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  1. Braves new spring training home in North Port, FL has been approved. They will begin Spring Training there in 2019. The location will put them within 90 minutes of every other team in Florida. They'll also have modern amenities that they weren't able to get at Disney.
  2. I'd say September if at all. The Braves have shown they're willing to be very aggressive with the young guys though. So who really knows. It seems like if they perform they'll get their shot. Look at Gohara who went from Class A to MLB this year by performing. Davidson has been a slow developer. He hit .213 at High-A this year. He's still just 21 though.
  3. Thumb discomfort. He hurt it last week. Started bothering him again
  4. Dickey could very well retire. One of the big reasons he wanted Atlanta was it's close proximity to home. He's getting to the point where he wants to be with his family more than play baseball. So I could see him hanging up the cleats.
  5. Unless things take a sudden turn I doubt Gus survives beyond this season.
  6. Such a disappointing season for Cabrera. I'm guessing the Braves want him to work as much as possible. He walked 45 guys in 43 innings this year. ERA of over 7. Talk about a bad season.
  7. Great game. I thought it would be a blowout
  8. USC just cannot beat Texas
  9. South Carolina WR Deebo Samuel broke his leg. His season is over.
  10. Clemson hasn't skipped a beat.
  11. LSU did ok running the ball. If you take out the one long 25 yard run by Guice they held LSU to 3.7 per carry. Miss State looks like a pretty good team this year. They threw it well, ran it very well and played solid defense. The announcers commented that they might be able to play with Bama this year. It doesn't seem too far fetched.
  12. LSU still has no QB. Etling barely completed 50% against Chattanooga. He's 13 for 29 tonight.
  13. Vandy and #18 KSU tied at 7 in the 4th. Kentucky struggled against some lesser schools but they're up 17-6 on South Carolina