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  1. It's all set. AL WC: Rays @ A's ALDS: WC Winner vs Houston ALDS: Twins vs Yankees NL WC: Brewers @ Nats NLDS: WC Winner vs Dodgers NLDS: Cardinals vs Braves
  2. The format was 2-3 at one time. They changed it to give each team the opportunity to potentially clinch at home.
  3. Anthopolous did admit they discussed it in their normal roster meetings prior to Game 1. He said the vision was a 1-1 tie with Soroka to break it. They just didnt expect Keuchel to be ineffective and the offense to struggle in clutch spots.
  4. It was Snitker, he sets the lineups and rotations. All Anthopolous did was help set the roster. Snitker went with the road/home splits. They felt Soroka would be better in Game 3 since he excelled on the road all year. Snitker already said he has no regrets about how he set the rotation.
  5. Padres named their 2 finalists for manager. One is Ron Washington
  6. Angels will name Joe Maddon their next manager. Showalter was reportedly plan B.
  7. Mark Bowman Q&A. He says it's a near lock that Flowers will return. Braves cant afford to go into the winter with 0 catchers he says. He puts Markakis odds at 65%. He mentions the Braves may view Joyce as a suitable, cheaper option that could platoon with Pache or Waters. He says it's a toss up on Julio right now, really just depends on what Anthopolous thinks he can do to replace those innings. Julio is certainly declining, Bowman pointed to his walk rate being 3rd worth in MLB. We all know Anthopolous doesnt tolerate walks. It's what led to Wright and Wilson making the team out of Spring last year. He says Newcomb will compete for a rotation spot in the Spring. If he wins good, if he doesnt hes a capable bullpen arm. He says Riley is a total wild card right now. He could compete for 3B with Camargo if Donaldson leaves or be used as trade bait.
  8. Phillies added Harper and Realmuto just to add 1 win. They won 80 in 2018, 81 in 2019. Nats subtract Harper and win the NL.
  9. For what's it's worth I dont think any NL team would be able to beat Houston. That lineup is incredibly tough and that pitching is led by an automatic win with Cole.
  10. I think it's certainly possible. Enders defense is so good at a key position and he did swing the bat really well after his injury. Hes also controlled for 3 more seasons.
  11. I just think we'll look for a more impactful bat to plug into LF. We know Acuna can slide to RF where hes best. If we cant find a suitable replacement then we'll probably settle on Nick.
  12. Houston should do it. Yankees dont have the pitching to survive that series.
  13. Nats would be the 2nd team in history to sweep a best of 7 series while never trailing. 1966 O's are the other team. Its been a historic mismatch in many ways.
  14. Cards might as well go home.
  15. I haven't watched enough of the series but I've seen people mentioning the Nats just went heavy fastball and the Cards have been helpless.
  16. 7-0 Nats in the 1st. It seriously is a reversal.
  17. Nats hung 5 on Hudson in the first. Cards bringing in Wainwright with 1 out in the first. Already 5-0, Nats clinching the NL tonight.
  18. Cole is just an absolute monster now. Best pitcher in the league
  19. We see the Nats so much we know what to expect. I'm confident it would have at least been a competitive series.
  20. That's the big question. Who do we go after in the OF? I think we'll move on from Markakis and I think we'll convince Josh to return. We know Anthopolous will make Riley earn a spot in Spring so we'll have to do something.
  21. What a waste this October was. The Cardinals clearly are way overmatched and should have never been able to win a series. Just makes me all the more sad because we totally blew a golden opportunity.
  22. Harper is pushing the Phillies to hire Dusty Baker. Dusty will be in Philly to meet with team officials tomorrow.
  23. Nats are going to sweep the Cards. The bloop hits arent falling for STL anymore. Cards are hitting .080 so far in the NLCS.
  24. Good for Prior. Glad to see his coaching career taking off after his playing career was cut short.
  25. Josh Donaldson is a finalist for NL comeback player of the year.