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  1. Yep, he'll be groomed to take over full time in 2022.
  2. I think we'll see Waters about mid-season. He'll get some ABs at Gwinnett first.
  3. Not necessarily to Duvall. Ozuna, Acuna and Pache in the OF. Duvall as the #4. I really think we'll dump Ender. He lost a step defensively and has nothing else going for him. Theres been whispers around the league that it might be discussed but its not a certainty until 2022.
  4. Yep, you're correct. Only allowed 1 QO in your career. Still, the Braves could offer 1 year $18.9M. Nobody really knows if teams are willing to spend coming off a year with very little revenue.
  5. Last night I was ready to never watch sports ever again. As the day has progressed I've been able to appreciate what they accomplished. It was nice to be on the other side of the NLDS for a change. We smacked the Dodgers in the mouth harder than they were all year. I think it was Bellinger who called the Braves a great team last night. Said the series was really tough. I would be 0% surprised if they 2021 NLCS is Braves vs Dodgers.
  6. Yeah, baserunning was not our strength in this series.
  7. I do wonder if Ozuna might accept the QO. Its $18.9M this year and nobody really knows what the market will look like. I know he had some regrets about declining it last year.
  8. I will say, some of the top guys did perform. Freeman had an OPS of 1.168, Dansby really stepped up in this series with an OPS of .828. Albies also was a beast with a .959. Ozuna came in at .874. Thats a lot more production than Braves teams of the past got. Good experience for them and I know they'll be extra hungry and ready for the moment next year.
  9. He hasn't indicated anything yet but hes another option for us. Cardinals are actually waiting on Molina and Wainwright. Molina has said before that he wouldn't play beyond his current deal which is now expired. Wainwright has gave no such indications.
  10. He said he was unsure. He kind of hinted that he's open to it but he wouldn't take any offer. He kind of sounded unsure if anyone would want him other than Tampa. I would imagine the team that drafted and developed him would have a certain appeal to it. Now if they win the World Series that will change things. He probably will walk away with his 2 rings then.
  11. Id really like Charlie Morton to come back to Atlanta. Retire a Brave.
  12. Riley could benefit from a shorter swing. To an extent I think he is what he is. Hes not a guy that will hit .300 with a high OBP. Hes going to hit .260-.270 with 35 HR and a bunch of K's if he develops properly. Those numbers id gladly take but he has work to do and thats fine, hes young.
  13. The catch is the DH will be added in 2022. Do you live with him in LF for 1 year? Or do you cut him loose now
  14. Here is an article that might make you feel a little better. Its titled Why the best is yet to come for the Atlanta Braves
  15. Id give Turner a 2 year deal. Riley can come off the bench and be a backup 1B/3B/LF while working to get better.
  16. It would be Ozuna or Turner.
  17. There is a guy we're now very familiar with available at 3B. Justin Turner will be a FA at the end of the World Series.
  18. I'm also concerned about Riley. I'm not sold on him being the answer at 3B. Hes a good option off the bench. He still has time but right now he has such glaring holes in his swing.
  19. Our bench is pretty bad. It didn't show up cause the DH eliminated the need. I mean we had to pull a washed up Pablo Sandoval off the scrap heap to take key ABs in October.
  20. Folty will be allowed to walk. They won't offer him arbitration. Newk has some value as a RP so I wouldn't be surprised if they converted him full time. Touki will be AAA depth, I dont know how much value he has right now. I could see us signing a veteran SP like Charlie Morton. Stroman also is available and he has history with Anthopolous
  21. I think Nick is going to retire. He almost didn't play this year and his bat speed evaporated as the season went. Theres also no more room in Atlanta and I dont see him leaving his hometown to play at this point.
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