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  1. I believe Texas will never be a constitutional carry state they love the fees they make off of the carry permits since Texas doesn't have a state income tax they look for every way they can nickel and dime you to death. Every new road they create to help with traffic seems to be a toll road they even put in tolls for interstate off ramps to connecting one free road to another.
  2. The only thing I hate more then Republicans are Democrats
  3. He should take. El Chapo's 14 billion and say a Mexican drug lord is paying for it
  4. We need to keep Mack as long as he is still effective as for Sanu it doesn't matter he is a slightly better version of Michael Jenkins easily became the number 3 WR last season.
  5. I support M4A but never supported ACA ACA was doomed from the beginning as it didn't get the greedy insurance companies out of the picture and didn't set pricing limits for medical procedures. On a side note I know someone who went into the Hospital for 4 days with 2 days being in ICU and had no insurance The bill was $51,000 but since he had no insurance he was given the cash price of $6,100 which is less then he would have paid if he had high deductible insurance many people get now.
  6. The wall is not going to be built if the Republicans really wanted to build the wall they would have funded it when they were in control now they are playing to their base saying it is the Dems fault why it can't be built. Neither party wants to stop illegal imigration. The Dems want their vote and the greedy Republicans want the cheap labor to be available so they don't have to pay a living wage.
  7. The NFL is dying by a thousand cuts and there is no one reason. I personally don't find Football as fun to watch. I remember how people like Scott Case played now the NFL resembles the Pro Bowl from the time of Scott Case.
  8. If the Falcon don't build a wall err I mean get better O linemen to protect Matt Ryan they are not going to see the SB anytime soon
  9. Saints had their hearts set on winning the SB in Atlanta's stadium which makes this non call hurt even more for them.
  10. We're Alive is a good Zombie Appoclyse (Audio Drama) podcast. Not Kid friendly though. Star Trek Outpost is a fairly good (Audio Drama) Podcast take place during the TNG era and is kid friendly
  11. There are already places in America were you get free healthcare, free food, free cloths, and the only people with guns are the police it is call a prison