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  1. I was on the fence but now I'm ready. I'm officially taking my talents to...Gurlie to Atlantie
  2. Surely he intends for them to stay all four years...haha!!
  3. Like it or not this a superstar dictated league. This is where Thabo's injury will hurt the most. If Lebron gets Demarre in foul trouble, it's more of an uphill climb as there's no one else to play man defense. Baze is quick enough but Lebron is 3-4 inches taller and outweighs him by mile. Like I said, they just HAVE to execute.
  4. We all know that's not going to happen. Kind of like a boxing match where the underdog shouldn't let it get to the judge's scorecards, the Hawks need to excute and outright beat the Cavs.
  5. Tyus is gone. I don't agree with the decision but obviously wish him much success
  6. No one is giving the Hawks a shot versus Cleveland and is anyone giving Coach Bud their Coach of the year vote...
  7. http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2013/06/28/fbi-to-categorize-latinos-in-crime-statistics/ Learning a lot reading this thread
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