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  1. The answers to the questions you asked Headshot and Drake do come along eventually (book 3 at the latest), hopefully no one will spoil them for you (it's fun hearing your theories though!) I haven't been able to keep up with the TV series, but in the books at least Lancel (the young Lannister) is their cousin, not brother. There's only three children of Tywin: Jaime, Cersei and Tyrion.
  2. Bluntly put, yes . But you have to understand the setting of the book is basically England circa the Wars of the Roses, e.g. Late Middle Age when girls were married -- often forcibly -- at an increasingly younger age. They were seen as little more than brood mares and to a Medieval father a girl's value was highest as soon as they were capable of bearing children. It's harsh but it was the reality. Viserys never saw Dany as anything but a dowry to be paid to get Drogo to do what he wanted. One of the biggest criticisms of the book is it's graphic sexuality, Martin pulls no punches.
  3. Watch ep 10 then read Clash of Kings, I think you'll be ok.
  4. I've seen it too, although I think it's very much a minority opinion -- the small sample size here seems more reflective of most people thinking, "Holy cow that is epic!" Some people are going to be angry, but if you're only watching a TV program specifically because of one character/actor, then in my mind that program is a failure. Trust me though, like Headshot said, the story really starts moving only with Ned's death. Everything else has been set-up. And I don't know what people are talking about with's been a long time since I've read the series, but I don't recall there being any battles worth speaking of in the first book, except minor flashback scenes; warfare doesn't escalate until post-Ned's death as far as I recall so look for next season to be much bloodier.
  5. Those of us who have read the books have been waiting for this episode just to see the reactions, edit: and yes, wishing that people on the net were not total jerkbags who live to ruin stuff like this for others. And drake, if I may offer my opinion, I think the books -- thus presumably the show -- became better after Ned was offed. Not only did it raise the stakes dramatically, but as has been pointed out in this thread...the man was an idiot.