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  1. Yep, Hader wet himself tonight
  2. We'll see if May goes tomorrow. LA was considering pushing him and Kershaw back so the Braves wont see them before October.
  3. Melancon is the closer. Guy is a bulldog on the mound.
  4. How about that bullpen
  5. Camargo isn't back there trying to field the grounders anymore.
  6. Melancon.
  7. Greene is money. Hes settled in
  8. I'd rather have CB behind the plate right now.
  9. Dont look now but Greene is suddenly finding that nasty movement again.
  10. I'm calling it, worst umpiring performance of the season right here. This guy has no idea what hes doing.
  11. Get the **** out of here ump
  12. Flowers again framing before catching it
  13. Kelly is painting that corner. Ridiculous
  14. Man, **** Bellinger.
  15. That was the same pitch he called a strike