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  1. Getting uglier in Miami. Marlins make it mandatory for players to attend the fan fest. Yelich's agent said he may not attend. It's an automatic fine for failure to show.
  2. It is a good start and he knows Kiffin's system. Weis was at Alabama with Kiffin. He could be a HC by the time he's 30 if he plays it right.
  3. New mascot will be revealed at the uocoming fan fest
  4. Well, it's not full responsibility. Kiffin calls plays and runs the offense. Weis will basically be a position coach.
  5. Falcons assistant Charlie Weis Jr has accepted the OC job at FAU. He's the youngest OC in FBS history at 24.
  6. Yelich's agent interviewed with ESPN and told them his clients relationship with the Marlins is "irretrievably broken".
  7. The mayor of Miami says he's working with the Marlins to remove the hideous HR sculpture
  8. UCLA OC Jedd Fisch is interviewing for the Falcons QB job. It was rumored he was an OC candidate but Sarkisian will return.
  9. Sumlin is making $2M a year the next two seasons. The final 3 years on the deal he'll make $3.5M.
  10. Pitchers and catchers report in 4 weeks. There's a bunch of unsigned players left.
  11. Freeze did meet with Saban today about becoming OC.
  12. Curtis Granderson to Toronto for 1 year $5M
  13. The trade is indeed confirmed to be Crick and Reynolds. Pittsburgh also giving a little bit of money for this season only.
  14. Giants have now ended their pursuit of JD Martinez and Lorenzo Cain.
  15. Daboll is an NFL guy. Everyone knew he would go back if he proved himself. Kiffin owes his career to Saban.