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  1. Newcomb tomorrow. It's also a day game at 1:05. Going to be tough, Boston is the best team in MLB for a reason. Just have to play smart baseball and see what happens
  2. He's pretty close. The guy has an ERA of nearly below 2.
  3. Seattle has acquired Denard Span, Alex Colome and $4.75M from Tampa for Andrew Moore and Tommy Romero.
  4. Sean Newcomb is the Braves #1.
  5. Juio looks good
  6. I just don't see us winning a bidding war with the Yankees and Cubs.
  7. They could move Swanson to 3B and Riley to LF. It was a debate whether Riley would be at 3B or LF. Acuna will take over RF next season.
  8. Machado has told everyone he won't play 3B anymore. He's also a free agent after this year so you'd only have him for a few months. Riley will be up this season
  9. Snitker will play Markakis in LF, Acuna in RF all 3 games. Markakis has tons of experience playing the green monster from his Oriole days
  10. Luiz Gohara placed on bereavement leave. Matt Wisler called up. If you missed it Gohara was scheduled to go on leave after Wednesday to be with his ailing mother.
  11. Friday, 7:10 PM Julio Teheran, RHP, 4-1, 4.17 Eduardo Rodriguez, LHP, 4-1, 4.12 Saturday, 1:05 PM Sean Newcomb, LHP, 5-1, 2.39 Drew Pomeranz, LHP, 1-2, 5.97 Sunday, 1:05 PM Mike Foltynewicz, RHP, 3-3, 2.72 Chris Sale, LHP, 5-1, 2.17
  12. Boston just DFA'd Hanley Ramirez. He's in an 0 for 21 funk and hitting .163/.200/.300 in May. He did hit .330 in April.
  13. Only if he starts slumping. Otherwise it's all Riley for the second half of the season or sooner.
  14. Then we'll look at the market for a rental. Normally you want to see a guy struggle so you can see how he responds. If he keeps hitting at this pace then we won't make a trade. If he struggles and adjust then we won't make a trade either. So far he's just rolling.