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  1. Nebraska has fired their AD. Just a couple weeks after giving Mike Riley a 1 year extension. He of course followed up the extension by losing to Northern Illinois. Probably means they'll be replacing Riley after the season.
  2. Bobo has hired John Jancek as DC.
  3. Tee Martin signed an extension at USC. He also apparently interviewed for the Raiders HC job. Rooney rule satisfier. However according to reports a few NFL teams did interview him for staff roles.
  4. Marlins declined Ichiro's option. He'll seek a new job but may retire.
  5. With the completion of the World Series the off-season kicks into high gear. Free agents can now begin to negotiate with other clubs.
  6. AA wants to find someone to hit behind Freeman
  7. DOB said it seems like the Braves may add a big bat even if it isn't Yelich. They're apparently monitoring Todd Frazier. If he grows impatient the Braves may provide him a 2 year offer. Frazier can build more value and try again plus Riley gets more development time.
  8. According to DOB both TP and Perez have accepted new roles within the organization.
  9. Manfred submitted pace of play rule changes to the MLBPA. They're expected to reject the pitch clock. The new CBA allows Manfred to put it in regardless of that. He is expected to put it in anyway. The new CBA gives the commissioner uncheck power pretty much.
  10. Chipper is at 98.5% in the HOF voting. That's on pace to be the 2nd highest in MLB history. Only Griffey Jr topped the 99% mark. Chipper could still reach that level. Tom Seaver is the only other player to ever hit 98%.
  11. Yes, Locksley was one of Saban's rehabilitation projects. Just like Kiffin and Sarkisian, maybe Freeze soon.
  12. 41,000 and growing Pirates fans have signed a petition to MLB in order to force out their owner.
  13. SEC said yesterday they wouldn't stand in the way of Freeze to Alabama. I could see some concern among those inside Alabama though.
  14. Peter Gammons reporting Miami told Atlanta it was Acuna or bust in any Yelich trade.
  15. Mike Locksley is the new OC at Alabama
  16. I'm guessing it's that most people didn't connect with Homer. If you asked a casual fan who the Braves mascot was they probably couldn't tell you.
  17. Getting uglier in Miami. Marlins make it mandatory for players to attend the fan fest. Yelich's agent said he may not attend. It's an automatic fine for failure to show.
  18. It is a good start and he knows Kiffin's system. Weis was at Alabama with Kiffin. He could be a HC by the time he's 30 if he plays it right.
  19. New mascot will be revealed at the uocoming fan fest
  20. Well, it's not full responsibility. Kiffin calls plays and runs the offense. Weis will basically be a position coach.
  21. Falcons assistant Charlie Weis Jr has accepted the OC job at FAU. He's the youngest OC in FBS history at 24.
  22. Yelich's agent interviewed with ESPN and told them his clients relationship with the Marlins is "irretrievably broken".
  23. The mayor of Miami says he's working with the Marlins to remove the hideous HR sculpture
  24. UCLA OC Jedd Fisch is interviewing for the Falcons QB job. It was rumored he was an OC candidate but Sarkisian will return.
  25. Sumlin is making $2M a year the next two seasons. The final 3 years on the deal he'll make $3.5M.