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  1. Liberty released the numbers from 2020. Braves had a revenue of $178M. Overall they lost $49M on the year. To put it in perspective, in 2019 the Braves made $476M in revenue.
  2. Jays again tried to convince Georgia State to let them play at the stadium formerly known as Turner Field. They were quickly turned away. Theyll split games between Dunedin, Buffalo and they hope Toronto.
  3. First game of 2021 ends in a 9-7 loss. AAA vet Sean Kazmar launched a 2 run HR in the top of the 7th to tie it at 7. Rays got their own 2 run HR in the bottom of the 7th to win it. Edwards Jr and Davidson had shutout innings, Dansby had an RBI single and Riley had 2 hits. Drew Waters walked, stole 2B and scored. Game 2 tomorrow at 1:05 at Red Sox. Ynoa vs Richards on MLB Network.
  4. Jackson and Demeritte walked, Ball singled him Jackson. Wright went 1 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 1 K.
  5. Ender and Dansby walked to lead off the game. Riley, Sandoval and Kipnis failed to get them in.
  6. Freeman will join the team tomorrow as he clears all covid protocols. New Spring rules allow pitchers to be used more than once. You could bring in a RP to practice getting a key final out and then insert your SP back into the game the next inning. Managers of the team on defense also have the ability to end an inning before the 3rd out. If 20 pitches have been thrown and an AB is not currently in progress you can choose to end the inning. These new rules are all to help with the smaller amount of bodies in camp. The minor league teams aren't allowed this year due to covid.
  7. The day is here, baseball has returned. Here is your first lineup of 2021.
  8. Toronto is making an interesting decision. They will not have a separate radio team this year. Instead they'll funnel the TV audio onto their radio network.
  9. Monday vs Boston will be on MLB Network. First pitch is at 1 PM.
  10. Now this kid has a filthy slider. Ga Tech SP, likely early round selection in the upcoming draft
  11. My only concern is if a few of the same conference do it. It throws the conference alignment off. The old games you could customize it anyway but for those who like to do it pure it could be an issue. They could include some fake teams to off set those who left. Might have Indiana Catholic University instead of Notre Dame or something.
  12. Braves signed Terrance Gore to a minors deal. Gore was not invited to camp but gives the Braves elite speed at AAA if they need a late season PR.
  13. You have to run outside with a speed back. You can break off runs especially if you know how to properly juke. Up the middle is **** near impossible though.
  14. They have Diamond Dynasty. You unlock the cards through your regular play.
  15. They do more improvement than Madden does from year to year but the basics remain the same. It has Franchise and Road to the Show as its two main. The Road to the Show you create a player and go through a showcase event and how you perform decides where you get drafted. Then you work your way up the minors into MLB. Its basically your career, you can play all through your arbitration years and then leave in free agency or stay with one team for 15 years, its up to you. Some times you get traded as a prospect, they try to keep it realistic. Its definitely a sim, its intended to be a
  16. Freeman arrived at camp this morning. Snitker named Kyle Wright Sunday's starter. They will use 7 pitchers. Snitker also said they've agreed to play 7 inning games the first 2 weeks.
  17. Chipper has worked a lot with Camargo in the early days. Camargo also played winter ball and supposedly came out of that feeling pretty good.
  18. I just miss the recruiting and team building of NCAA. You can technically team build in Madden buts its nowhere near the same. I always liked taking some school like UMass and building it into a dynasty.
  19. Braves and Brian Snitker have agreed to a 2 year extension. The deal carries him through 2023 and the team holds an option for 2024.
  20. Snitker said Soroka was able to participate in drills today. He fielded comebacks, bunted and of course threw a side session. Fielding and running are his only remaining hurdles.
  21. Snitker said Chipper has been everywhere. Hes energetic and bouncing off the walls, working with every guy he sees.
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