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  1. It was reported that the move Anthopolous said may be resolved soon is not Markakis. It is apparently a trade Anthopolous has made progress with. Jeff Passan also reporting hes hearing theres about to be a run on 1 or 2 year deals for bullpen arms. Braves could be in that mix.
  2. Gus is a dead man walking. He'd have to make the playoffs to have any shot.
  3. From what I gather Anthopolous is focused on bullpen and bench. He'll acquire a SP if the right deal comes but hes fine where hes at rotation wise.
  4. Ichiro has signed a 1 year deal with Seattle. He makes $750K if he makes the roster.
  5. Jeter is actually expected to be the only inductee next year. Curt Schilling also has a real shot. Hes been climbing and got to 60% this year. Ballot isn't the crowded next year.
  6. Tee Martin will make $450K a year at Tennessee. Holmon Wiggins has accepted the WR job at Alabama. Wiggins has been with Justin Fuente at Memphis and Va Tech.
  7. Markakis was asked if he was angry about having to take $4M for 2019. He replied by saying "no, I play a kids game and get paid a lot of money, how could I be?" He added his sons were the deciding factor. He asked them where he should play and they all said Atlanta, he couldn't say no to them.
  8. Les Miles reached way back and hired Les Koenning as OC. Koenning is expected to bring in the spread option with RPOs.
  9. But I remember a specific individual left Maddux off because he played in the PED era.
  10. Trades are still an option. Payroll can be used in signings or trade.
  11. Maddux got robbed of that first unanimous selection
  12. As it stands now we're a Donaldson injury away from the same lineup. Hopefully Riley is ready to step up if that happens.
  13. Part of the analytical approach. They crunched the numbers and came up with it.
  14. Bowman confirmed the Braves will now focus on adding elsewhere. The OF will be the same. He said the Braves never budged on their initial offer to Markakis. On Sunday Markakis gave up on his demands, put ink on paper today.