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  1. LeBron James shooting a real assault rifle
  2. they love their coolers on the tailgate so Yeti is taking a chance
  3. it happened at the Chick-fil-A on Bill Kennedy Way SE in the ATL
  4. I could get behind the democrats on several ideas including single payer but not some broken junk like Obama care forcing people to buy something that isnt price regulated thus allowing for greedy insurance companies to charge crazy amounts. as soon as a Democrat candidate open his / her mouth bashing the 2nd amendment they immediately get on my cant vote for list.
  5. Media keeps giving certain types of murderers all kind of fame and in the process leading to a legion of copy cat monsters seeking their fame.
  6. In a few weeks I am going to take it to a machine shop and thread the barrel myself and put a muzzle break on it (for the gun control folks a muzzle break isn't illegal it simply reduces recoil (Kick of the gun)
  7. I just bought a .308 hunting rifle this is what it looks like (not a picture of my actual gun but is a accurate representation)
  8. We are aware the cuntrol nuts wont stop until all law biding citizens are unarmed so they become easy marks for the criminals. The drug cartels will likely become the drug and gun cartels supporting the black market for guns considering it isnt overly difficult to mill your own AR or create bullets. I agree with a lot of liberal ideas like single payer healthcare, proenvironmental views, but because they are the party of the gun control nuts I am forced to not vote Democrat
  9. Nothing against the Cops but in a lot of the cases they are after the fact guys and the event is over by time they show up and idiot 911 operators don't help either
  10. Undoing the brain washing
  11. option 5 I don't care