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  1. Indiana leads Michigan 17-15
  2. The Citadel has been Bamas toughest opponent.
  3. Contract is in the final phase. Les Miles will be HC at Kansas unless theres a major setback
  4. Mark Bowman adds in that the Marlins are uninterested in engaging the Braves in talks for Realmuto. The only player that would get Jeter to pick up the phone is Acuna and as Bowman says theres no way that will ever happen.
  5. The Yankees had a core of homegrown talent. They called them the core 4. Posada, Pettite, Rivera and Jeter were all drafted/signed.
  6. Because spending insane amounts of money always goes well. Phillies want to buy a super team.
  7. Jon Morosi saying that Houston will likely end up with Realmuto because Jeter doesn't want to trade Realmuto to a team in the East. Morosi says the Marlins are requiring one of Kyle Tucker or Forrest Whitley plus others for JT from Houston. Braves would have to pay more for being in the division.
  8. Oakland is targeting Kurt Suzuki Nats are hoping to land Dallas Keuchel Arizona is trying "desperately" to trade Greinke.
  9. Odd stat of the day from Miami. The Marlins are the first team in history to trade back to back MVPs. Stanton won in 2017 and then Yelich. Amazing that Miami couldn't do more with the roster they had.
  10. Les Miles and LSU have settled for $1.5M. He was owed $6.5M still. You have to think theres something about to happen with Les for him to suddenly give up $5M. Kansas might have their man.
  11. Yelich wins NL MVP, Freeman #4. Mookie Betts is AL MVP.
  12. MLB and Fox agreed to a new $5B deal. MLB will make $714M a year.