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  1. He is? I must have missed that one.
  2. Snitker announced Culberson wont need surgery but he will not play again this year.
  3. Cervelli is also a big add because we'll need him as a PH in some of those crucial spots.
  4. Riley replacing Freeman. He got 1B work early in the year and now with Culberson gone itll be Riley as the primary backup at 1B. I imagine hes going to get more than a few innings at 1B over the final 2 weeks. He'll reportedly get some work at 3B to freshen up there with Camargo out as well.
  5. Martinez not taking the blame
  6. Dave Martinez is reportedly planning to reach out to Snitker before the game. The Nationals have also called an 11:30 press conference for Dave Martinez.
  7. Diamondbacks and Las Vegas signed a non disclosure agreement last year in regards to the stadium talks. Dbacks have deflected all questions by saying they're focused on Arizona. Vegas mayor says it may or may not happen.
  8. Snitker just told the media Culberson has multiple fractures. He is in better shape than expected and returned to the hotel last night. Hes on his way to Atlanta today to meet with specialist including an optometrist to determine if surgery is needed.
  9. Culberson has a fractured cheek bone. That's all we know right now.
  10. Last night the Reds became the first team in history to allow 1 baserunner and lose. The only hit the Reds allowed was a triple. Dbacks got a sac fly and won 1-0.
  11. A win today would mean the Braves could clinch the East on Tuesday. Braves are off tomorrow, Nats go to the red hot Cardinals. A Nats loss tomorrow would set up a win and clinch scenario on Tuesday at SunTrust.
  12. Dodgers lost so the Braves are once again within 3.5. They just cant seem to get over the 3 back hump.