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  1. Julio the best WR in the NFL in between the 20s. I always grab him when I can. I especially like him in PPR leagues
  2. I hope your right but the Falcon's MO is to play poorly during primetime games and against teams with a bad record.
  3. Mike Smith is great person polar opposite of Bobby P. He was what the Falcons needed at the time. I have nothing but full respect for Mike Smith and I wish the best for him.
  4. He will break loss and score from outside the 20. I expect he will get 1800 yards and 2 TD this year
  5. I am all for new power sources as long as it is a viable alternative not some significantly inferior tech forced on people. I don't like GMO's and I try to avoid them whenever possible. On a side note I fully support going to universal healthcare.
  6. What about no team has ever played in the SB in their own stadium cures?
  7. Right now there is no reason to rush him back. I don't want to see a Freeman at 75% taking away snaps from healthy productive backs
  8. Fitzpatrick goes through spells where he plays like an elite QB but he always goes back to a average at best QB. If he could of found a way to always play at the Fitzmagic level he would have been a franchise QB and not a journey QB he is.
  9. Coleman is better the Freeman is now because Freeman has been hurt for sometime now, and isn't getting better
  10. there was a time everyone wanted a player like Kazee on their team. Now too many people are ok with football slowing heading toward flag football
  11. I bet freeman comes back in a few weeks at 75% and ends up hurting the team by taking reps away from healthy RBs