year again! So far we know... The Astros and A's are in talks for Sonny Gray. The Cardinals are watching JD Martinez and Avisail Garcia. The Marlins might blow it all up. Jon Heyman said the Nats are not interested in AJ Ramos despite their desperate need for bullpen help.
  3. Brewers acquire Anthony Swarzak from Chicago for Ryan Cordell.
  4. Lots of baseball left but the odds are really slim. The Braves playoff probability stands at 1.3% entering today. They've fallen all the way to 8th in the WC. That's a lot of teams to jump and 10 games is a lot to overcome.
  5. 1. Inciarte, CF 2. Phillips, 2B 3. Freeman, 3B 4. Kemp, LF 5. Markakis, RF 6. Adams, 1B 7. Suzuki, C 8. Camargo, SS 9. Folty, P
  6. The Alonso and Gray to New York deal is said to be picking up steam. Not expected to happen today but it's getting close.
  7. Yankees and A's are discussing a deal that would send Gray and Alonso to New York. Brewers and Tigers are working on Kinsler and Wilson to Milwaukee.
  8. Joel Sherman has confirmed Oakland wants Acuna.
  9. Nats are still engaged in conversations with the A's. They're reportedly monitoring the Gray market. The Yankees are said be willing to move Florial. The Yankees could be the Gray front-runner
  10. The Ole Miss football program is self-imposing a one-year postseason ban. The news comes as the university announced Wednesday the NCAA is accusing it of eight additional athletic compliance violations, on top of 13 allegations the NCAA levied against Ole Miss last year. There are eight new allegations, now 21 in total. There are three new allegations with which the school is agreeing there is “sufficient credible and persuasive evidence to support the allegation.” They are: A recruit went hunting on a booster’s private land during an official visit in 2013, then on two or three occasions after signing and enrolling at Ole Miss. This is a Level III NCAA violation — not as bad as a Level II or, the worst, a Level I. A former Ole Miss staffer set up improper lodging and transportation benefits for two recruits between March 2014 and January 2015. These benefits were worth more than $2,000, the NCAA says, and are classified as the most serious type of allegation: Level I. That same staffer lied to both the NCAA and Ole Miss about knowingly committing recruiting violations. That’s a Level I, too. More info to come.
  11. Let's hope we can do what the Mets couldn't and keep our young arms healthy
  12. Bowman mentioned the Braves are focused on other SP and not just Gray right now. We just don't know who.
  13. I don't think we get Gray. That's the type of July deal a contender makes. We might chase Archer in the winter but the price could prove to be too much
  14. That's against lineups with a DH. 3.00 is really good.
  15. Mark Bowman did say scouts rave about Pache. The Oakland scouts could hype him up.
  16. Oakland is reportedly focused on Yankees CF prospect Estevan Florial. Only in A ball so they want someone to build the future with.
  17. Also would be a no go.
  18. Oakland reportedly wants a young CF for Gray. Which means Acuna will likely be their focus. So that probably means the Braves aren't a good match.
  19. MLB Pipeline released their midseason top 100 prospects. Braves have... #8 Acuna #19 Albies #25 Allard #35 Wright #38 Soroka #44 Maitan #57 Anderson #58 Newcomb #98 Gohara
  20. And he's under contract till 2020.
  21. How about Jose Altuve? In July he's hitting .507/.554/.760, 4 HR, 7 2B, 19 RBI, 7 SB. Raised his season numbers to .365/.431/.574
  22. Brewers are reportedly fading in the Gray chase