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  1. Phillies jumped all over Syndergaard. It's already 3-0 on a pair of HRs.
  2. Yeah, I guess that is correct the number is 6. In my scenario they'd be 7 out with 7 to play but the number is 6. So, either way I guess we win 3 and it's over.
  3. Nope, that half a game makes it tricky. If they enter at 5.5 out and we take 3 of 4 that's 7.5 out with 7 to play for us, they'd have 8 to play. They wouldn't be eliminated because they have a game Monday and we don't. So if they win tonight and lose 3 of 4 to us they would be 7.5 out with 8 to play. They would have to win all 8 and the Braves go 0-7 though.
  4. IF the Phillies lose tonight the Braves can clinch the East on Saturday.
  5. Yep. Winner gets the #4 seed.
  6. Magic number 6!
  7. Is it just me or is the offense just performing better since Ender has been moved into the 2 hole for stretches?
  8. Freeman is batting .405 in his last 11 games. Heating up at the right time.
  9. We have to hold this lead. It's time to quit screwing around. Phillies have to face Syndergaard tonight, can't blow this chance.
  10. I'm not either but I see it everywhere. Some people are claiming we've lost already. It's kind of amusing how quickly people jump ship.
  11. We're all just traumatized. It's the entire base, you can see it on any form of media.
  12. If the Braves just salvage today's game they'll put the pressure on Philly to win tonight against Syndergaard. A Braves win and Phillies loss would drop the magic to 5 games. That means the Braves could clinch on Saturday if they take the first two games from Philly. So basically a 3 game winning streak would all but end it. If the Phillies go 6-2 on their upcoming road trip to Atlanta and Colorado they would need Atlanta to go 1-6 on their trip to New York and Philly. That would TIE the division and force a 1 game playoff. Phillies are the worst road team in the league and the Braves are the best. Despite our terrible play of late we still have a very firm grip.
  13. The matchups for that huge series this weekend.. Velazquez vs Gausman Pivetta vs Teheran Arrieta vs Newcomb Nola vs Folty Velazquez has a 7.52 in his last 7. Pivetta 5.56 in his last 19. Arrieta 6.02 in his last 7.
  14. That was 8.5 with 27 to play. Still bad but blowing a 6.5 with 12 would be worse. Now it's a 5.5 with 11 to go. The math on it makes it real tough. I think the Rockies might be our best friend. If we can't take care of our own business both the Phillies and Nats play 3 with Colorado. Phillies have to fly to Coors and the Nats final 3 are home against the Rockies.