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  1. Players are rumored to be offering a longer season. Ken Rosenthal says one plan under consideration is to play around 100 games and take prorated pay for 82 games. That's the idea of compromise some players like. The union is said to want a longer season. Their goal is to push it back closer to 100 games. Both sides are said to be far apart in pretty much every aspect of negotiations.
  2. Players counter offer will reportedly not be any less than prorated pay now. Owners shot themselves in the foot with the initial lowball offer.
  3. I've read that June 10th is viewed as the possible point of no return. Both sides hope to wrap it up this week but June 10th is the firm date.
  4. It's just such a waste of time. I understand its negotiations but that's not the way to start. Especially when both sides are ready to lock this in. The players idea of deferring some money makes a lot of sense to me.
  5. The union left todays meeting discouraged. Owners proposed a sliding pay scale. Minimum salary players would get almost all of their prorated pay. Highest paid players would reportedly get less than 40% of their salary in the proposal. Players will counter soon.
  6. Financial negotiations begin this week. Owners have signaled they'll back down from revenue sharing. The players are reportedly preparing a plan that would see them get prorated pay but partially deferred beyond this year to help the owners make up the revenue. Owners would save money and players wouldnt lose anymore money in the long run.
  7. One minor league team has came up with a way to bring in revenue.
  8. According to Jon Heyman, things are very optimistic. He says both sides understand missing an entire season hurts everyone more than a modified one.
  9. The league will tackle the biggest hurdle this week. On Tuesday the players will get the financial structure.
  10. Chipper and Glavine both supported Blake Snells idea but criticized his tone. Here was chippers recent comment "In all honesty I'm a little less optimistic than I was 10 days, two weeks ago after listening to some key players coming out and speaking out on it. They continue to squabble over dollars and cents, salaries, revenue sharing and all that kinda stuff. There's 30 million people out there that's outta work and the last thing they wanna hear is a bunch of millionaires and billionaires squabble over maybe getting 30-35 percent of their salaries this year. "Squabbling over money is probably seventh or eighth on the list of most important things to talk about first. Obviously the health measures and whatnot are the most important thing." If you missed it, Blake Snell said he would refuse to play for less money. “Bro, y’all gotta understand too,” said the Rays ace to his Twitch audience. “Because y’all are gonna be like ‘Bro, play for the love of the game man! What’s wrong with you bro? Money should not be a thing.’ Bro, I’m risking my life.”
  11. NBA insiders have also said Disney has begun reworking some hotels for their needs. They're also prepping for MLS to come to Orlando. NBA reportedly liked the idea of Disney being private property to control flow in and out.
  12. Arizona has opened their facilities in Pheonix and Salt River, AZ for players to begin preparing. Some have already reported. The Rays reopened Wednesday.
  13. Yankees and Mets will hold Spring Training 2.0 at their Florida facilities. Most teams are reportedly leaning towards their home city.
  14. Side note, Disney apparently sees the NBA as a way to stay relevant in sports after losing the Braves. They're apparently desperate to keep sports part of the experience.
  15. Yeah but it's easier with their schedule. NBA teams are in a different city every day during road trips. Only real way to limit travel.
  16. NBA is working out a plan to hold all remaining games in one place. Basically build a quarantine bubble for the entire league. They only had about 17 games left to get through before the postseason but they're also discussing altered scheduling and playoffs.
  17. It's been between Orlando and Vegas. I know Disney had the lead though.
  18. MLB has sent health protocols to government officials. The players will soon present a counter. Turns out MLB never formally presented its revenue sharing idea. Backlash made them revisit the plan. Manfred said a formal proposal on the financial side will be made by this weekend. MLB lawyers are supposed to present it today or tomorrow. Also, some speculation the league could speed up its expansion efforts. Would generate more revenue to make up for lost money this season.
  19. Owners signaled they will negotiate pay. They did give the union two options. Negotiate something other than prorated pay or cancel baseball till fans can attend.
  20. California and Texas approved pro sports without fans. The games can start as early as June 1.
  21. Notre Dame will be ready for football. They announced they will return to classes for the fall. They're reporting to campus 2 weeks earlier and canceling fall break. They'll wrap up the semester before Thanksgiving.
  22. One of the more recent studies showed droplets from talking or spitting can remain in the air for 8 to 14 minutes. So everytime you spit everyone who goes through that area in the next 14 minutes is potentially exposed.
  23. It's a lot of changes. The players will not recognize the routine they enter. All of this is out of an abundance of caution though. MLB is trying to be the first to play in this world. Rules can be adjusted but caution is way better at the start than just going in with minimal protections and hoping it works.
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