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  1. Buster Olney said they're considering having the Cardinals rent a car for each player and letting them drive themselves to Chicago.
  2. Rio is hitting a bit this year too. He has a .885 OPS and 4 HR.
  3. Scott Schebler cleared waivers. Hes now at Gwinnett.
  4. I was actually thinking to myself that it might just be the right time to let Davidson and Anderson take their lumps. They can't be any worse and we need them for next year. Get them out there and let them develop.
  5. Anderson isn't on the 40 man. He could replace Erling but if you added him you would lose wiggle room to move other guys around. Davidson is already on the 40 man. It's also been pointed out Anderson struggled to a 6.50 in a handful of AAA starts last year. He may just not be ready yet while Davidson was dominant. As for Pache, the way Snitker talked last night I think he's just now back to full strength from his ankle.
  6. Albies still hasn't picked up a bat. Snitker said he isn't expecting him to return next week when he's eligible. Snitker was asked about Pache and he said he seems to be back to full strength after hurting his ankle in summer camp.
  7. Its time to make Matzek an opener. He could give you 3 solid innings every 3 or 4 days. He was a SP a few years ago before falling apart. So he has experience being out there early.
  8. They did an MRI and CT according to Snitker. Those are things that take hours.
  9. Snitker said test are ongoing for Acuna and he hasn't had a chance to talk to him. Snitker said he'll likely have more info after the game.
  10. Braves still waiting on Acuna's results. Another day off today allows him to get 3 full days off with the team off day tomorrow.
  11. Braves got cash in return. Alonso refused to report to Gwinnett when he was DFA'd here. He had went home instead.
  12. Good bounce back by Wilson. Looked like it was going to really ugly.
  13. Wilson probably wearing this one no matter what happens. Ynoa gets tomorrow followed by the pen. Ynoa only tossed 39 pitches the other day so he should be good to go.
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