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  1. All apologies if this has already shown up elsewhere, and credit to the Lions fan on reddit that created it but I felt like it belonged here:
  2. It's on their "alt" channel, check and see if you get that. They moved it because of the Florida/LSU game.
  3. Just go for it on 4th from now on...jeez.
  4. He's making mistakes to be sure but man I'm glad they're letting Eason just go tonight. No more of this "Ehhh maybe Lambert" garbage.
  5. "We've replaced Georgia's offensive line with lobotomized mental patients. Let's see how long before Nick Chubb and Freshman quarterback Jacob Eason notice."
  6. Don't you put that evil on us Ricky Dawggone Bobby!
  7. lmao, someone put happy pills in Brent's flask
  8. McKenzie's been a real bright spot in this game.
  9. Someone put some glue on Chigbu's hands, please.
  10. Got to be honest, I thought the offense would struggle this year and the defense would be fine.
  11. Starting to buy into whomever asked if Musberger was drunk
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