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  1. Yankees are reportedly out on Machado. The Brewers, Phillies and Dodgers were willing to offer better prospects as a result of a greater need. Yankees are set with or without Machado. He could very well be a Brewer, they've been very serious about it. Deal is expected to be finalized after the game tomorrow.
  2. Freddie made him work for it.
  3. Freeman did pretty well. Harper is better designed for this event but we'll see.
  4. Freeman sets the Atlanta Braves HR Derby record with 6.
  5. Braves signed Fernando Salas and Lane Adams to minor league deals.
  6. I used to watch it as a kid but as an adult if it's on its normally background noise. Chris Berman ruined it for me.
  7. NL starting lineup 1. Baez 2. Arenado 3. Goldschmidt 4. Freeman 5. Kemp 6. Harper 7. Markakis 8. Crawford 9. Contreras AL lineup 1. Betts 2. Altuve 3. Trout 4. Martinez 5. Ramirez 6. Judge 7. Machado 8. Abreu 9. Perez
  8. I don't normally watch it either. Looks like Freeman and Harper are the last matchup of the round so I'll be flipping back and forth
  9. Nationals fans gave Freeman a resounding booing. About the only thing you could hear.
  10. Kimbrel spoke very highly of the Braves team. He said he was very impressed when they played at Fenway. He added in that he does watch them on TV and is paying attention. He was asked about his pending FA and said he loves Boston and would love to stay there but "we'll see what happens"
  11. Braves have never had a player hit more than 5 HR in a HR Derby. Andruw, McGriff and Javy Lopez all did it.
  12. Oh yeah, we'd have to pay a tax for being in the same division I'm sure.