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  1. Oh dear god...what has been seen cannot be unseen...
  2. In actual "serious" response to Dago and this post, Shaun Rogers is not a top guy. This isn't interconference rivalry speaking here, there's no way for any one of us (including analysts) to have any clue how good or bad any team's offseason was for a long time to come. However, Rogers is an ancient DT who has almost nothing left in the tank. I'm sure he'll be in to be a huge body on rushing downs, and he'll probably be halfway decent at that, but if you think he's capable of more you're either expecting a miracle or deluding yourself. Resigning Moore and signing Sproles, on top of your draf
  3. Just remember in Saintsland: they won the NFC South last year, they totally didn't get beaten by the Seahawks, their big trade for Mark Ingram was better than ours for Julio Jones, their Defense is the best in the NFL, they still have all their teeth, Drew Brees does NOT wear ladies underwear, Sean Payton didn't really kill John Lennon, and women are totally turned on by foul-breathed morons yelling "Who Dat" over and over.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAlVKgl_zCQ
  5. I think I've figured it out. When I was a kid during the Cold War we had this old saw that the Soviet grading system was the opposite of the US' (hence an 'F' was for 'Fantastic' a 'D' was for 'Decent' and so on). Maybe Eric is using a variation of this system? For instance: F is for Farve -- a Favre grade is given to the team that picks up a grizzled veteran free agent in the desperate hope that he still has something in the tank. For example, "I give the Titans an F for acquiring Matt Hasselbeck." D is for Dimitroff -- a Dimitroff grade is given for the team who's GM (or equivalent) mana
  6. You told peoriabird that Eric Allen was going to grade Atlanta's offseason a D? That's amazing! Unless you ARE Eric Allen? Ohhhh, I'm onto you now, Mr. Allen <wink, wink>.
  7. Was that his only justification or was there more? That's hilarious. Maybe he thinks we're Tampa?
  8. Kind of a double-edged sword there. On the one hand, I'm sure the news was depressing to Kroy but on the other hand, as a fan, I'm thrilled that this will keep Kroy on special teams, where he is a true monster.
  9. Nonsense, besides actual football analysts and enthusiastic Falcons fans everyone says he's mediocre and overpaid. They must be telling the truth! No one exaggerates and lies on the internet! Geniuses! They're all geniuses! <pant, pant> Sorry...kind of lost it there for a second.
  10. :lol: I missed the Bear last season.
  11. I've heard Ray has a strange proclivity though...turns out he likes to demolish people who think they belong in his house. I've heard he's already started whispering, "Freeman...must...smash...Freeman..." in his sleep.
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