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  1. Rays Randy Arozarena was arrested in Mexico for assault. He allegedly assaulted his daughters grandfather while trying to take the girl from her mother. Mexican authorities said more info will be available in the coming days. He will face discipline under MLB's domestic violence policy.
  2. Reds are also listening on Sonny Gray.
  3. Anthopolous said he only had 3 SP's he would consider going into FA. Said Morton and Smyly were the top 2, didn't name the third, obviously. Added its all about depth and wanted 6 SP's he felt good about it going into the season.
  4. Morton brings a 3.28 career ERA in 61 October innings. Hes pitched in multiple LCS and World Series. Hes a great veteran grab thats been through the wars.
  5. Thats the man I wanted. Anthopolous has dropped $26M on rotation deph so far.
  6. Rays have told teams they'll entertain offers for Blake Snell.
  7. Braves getting poached this offseason. Just a product of winning, people want a slice.
  8. No, just the way the sun hits it i guess. Here's a better look at the flow.
  9. According to Ken Rosenthal, the Ozuna market is slow due to the impending DH decision. Ozuna changed agents yesterday in a show of frustration. Rosenthal did say Ozuna's former agent was anticipating a long term offer from the Braves next month.
  10. They have some young arms to deal. Just depends on what the Cubs are looking for. If they want bats or MLB ready it might be a tough match. Just have to see what they're thinking now that Jed Hoyer has taken over.
  11. Angels now sign former Brave Scott Schebler.
  12. Nats are reportedly talking with the Cubs about Kris Bryant. Theyre also talking to LeMahieu. Dodgers are pushing for Nolan Arenado.
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