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  1. "He'll still overpaid" post coming 3,2,1...
  2. I wonder if he has a permanent cot in the locker room
  3. http://247sports.com/Player/Richard-LeCounte-III-35122
  4. Lecounte is dropped to a four star. Never really been bothered by rankings or stars until now...
  5. They will be a problem this year... I get the topic but Dimitroff hasn't figured the successful formula out in eight, nine years. Hopefully Quinn and the twelve other GMs can truly evaluate players.
  6. One of the motherships better features. Never knew about the significant history in that area
  7. Appears to have been another eye opening weekend in Athens. If these guys coach like they sell the new direction of the program...
  8. Hoping he gets the test score to get into Stanford.
  9. Bless you Carter but I'm on to 2017 with recruiting. I even bypass the updates on 247 haha
  10. A group of kids who legit wanted to be Dawgs. I'm hype for the defensive line especially. If they can control the line of scrimmage, the D as a whole is going to be something to watch. My favorite recruit this cycle, Chauncey Manac
  11. Knew we weren't getting Brown when he kept emphasizing he wasn't a Georgia boy & a lot of people would be pissed at his decision. Would have been nice to have him but I'll take the ever elusive depth than over one star player. Can't wait to hear the real story on EJ...
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