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  1. No he keeps getting the credit for Shanny getting us to the SB
  2. Calvin Ridley is not living up to the Falcon tradition of being a Failure he needs to go Atlanta Failures Football 👻
  3. KN95 masks are available in my Area if anybody needs some they are 3 for $9.99
  4. I order a new Razer also lol but mine cost $200 Sorry couldn't resist https://www.razer.com/gaming-headsets/razer-nari-ultimate/RZ04-02670100-R3M1
  5. Yeah I understand high risk people having to vote by mail but I plan on early voting on person because if the mask is good enough to protect me in crowded grocery store should be good enough for a voting line.
  6. Dont trust mail in ballots lol My niece who lives in Ga in between macon and Atlanta a couple of weeks ago got a fake mail in ballot with a bunch of trump propaganda on the outside lol if you guys and ladies do mail in ballots make sure it is a real ballot I hear of fake ballots being sent out to mess up Trump and Biden supporters. I dont want to see anybody no matter what party be cheated out of a vote with a fake mail in ballot
  7. Gurley is not the back he use to be, but he is not washed up like S.Jax or Eric Dickerson were when the Falcons picked them up
  8. That defense will be back once we are a long shot to make the playoff or completely eliminated.
  9. Once we are a long shot to make the playoff or completely eliminated just to hurt the Falcons draft position.
  10. The special teams players were practicing social distancing from the football on the onside kick they seem to have social distancing down.
  11. I have nothing against taking a vaccine but with that being said I am ok with high risk people getting vaccinated first as they as needing it more then I do.
  12. they might get another year as they get to blame the empty stands on something else
  13. I have been a Falcon fan long enough to know better
  14. Atlanta Failures Football they just watched the onside kick so Dallas could recover the ball
  15. I'll give the Falcons a few games if they are bad I will stop watching till next year
  16. Falcons can move the ball between the 20s then stall for FGs typically falcon offense
  17. I was making a observation about the play calling used by who ever was controlling the Falcons they mostly ran with gurley and when they threw a pass it was never too the primary receivers
  18. I hope Gurley can hold up and not be like a Eric D1ckerson type pick they had in 93 or another S Jackson type pickup.
  19. If Vic could of pulled it off like Reggie White being a minister and a real football player nobody would have mind at all
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