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  1. How is cheating not a big deal/non issue. The Colts are saying the politically correct thing because it did not change the outcome of their game. Deflating the football is a big deal and makes a big difference when throwing the football especially in bad weather. I don't believe it had any effect on the game but the reason they did was to have an effect on the outcome. Going into the game NE had no idea it was going to be a blow out. They just came off a game they barely won so in order to try an ensure a win in case of a close game the cheated. Also how do we know that they didn't do it in t
  2. What I find nauseating is people saying since they beat the brains out of the Colts it doesn't matter. Cheating is cheating and it doesn't matter if NE won the game by 300 or even had lost the game. How do we not know they weren't doing this the week before against the Ravens or the whole season for that matter. Also, as for the refs not noticing it that is pretty easy to explain they don't put the same grip/ammount of pressure on the football when they are handling them so why would they notice when they are just lobbing them in from the sidelines. As for temp there was a pyhsist on CNN the
  3. IMO the TO against Cleveland will make any team hesitate in hiring him because that occurred because of one of two reasons. one he just have no clue what you doing or two he can't handle pressure situations. I think it is he can't handle pressure situations coaches can chokeep just like players.
  4. It's very telling IMO that MS name is not been seriously looked at when it comes to these other head coaching vacancies. That tells me that all the other teams knew we were foolish to stick with him as long as we did.
  5. Lol...so guy owns the team yet some of you don't want him having anything to do with the team. Some argue well he hasn't played since pee wee. Well how many, GMs in the NFL can say the same thing. Wow..wow.wow
  6. Yeah why should they talk about us. If they did they should only address by he mismanagement of this team via the draft and free agency. This team is a joke and is going to take years to rebuild. Smith and DK should have been fired last year so the rebuidling could have already started but we are a year behind because Smith has to have some dirt on Blank.
  7. If we didn't call the TO Cleveland would have wasting a TO and they would not have made the FG.
  8. I think the lack of no huddle is an ego/control thing. MS and DK want control and don't want MR making them look like the idiots they are.
  9. Please please no college football coaches. Just because Harbaugh worked out look at all the bust including Saban.
  10. An empty stadium would be awesome. However if u have already paid money for tix and it would be awesome for every fan to have 2 signs one letting Smith know when to call a TO and another telling him not to.
  11. All I hope is that this is anot her nail in the coffin for Smith. What I don't understand why can't the Atl press question Atlanta sports teams manegment but players do their jobs for them. The Braves and the Falcons both have the worse Coach/manger in their respective sporats yet the press never calls them out. Im a huge Braves fan and I have watched every game I possibly could for last 30 years but next won't watch ONE and I know a lot of Braves fans doing the same. Blank risk pushing his Fan base to the same place.
  12. Looks like the players are tired of Smitty ball. This on top of the idiotic time outs. I think he has officially lost the locker room.
  13. Ryan nit calling an audible maybe his way of making sure this regime is gone next year. How many times has he bailed out terrible play calling in the past and all of a sudden he doesnt
  14. http://m.espn.go.com/general/blogs/blogpost?blogname=atlanta-falcons&id=10178
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