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  1. Shin Soo Choo announced hes giving each Rangers minor league player a check for $1K. Choo will have donated a total of $190K when all checks are handed out. Tremendous move by Choo and one that I hope is copied by the many players around the league capable of the same.
  2. Evan Gattis did an interview with DOB in his podcast. Gattis confirmed he has no intentions of ever playing again.
  3. Blue Jays might be playing home games at their Spring facility. Toronto has banned all public events through June.
  4. MLB announced it will extend its financial support of minor league players until May 31st or until Opening Day if that comes first. Payment will be $400 per week with health insurance.
  5. Fun game, I did online leagues back in the day. Haven't played in a couple of years. Always enjoyed it when you had a good group of GMs to sim with.
  6. I no longer have any respect for Gattis.
  7. Players said they'll play in empty stadiums. MLBPA president Tony Clark just told the media it's a real possibility and they are very open to it.
  8. Players informed the league they'll play till Thanksgiving. All Star game will likely be canceled
  9. Jon Heyman said the league is debating experimenting with expanded playoffs with the shortened season. He said MLB may add 4 more teams to the playoffs in order to generate more big games and revenue. They're still eyeing a 140 game season right now. He said neutral sites in warm or domed markets is on the table for potential November playoff games.
  10. Players also forfeited their right to sue for lost wages in the event of an entire season being missed. The $170M is the entire pot in that scenario.
  11. I think its possible we'll see games with no fans. Manfred said he wants baseball to be part of the healing. He mentioned playing without fans might be inevitable to get back to some normalcy in the country. He seems pretty eager for baseball to play a big role in the recovery.
  12. Manfred told ESPN he hopes to start in May and the league will not play 162
  13. Well, Scott Boras wants to have playoffs in December and the World Series end around Christmas. His idea was play all 162 games and then have the playoffs in California or neutral domed parks.
  14. MLB will flood a bunch of places with games tomorrow for what would have been Opening Day