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  1. Spiller Spoon Tate/Benn Graham Pouncey
  2. Of course, I agree with you if that sentiment is 100% true. I'm not saying it's not, but there's no way of us to tell. Who is going to have a press conference and say "yeah I did it because I'm a greedy mutha". Again not saying Roddy is lying, but you shouldn't really make an opinion based on that quote.
  3. I don't really have a strong opinion on Lewis at all. But yeah I completely understand Legion, since there are so many on the board who talk as if he is on his way to the pro bowl next year...
  4. I looked at the rest of the grades they gave and it all seemed a bit off. I wouldn't worry
  5. I'm ecstatic since at the beginning of the offseason I was talking about getting him without #1st pick. Falling to #55 is a bonus.
  6. Detroit has got some really good players, but they still need some O-line!!!
  7. I think it's an alright pick. I would still love a big corner though. Would have preferred Keenan Lewis who was picked a few picks later.
  8. I see Jerry and Babs getting the most playing time. I don't think who's officially the "starters" is that important. It will go on what the situation is. But yes, I think the majority of snaps will go towards Jerry and Babs.
  9. Is the vid conference still going? Atm that link is showing Jerry highlights from 08.
  10. Lol. We got the #1 guy on my board at both picks. Can it get any better than that?
  11. Nor Peerless Price but I think he means how we have used our 1st round pick.
  12. Perhaps he has a list of all draftees in order of 40-time and just goes down the list...
  13. I'm hoping for William Moore or Rashad Johnson. Barwin would have been nice. I'm glad Stintim is gone actually. I don't like him at all. Think he has waay to much to learn in pass coverage, especially in out cover 3.
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