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  1. Go ffuucckk yourself moron. They've already started building the new stadium, you idiot.
  2. Giants getting their arse kIcked by the Eagles, just like the Vikings did after also beating us. Should we all bet the house on whoever the Bears are playing next? They just started the 2nd quarter and Eli has already been sacked 4 times. How many sacks do we have for the season?
  3. Did he say anything about Antone besides "Who?"
  4. Holy crap. It's so rare,. I did a you tube search on football free kick and all it turned up was soccer garbage.
  5. And Ochocincho can spend the last dollar-thirty he has in his pocket buying it.
  6. TD has to go too. Little punk a$$ ***** needs to get on his bike and ride off into a deep lake somewhere.
  7. Actually, I'm not going to be surprised if AB "drama queens" somebody out of Flowery Branch tomorrow. Not saying it's going to happen, but I think it has reached the point of possibility now.
  8. As much as Petrino pi$$ed me off when he did it, I'd give just about anything for Mike Smith to show up on SportsCenter later on taking the Arkansas job and chanting "Soo-eey".
  9. That sounds like a man with inconsistent erectile function.
  10. Yep. That was funny as heil. DeCoud made it so easy for him.
  11. Unreal. End of 1st Quarter. Total Yards: Indy = 218, Hou = 2 Score: Indy 24 Hou 0. Indy making our beating of the Bucs look like nothing.
  12. LOL. Another Thursday Night a$$ beating.
  13. Well, if we had a defense worth a dam, then yes, the right call is to punt. But our defense can honestly be considered for worst ever in franchise history, and that's saying a lot. I can't agree with the call to go for it, but I can't disagree with it either.
  14. I've got a hammer that I'd like to smash your half-full glass with.
  15. Well, thank god Blank isn't a mediocre lover like you.
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