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  1. NFL I miss the old days. Watching the NFL today is like watching the Pro Bowl from back then.
  2. Let them but it still will not top the 28-3 half time score blown lead as the embarrassing moment in Falcon history
  3. The next day to be honest the Falcons let down the fans so much some people get desensitized to the let downs
  4. Libral's mind set "How dare she use a gun to protect herself the criminals have rights"
  5. He is the best WR in between the 20s inside the 20's is a different story
  6. Vic needs to hire Dwight Freeney as a motivator and a personal trainer because he is mediocre without him
  7. I am just glad that the Reps added seats in the Senate should make it easier to appoint conservative judges that believe in the consitution and that are not Gun Control nuts. Overall I believe both parties have some good ideas and some really bad ideas at least with house being Dem and the Senate being Rep I don't have to worries too much about the bad ideas becoming reallity.
  8. Sanu maybe the #2 on paper and salary wise my personal belief is Calvin Ridley is our #2 and will eventually become our #1B
  9. Anybody with half a brain can see what the gun control nuts are doing. If someone uses an axe to kill someone blame the person if someone intentionally runs over a bunch of people with a truck blame the person. If someone makes a bomb blame the person. If someone uses a gun blame the gun and the person since it fits the gun control nuts agenda to abolish the second admendment. I see through the agenda so nothing the control nuts post on here will change my opinion
  10. and many drunk drivers have driver licenses when they use a car to kill people so what else is new
  11. Julio is Best WR in the in league in between the 20's