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  1. All apologies if this has already shown up elsewhere, and credit to the Lions fan on reddit that created it but I felt like it belonged here:
  2. It's on their "alt" channel, check and see if you get that. They moved it because of the Florida/LSU game.
  3. Just go for it on 4th from now on...jeez.
  4. He's making mistakes to be sure but man I'm glad they're letting Eason just go tonight. No more of this "Ehhh maybe Lambert" garbage.
  5. "We've replaced Georgia's offensive line with lobotomized mental patients. Let's see how long before Nick Chubb and Freshman quarterback Jacob Eason notice."
  6. Don't you put that evil on us Ricky Dawggone Bobby!
  7. lmao, someone put happy pills in Brent's flask
  8. McKenzie's been a real bright spot in this game.
  9. Someone put some glue on Chigbu's hands, please.
  10. Got to be honest, I thought the offense would struggle this year and the defense would be fine.
  11. Starting to buy into whomever asked if Musberger was drunk
  12. Brent, I believe you mean "The Mizzou defense committed the most obvious pass interference ever and the ref standing there watching it shrugged."
  13. Not sure how long Georgia can get by with Mizzou shooting themselves in the foot...but I'm glad they keep doing it.
  14. Of course, I've not made any decision about Kirby, I hope he's a great coach! I just wasn't thrilled about the way it seemed like Kirby was only ever the choice and they never looked at anyone else. I was just very hopeful that maybe they'd get someone innovative and exciting whereas Kirby was brought in to make Georgia "Bama 2.0" (editing here to add: it SEEMS like that's why Kirby was brought in). If he succeeds in that then I sure as shoot ain't gonna complain! As you say, right now I'm just looking for some fire and drive and it sure looks like that's what we're getting in this game now
  15. Maybe they just needed something to fire them up. If the dang O-line can get their act together we might just have something going.
  16. They've got to give him the opportunity to take his lumps, looked like they at least lengthened the leash that last drive.
  17. That was good Georgia...keep doing that.
  18. I wanted Richt gone (but disliked how it was handled) because I felt like everything had become completely stagnant and he'd done all he was ever going to do with Georgia. Watching that Miami game today though I realized how much he needed to leave for his own sake. He's clearly much happier to be somewhere fresh. Sadly I remain completely ambivalent about the Smart hiring.
  19. Why did no one go after the tipped ball!? What the ****!?
  20. Still clinging to hope but this just might not be a very good football team
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