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  1. Do it...and make reason to do it often.
  2. I'll bet he listens to Nickleback? God I hope not.
  3. Did he get drunk and let a friend practice or something?
  4. I can't stand Smith, but I don't like this coming out right now before the biggest game of the year.
  5. Fire him today and we have a shot tomorrow. This game is too big for the Smittiot and the only question is what he will do to fook it up.
  6. There were some Steelers fans getting upset with me when I explained to them what a great call that roughing the passer was before the TD to Hester. All in all they were alright, but it was crazy to see so many. I was surrounded out there.
  7. I was there in a 13 as well. When he threw the 35 yard Hail Mary at the end of the half That needed to go 50 I laughed with the Giants fans behind me. That was the year I gave up my seats. Miserable season. Yesterday was ****** too, but at least I had a good time ..
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