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  1. Today is supposedly the day we end this investigation. We'll finally have a conclusion and can focus on 2018. One more note on Maitan. DOB said he was told by Braves people that he was the main focus of this investigation. So that should tell you the odds of losing him.
  2. It does seem weird that suddenly people are turning on the kid. I understand a new FO having a different opinion but I doubt it's too that degree.
  3. Peter Gammons says he was told by a Braves official they expect to lose Maitan. Interestingly he says Anthopoulus and the new regime think Maitan is overrated and wasn't worth the hype or the money so they aren't concerned. DOB also recently spoke with scouts who said Maitan didn't impress that much this year. He is of course still just 17.
  4. Florida officials went to New Hampshire to present a contract to Kelly. Unconfirmed reports that he's signed it. Mainly from the son of a man on the search committee. The son posted to social media that Kelly signed the deal.
  5. Florida is making progress in talks with Kelly. That's one reason UCLA acted now. They wanted to get a shot at Kelly. UCLA AD already has a meeting with Kelly's agent scheduled. If Kelly lands at UCLA then Florida will try to outbid Nebraska for Frost. The speculation is Frost will at least be intrigued by the more prestigious program, money and way better recruiting situation. For Nebraska there's already rumblings they'll consider hiring a triple option coach if Frost goes to Florida.
  6. We're likely being banned from signing international players for two years. Maitan would still be subject to international rules making us banned from signing him or anyone else we lose. Any money paid to any players lost is just forfeited by the Braves. We get nothing back and lose a bunch of money plus whatever the substantial fine from MLB is going to be. Like I stated earlier I would go ahead and expect Maitan to be in another uniform in 2018.
  7. Seattle has already made 3 trades this off-season. Jerry Dipoto is no stranger to frantic pace. Since being named GM in October of 2015 his Mariners have made 46 trades. That's most in MLB over that span.
  8. UCF is crushing people too. They beat Maryland 38-10, Memphis 40-13 and Navy 31-21. They have 9-1 South Florida this week. If they win there it sets up a rematch with a likely 11-1 Memphis in the American title game. Winner would be destined for the New Year's 6.
  9. Chubb flashed that speed right there. Just ran by everyone
  10. Kansas State 42 Oklahoma State 20 end of 3.
  11. That's a catch
  12. If Fromm can keep up this play then UGA can best anyone.
  13. Now that was the UGA from the first 9 games.
  14. UGA offense looking better this drive
  15. UGA OL got ran over that play.