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  1. EEOC guidelines for Covid-19 vaccines came out. Companies can mandate employees to get vaccinated. Says there should be Religious exceptions allowing those whoses religion doesn't allow them to be vaccinated to continue to keep work from home or continue to keep wearing a mask Basically vaccines made with aborted baby fetal cells or tested with aborted baby fetal cells could violates your religious beliefs. Conservatives have an out only liberals would be mandated
  2. Destination X on discovery had part 1 of a 2 part show this week on the Nimitz encounter and the area around where it happened they had they had a couple of navy sailors who were their when it went down talking about the released footage am interesting note they said the tic tac drone that was black on the F18 FLIR because it was colder then everything around it including the air temperature at that Altitude which is typically at -12F so not only was the Tic Tac not emitting an engine exhaust it was super cold If you have discovery plus you can watch the show whenever you like
  3. I like him and I and glad he is a Falcon. I am limiting my expectations but think he will be better then Todd Gurley was for the Falcons.
  4. Mike Davis is huge and definitely is a power back he runs 4.61 forty and only has 1 game in his career over 100 yards so he looks like our short yardage guy
  5. I am will to say Matt Ryan is the second best QB in the division if Tom Brady was our QB instead of Ryan we would of had a title by now. Ryan is good QB but not a great QB
  6. The sad thing we haven't had a a great DE since John Abraham seriously TD couldn't draft a DE to save his life
  7. I still remember the game where Doug Johnson bounced the ball off the turf and hit the Ref in the Sac took a long time for the Ref to get off the turn that had to be Doug Johnson's best pass
  8. Whatever helps them sleep better at night
  9. I think it will be Pitts but in a very rare chance Pitts get picked before the 4th pick I could see Chase being a easy choice
  10. I once got pulled over for a break light being out he was very nice about it and let me know it was out so i could get it
  11. I appreciate Schaub being a Falcon on and off, but I think he should just enjoy retired life
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