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  1. Matt Ryan is a good QB but isn't a great QB could of he win a.SB with the right team yes but he will never win a SB with the Falcons looking at Falcon history I seriously doubt anyone will win a SB with the Falcons.
  2. Over 1.2 Million views since Sept 17 2021 oh yeah F Biden he is a piece of poop
  3. Falcons are going to Falcons they are always set break records and set new records
  4. I agree but for some reason the Falcoms can never fix Oline and Dline. The Falcons haven't had a pass rushing DE since 2012
  5. Had Covid bad enough that is lasted a whole month back before the vaccine and proper treatment was established wasn't bad enough to go to the hospital but if l didnt know what to do it could have been of been worse. I had a month and half supply of pseudoephedrine built up if I didn't have that along with mucinex to keep it dried up enough from to turning in a lot worse I haven't had an issues since thank goodness for natural immunity which is supposed to be better then Vax even with the wide spread Delta and Mu variant in my area I am still good back in June I was in the Hospital for 10 days and spent 4 days in CCU and still was good Covid wise.
  6. Good for you booster shot has a real low chance of causing heart inflammation for over 65 the FDA panel approved the booster for over 65 18-0 The panel disapproved booster shot for 16 to 65 16-2
  7. FDA advisory panel rejects widespread Pfizer booster shots to most Americans, endorses only for elderly, high-risk https://www.chicagotribune.com/coronavirus/ct-aud-nw-fda-biden-covid-booster-20210917-6rv4jypnb5fklolfqoaihogkka-story.html
  8. Typically Atlanta Failures Football on Sunday let's see what happens the next few games.
  9. He is say they likely think the earth is flat
  10. TD failure to learn how to draft quality linemen is still haunting is on both sides of the ball can't expect TF to fix it one draft
  11. I remember the time when Ryan was known for 4th quarter comebacks that hasn't happened very often lately It is Ryan's best interest for the Falcons to have a late round draft pick instead of a top 10 pick or his replacement will likely be drafted
  12. I respect he was honest and took responsibility vs give coach speak. I can tell he does care about the job he does I want him to be successful
  13. Unfortunately the falcons don't believe in having good a DE they haven't had a good DE since john Abraham
  14. Still haven't had a good DE pass rusher since John Abraham
  15. Just listen to talk radio if they lose lol many people are just so many are use to the other shoe dropping and even when the Falcons looked like they are going to win their first Super Bowl the other shoe still drops
  16. #NoDefense and offense struggles in the Red Zone let's see if they get it fixed.
  17. It is always good to see someone grow up with good parents and good family values.
  18. LMAO could be good or bad might save someone from paying child support for another several kids 🤣
  19. The last I heard AB isn't planning on locking down the Stadium like Saints did but said things could change as they follow the science
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